25 year old, Tilly Cutler, from Sutton, Coldfield’s incredible 70lb (5 Stone) weight loss story has become a hit on Instagram and caught the attention of media outlets such as the DailyMail.
Below she explains how she went did this by giving a sample of her new daily diet that helped her drop the pounds and what she did when she worked out. Tilly’s success has brought her a lot more attention and she now has over 15,000 followers on her social media accounts, be sure to check them out and follow for more motivation and tips! Dinner: Lean Turkey mince or quorn bolognese packed with vegetables and served with Courgetti. Once or twice a week I do a Clubbercise class, which is a dance class in the dark with glow sticks to an instructor, it is a great way to begin working out if you don’t have a lot of confidence for a gym to begin with as you are in the dark.
My husband & I ate out most nights, having three course meals including desserts and sides, and also wouldn’t hesitate with a glass of wine to go with it a few times a week.
It was mainly all takeaways or fast foods, we would go and buy a basket full of snacks to sit in front of the TV with and I wouldn’t even think about what I was eating. I think mainly cutting out snacking and the way things are cooked, like the fat being taken off meat, not using much oil and using more fresh fruit and vegetables have really helped.
I have gained a couple of times along the way, once was when I had to have my dog put to sleep and we had a few comforting meals, and it’s hard to get your head back into it after having things like that. I would say it is a lengthy process and it won’t be overnight but if you really want it is really is possible. Sara Sherlock aka GymDwellingDiva’s Transformed Her Body & Relationship With Food! Stephanie was an operating nurse, teaches nursing, and has even worked in the bariatric field of nursing. You will get to hear about her 3 rounds of hCG as well as her fitness program – Crossfit!
Rayzel: So how does that weight loss there, that 70 pounds, how does that translate as far as your clothing size change? Stephanie: The first round was the longest round that I did and I did do 40 days my first round but my 2 subsequent rounds have been 30 days each.
Rayzel: Ita€™s interesting you mentioned that too cause I think thata€™s actually one of the things that kind of makes a lot of woman, myself as well, start to think that we have to make a change.
Stephanie: Ita€™s a fun healthy treat that he has no idea if it doesna€™t have a cup of sugar in it so then ita€™s still fantastic. Rayzel: Well you know since you mentioned with your nursing background, why dona€™t we talk about that now? Stephanie: My background is as an [upper?] I teach nursing now in a university setting in a Baccalaureate program. Rayzel: I agree with that because like you said with the surgery is not being irreversible.
Stephanie: Another portion of looking at bariatric surgery and the permanence of it, I actually do hCG under the guidance of a good friend of mine who is a nurse practicioner and an RN first assist and she actually worked hand in hand with a general surgeon and did many, many bariatric surgery and then ahs been responsible for follow up care. Stephanie: Type II diabetes, hypertension, you can see dramatic reduction in hypertension with losing 10 pounds and so what wea€™re talking about it really is, especially when you think about what we talked about, and Ia€™m sure you have some recorded issues in the first rounds.
Stephanie: Oh, absolutely, you owe it to your body definitely to try to lose the weight to get off of the medications if those are the reasons that youa€™re in medication is because youa€™re obese then by all means. Rayzel: So tell me now with your personal experience with losing this 70 pounds, how has that changed things for you, like how you were feeling then and how you feel now?
Stephanie: Oh my gosh, I had gotten to the point where I didna€™t want to get off of the couch. Stephanie: My weight loss through the 2nd round was still very significant, I think, I might have had, maybe we all go through stalls when we have it but I dona€™t think I ever saw a significant stall from working out. Stephanie: I think with the hCG and with the exercise like you said, I know youa€™ve talked about in several times is You have to listen to your own body and you know when youa€™re kind of exhausted and youa€™ve pushed it a little bit too far then you just step back a little bit. Rayzel: Thata€™s cool and Ia€™m glad to hear you say that too because sometimes people do, like you said, feel intimidated so ita€™s good to hear you say that you feel supported in there because thata€™s really what Ia€™ve observed as well.
Stephanie: I cana€™t tell you how many times like out on some of the longer runs where there is a young high school cross country girl.
Rayzel: So now you mentioned that with the dairy you added that in sometime around day 10 or 15 of P3 is that right? Stephanie: I wait till probably at the 15th day, the end of my 2nd week for those but then I easily add those back in. Rayzel: And so in doing all of that your weight has stabilized within a couple of few pounds of your LDW, is that how it went? Stephanie: I think- I dona€™t know if ita€™s the words at in your asking questions but so I started out by the book as far as my body fat percentage or my BMI. Rayzel: Gotcha and you know ita€™s kind of funny even though in some cases it does take more time to cook healthy food. Stephanie: Ita€™s so funny because I have never eaten a lot of fish and one of my very good friends is a gourmet cook, wonderful cook, and shea€™s told me, shea€™s like a€?We will go shopping this week, we will pick out 3 pieces of fish, a salmon, white bass and something else. Rayzel: Yeah, when you were eating fast food before hCG, could you picture yourself like taking that time out to cook on a regular basis, could you have picture that then?
Rayzel: Wea€™ll have a link to that in the blog post if you guys want to check those oils out, wea€™ll have a link to the companies. Rayzel: So now youa€™ve also dabbled a little bit now with a little bit of a intermittent fasting which is something else Ia€™m a big fan of so I wanted to hear your feedback on that. Rayzel: I found it to be a great tool in that way too like you said once a week sometimes I might only do it once a month but sometimes once a week and I feel actually very alert on those days and I get a lot done because Ia€™m not having to worry about making food or eating it. Stephanie: Absolutely, that is what Ia€™m craving and thata€™s usually what Ia€™ll end a fast day on is something really good. Rayzel: Cause I thought there was some device that supposedly could track every calorie burned.
Rayzel: Okay cause it seems like thata€™d be pretty hard for it to gauge accurately or not.
Stephanie: I think one of the biggest things with the CrossFit and comparing it to- okay so like I would get a lot more running or miles in when I was boxing cause it usually involves part of bit of little more running even then and so much more cardio but I think what you had to remember is Ia€™m always amazed after I do the heavy weight lifting and how spiked your heart rate is and then youa€™re lying on that muscle which does burn more calories on the long run and so I think you have to keep that in mind but I havena€™t figured out a way to measure that. Rayzel: Wea€™ll have to do another re-interview and check back in with you when that time comes. Stephanie: How many pounds did you lose- how much did you lose on the last 2 rounds of hCG that you did.
Rayzel: My 4th round I only did, for, thata€™s the only round that I did a 3 week round, so ita€™s the only short round that I did. Stephanie: I myself, I have to hear that because thata€™s the biggest change that Ia€™m waiting for now.
Rayzel: Yeah, the 1st 3 rounds, my legs like they were getting smaller but they still have the overall same look.
And on the way home I stopped at a local department store that’s closing to peek at the deals.
That’s hard to manage because when you’re running a lot you definitely want to fuel your body when it’s asking for food.
So, not running – just for a week, actually helped me get back to intuitive eating a bit better. I have lost 27 kg (70 pounds) in the last year and of I am super worried about gaining weight. Allergies for me are itchy or tingly sensations in my nose and throat and clear, watery runny nose. Exercise is definitely a big thing for my hunger but I do think diet plays the biggest impact in my weight…but BOTH affect my mental state. When I am not working out I don’t find myself as hungry which helps, but when I run a lot I get really hungry so it almost makes it harder because I have to realize that I can eat more but I have to eat the good things. Definitely diet, I was maintaining my weight when I was training for my first half and not really watching what I ate, but during the last one I did, I was watching what I was putting in my body and saw some lbs fall off. As far as running and gaining weight, it is also important for runners to recognize at a certain point in their running, your body has muscle memory. It’s that time of year when everyone weight loss diet menu plan starts looking forward to warmer days and sunshine, and of course more time on the bike. When deciding what to change in weight loss diet menu plan your diet, my advice is to be objective and forget any pre-conceived ideas about “good” and “bad” foods.
When choosing what to change in your diet try to reduce fat and alcohol first – if this isn’t sufficient you can try reducing carbs slightly, recognising that training intensity may suffer as a result. Our bodies produce energy from four nutrients (or fuel sources if you like) – fat, carbohydrate, protein and alcohol. Carbohydrate is your main fuel source during moderate-to-vigorous exercise, but if you overly restrict it training intensity is likely to suffer.
There’s no single answer to that – just like doing your tax return this is where you either have to sit down and work it out or call in an expert to help. You don’t need to obsess about it but you probably need to at least have some idea of where the calories, fat, protein and carbs are coming from in your diet to make smart decisions about your eating.
Research shows that people who think this way are less likely to lose weight and more likely to regain it. Find the foods that contribute weight loss diet menu plan lots of calories, but ones that you don’t really care if you eat them or not. Don’t assume because your diet is healthy that you’ll automatically lose weight, but on the flipside don’t feel that your eating has to be perfect either. Avoid large reductions in protein unless your aim is to not only lose body fat but muscle as well. If your weight is currently stable then generally speaking a reduction of about 500 calories (or ~2000kJ) a day is required for weight loss of ~1kg a month.
Don’t worry about haggling over the teaspoon of sugar in your coffee – it’s only 16 calories. You can also adjust the amount of carbs over the week to focus around bigger training days, with less on the rest and lighter days. DIETOprah Winfrey Talks 15 Pound Weight Loss: Gained $70 Million On Weight Watchers DealBy Samantha Chang, October 26th, 2015Oprah Winfrey credited the Weight Watchers diet for her recent 15-pound weight loss. Oprah Winfrey lost 15 pounds on the Weight Watchers diet and pocketed $70 million in one day after buying a 10% stake in the weight loss company. In addition to helping Oprah lose weight, Weight Watchers has made the billionaire even richer. The Weight Watchers program focuses on portion control, mindful eating and a point system that enables dieters to keep track of their caloric intake. Winfrey, whose weight has fluctuated dramatically through the years, is thrilled with her 15-pound weight loss, but said she has finally made peace after years of hating her body. Oprah said she’s no longer obsessed with being skinny, but focuses on being healthy and strong. Oprah, who once pined for Diana Ross’ slim hips, starts every morning by standing in front of the mirror in her pajamas blessing her body, from the feet that hold her up, to the head that helps her execute her vision of empowering others. Winfrey, who once weighed 237 pounds, no longer worries about being skinny, but about being strong and healthy.
The self-made billionaire shared her secrets for happiness and success in her self-help book, Oprah: 40 Inspirational Life Lessons And Powerful Wisdom. Previous article Tilly Cutler’s Incredible 70b Weight Loss Transformation Diet & Story! RECENT COMMENTSLiz on 60 Weight Loss Transformations That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!Rossmery Oakes on Full 14 Day Flat Belly Healthy Eating Meal Plan!Moderndayhippy on 2 Week Paleo Meal Plan That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast! Wearing size 22 clothes, feeling tired and unconfident and regularly finding it difficult to walk and be active, Tilly knew she had to make a big change and decided to swap the junk food for healthier meals and snacks and start to get fit and take her health seriously. It suits all shapes and sizes and all abilities, as long as you are moving you are burning calories. I also ate a lot for convenience while I was on the road for work and ate a lot of fast food such as Mcdonalds. I was sick of hiding behind my weight and not being able to shop in mainstream stores, or just having to wear a floaty top.
After about 8 weeks I started to see a change in my body too and then after about 12 weeks people I knew started to comment on my weight loss and it started to feel all worth it!
The more I lost the more motivated I became because I was getting closer and closer to feeling confident.
You have to keep in mind where you want to be and in a few months you could easily be a dress size down! So much happier and confident, and when I see my before pictures it’s like looking at someone else!
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She saw and was very aware of the complications that can occur with bariatric surgery like gastric bypass. So tell me how many, with the 70 pounds, how many rounds have you done so far to lose that? Thata€™s really neat so basically from September to now, which of course you havena€™t been on hCG the whole time youa€™ve lost 70 pounds. I had gone to Walt Disney World with my daughter and I remember trying to squeeze in to the airline seat and the entire time, of course you walk hundreds and hundreds of miles while youa€™re there and my knees hurt, my back hurt the whole time that we were at Walt Disney World and the same thing of trying to squeeze in to the seat for my rides and Ia€™m 45 but I also have a 5 year old and a 13 year old. I remember when my eating habits ad gotten so bad for a while and my son, he was like 9 months old, so hea€™d be in his car seat and Ia€™d go to Target and Ia€™d buy this whole package of cookies and Ia€™d be eating them in my car and ita€™s like hea€™d be like a€?Eh, eha€?. My 5-year old daughter always sits next to me at the dinner table and now that Ia€™m eating very, very healthy, shea€™s so happy to be eating whatever Ia€™m eating and so even my son had picked up good habits as well. Tell me like what youa€™re background is and then what youa€™ve seen as far as those different type of weight loss surgeries. In certain cases you may need to consider it but that is the nice thing about hCG is that may work for you and you will still be able to eat a normal amount of food when youa€™re done. Well her role now is she is helping this people that have had a permanent weight loss surgery who still cannot lose all of their weight and so what is she helping them with?
And so it would benefit you to investigate both side before you ever decided to do something as dramatic as bariatric surgery. As far as you know with the background and everything that youa€™ve seen, what types of medical conditions do you think would basically go away if people could lose weight from being overweight. There are so many side effects with taking medications as well, aside from the actual condition. Thata€™s what I often suggest to people who do want to keep trying to exercise through hCG is something like that, like adding a 3rd protein or something or so. Ita€™s true on different rounds, like some rounds I felt very fatigued but other rounds I actually felt pretty good.
Some people feel great, other people feel like, a€?I feel like Ia€™m pregnant again and I feel like irritablea€? so ita€™s kind of interesting. When you started- I know ita€™s only been 2 months but have you seen any improvements from start to now yet? You dona€™t even realize the range of motion that we lose in our everyday life of just living and what you dona€™t do anymore. Actually the place that I go is called- I guess ita€™s fine to say the name of it- I know they dona€™t care. I have increased my calories dramatically in that 1st week and not had any problem with it. Almonds have been a go-to for me and Ia€™ve never had any problem with them and so therea€™s a couple of brands of even chocolate infused almonds. I usually do eggs and avocado for breakfast and so I add those back in and had no problem with those. I have stabilized this time ita€™s so funny, youa€™re already cool in CrossFitting and stabilizing was perfect 100% timing. Ita€™s like thata€™s the whole purpose of it, so it takes such space on your body weighs something. I never had it tested when I started but I went back in I looked at BMI and our weight and so I had started somewhere in the area of 39-41 for a BMI and then I did the DEXA testing at the end of this round and I think I told you 29% body fat which is amazing. I mentioned that too because it was actually a few percent higher so ita€™s actually very possible that your body fat percent is 27% according to like hydrostatic so kind of interesting.
I will have been off from like the middle of June, of course to start off the 4th round and so in the September first of October Ia€™m gonna do my 4th round and Ia€™m gonna do the DEXA again right before I do that, with the CrossFitting and Ia€™m gonna continue to CrossFit through that round as well.
Ia€™ll use that in stuffed peppers, Ia€™ll use it for spaghetti, Ia€™ll have it with salt in it, and Ia€™ll just make it with tomato paste.
In other instances I found that it actually is the same or even less time in certain cases.
Our [inaudible] in the middle of my Sunday afternoon after church maybe for me when Ia€™m working for my doctoral work or something that I would also have the oven, the stove going and I could be cooking up 2 different types of meat at one time while multitasking. Yeah, I totally think that and part of it too sometimes when you started the day you think I could do anything for a few weeks so like I could cook for few weeks and you might not be really thinking at the time that youa€™re gonna keep doing it after but after youa€™ve done it for a few weeks it starts to become a habit it doesna€™t feel so hard anymore. I preach that all the time to various friends about hCG that it really changes your mindset and then helps change your habits.
The other thing that I love about it, I dona€™t know if youa€™d experience this too but say Ia€™ve kind of gotten into a thing where Ia€™ve been eating slightly not as good as usual and ita€™s not as clean and I feel like Ia€™m craving that. That really gives you a reality to how much you move and how much you dona€™t move and it hold yourself accountable and ita€™s just personal.
I just had done some research that supposedly there is some device, but I dona€™t remember what it was, but it somehow could measure the heat coming off of your body that can then accurately translate it into calories burned or I dona€™t know. Ia€™d like to essentially see at least another 20-25 pounds gone, theoretically in my mind. But it was a little bit superficially high because I didna€™t eat any fruits on that round so I did have to stabilize higher because of that, because of the glycogen store. That change in shape youa€™re talking about and I think that might be a little reason why I stabilize a little higher with the CrossFitting was I took out pretty much all carbs at that point in time. But the reality is it’s what you eat not what you do that has the bigger impact on weight loss.
It’s hard to gauge what is habit and what is hunger for me, but I definitely wasn’t as hungry as usual.
That is the point in marathon training where you are running tons of miles and it also makes you extra hungry. But, it can get difficult for me to assess when I’m genuinely hungry and when I’m depleted of energy and want sugar or rest or am vitamin deficient. And even though I didn’t weigh myself, I don’t think I gained any weight because my clothes don’t feel tighter and my eats were reasonable. If you don’t ever change up your routine and you just run the same pace and same amount of time, your body will no longer see the benefits. But it’s even harder to make all that candy I eat go away when I don’t exercise! I used to worry when I would travel and not be able to workout regularly, but I realized I eat less when Im not working out. Weight loss for athletes (an non-athletes) remains a minefield of fact, fiction, best sellers and diet plans. Eating large amounts of foods that are high in “healthy fats” such as avocado, oils, nuts and seeds. It’s also the time when many cyclists think about losing those winter kilos that went on watching Le Tour, whilst your bike got lonely in the corner.
Energy balance is either positive (more eaten than used), neutral (equal amounts) or negative (less eaten than used). Whilst this weight loss diet menu plan is quite healthy from a cholesterol perspective, a gram of fat has the same calorie value no matter whether it’s from pig fat or olive oil. Look at your diet and eliminate or substitute foods that you don’t care much about, rather than those you really look forward to.
Half an avocado contains the same calories as a Mars Bar, and half a cup of raw almonds has more calories than 6 Weet Bix and milk! Remember you need to be consistently in negative energy balance for weeks, if not months, so it needs to be realistic and sustainable, without you feeling hungry or miserable. I’ve also started to build up to a run using the NHS Couch to 5K app, which is great for a beginner. I just wanted to know what it would feel like to actually be able to get into a size 12 or 10 rather than a 22!
Also after holidays when you put on around 5 lbs in a week it can be hard to return to healthy eating, but I managed to think myself out of the bad habits and continued to lose.
But in a way seeing pictures of me now too also feels like I’m looking at someone else because I still can’t get used to the fact I’m 5 dress sizes smaller!
When the tables turned and she was pondering bypass surgery herself, her friend who was a nurse practioner responsible for follow up care of bariatric patients suggested she compare the pros and cons of surgery vs. So really the low point was thinking about my future with them, quality as a parent can I be, and how active I could remain as a parent. I’d given him one or two cookies and I knew that was good enough for him for now but I was thinking to myself in another year or two, hea€™s gonna be aware of whata€™s going on. They use to see me go for seconds and even thirds at the dinner table and I think about that now, I dona€™t want those habits passed on. I remember thinking the same thing when I would just be eating a lot of sugar and I had a blood sugar meter and I would check my blood sugar after I had consumed a huge amount of sugar and it was like 140 something, way too high for me. I teach nursing as I said and Ia€™m very active with that but Ia€™ve also had a passion of riding horses my whole life and it had gotten to the point where I just couldna€™t advance any further in my riding because I have gotten so heavy and my knees had started to hurt and my ankles were swelling all the time. I did boxing and kickboxing 5 days a week on my 2nd round and on my 3rd round I was still doing the boxing and kickboxing and then I looked over to doing CrossFit and Ia€™ve done that 4-6 times a week and I did that through my last round. Maybe we can delve into that a little bit more because I get that question a lot like can I exercise on hCG or not and what Ia€™ve found is it really varies from person to person.
Right before you start your period is basically when you would see that time for weight stall but I didna€™t really see that with the hCG.
And when you see a little toddler squat with their knees apart and their bottom down, youa€™re like, you dona€™t think anything about it until you try to do it.
I cana€™t tell you how many times that has happened that somebody has stuck it out and theya€™re always like a€?You can do thisa€? and a€?You can finisha€?. I used to always look at the fitness magazines which have very thin people in the front and some people do have that body type. Ia€™m like my lower legs have never been beautiful and so I started doing the CrossFit and I was like a€?Wow! Do you feel safe there when it comes to cause you know I tell people therea€™s heavy weight lifting that is involved, some people thinks CrossFit is extreme, so do you feel safe?
Ia€™ve pretty much followed protocol for me and added things back in very, very slow but after my first Phase 3 I pretty much kept my 2nd and 3rd Phase 3 the same and so for me I, the end of my Phase 3 the first time.
I just cana€™t remember the name of the nut, kind of, one of the major nut producer made really good ones as well. Another thing I add back in at that time, I think I had told you about that they are packed with virgin coconut oil, ita€™s by Hail Merry, ita€™s little chocolate macaroon and very healthy packed with lots of coconut oil and I eat those. Because I did stabilize about 3-4 pounds over where I ended up at but I was CrossFitting and so I was like, a€?I will not panic, I will not do another steak day, I will be okaya€? and so ita€™s remained very, very stable from that point. For anyone else whoa€™s not aware of what a DEXA scan is, ita€™s basically the most accurate way you can have your body fat tested outside of being dead and you know. I used to be hungry all the time and so I will drive through the drive-thru and it will be nothing for me to order hamburger, 2 orders of fries and eat that or to eat fast food anytime I was hungry and since I did my 1st round of hCG I dona€™t eat fast food at all, anymore.
The time it takes me to go drive to a fast food place and get the food and come back or you know I can make my kale salad that I love, I timed it, it took me 2 minutes and 40 seconds and that was to chop up an entire head of kale, add pine nuts in and I actually do dry cranberries the type with little sugar but Ia€™m in Phase 4 so ita€™s okay and my dressing thata€™s homemade and I literally like 2 minutes and 40 seconds and ita€™s very filling and I love it. So then youa€™re like why would I go back to what I was doing, like Ia€™m gonna keep doing this and maintain. I think it just reiterates to my mind that Ia€™m not gonna die without food, that ita€™s okay that you dona€™t wake up first thing on the morning and have to eat something so it just kind of reiterates that to me and then physically I just feel better by doing it. Ita€™ s like Ia€™m gonna cook up, for me, like a pork tenderloin tonight and maybe do a cauliflower casserole and so I look forward to eating clean like that especially ending a fast day like that. I still dona€™t know because I actually attempted to keep CrossFitting that round and I only did it like the first 2 or 3 days of the diet but when I did that, my weight loss stopped dead right at the beginning of the round which is pretty uncommon but usually the 1st week you will lose fairly well and I literally didna€™t lose any weight for like 10 days after the 3rd or 4th day. But then Ia€™m like staring at my legs one day and Ia€™m wearing shorts and Ia€™m like a€?Hey, my legs looks pretty snazzy.a€? They actually look really attractive and Ia€™ve never though that.
It is true, I think, when youa€™re getting down to the last bits that it can come off slower but I do think it makes less pounds make so much more drastic change on your body though so I think ita€™s okay. I even quit, I was in the gluten-free bran crackers in my 3rd round and I quite doing those as well. Most of the time when I get emails from readers who are injured and are forced to take a few weeks off of running they add, “I’m afraid I’m going to gain weight!!!!”. It is important to lift, do the elliptical, bike, classes, etc to shock your body; you can even add sprints, intervals, fartleks, and hills to shock your body.
Apologies if weight loss diet menu plan you know this already but it’s important to first understand a few basics before we go further. There are problems with restricting the energy in your diet too much, especially when coupled with large volumes of training.
Almost a century of research has failed to prove otherwise, and every diet known to man works only when it achieves a negative energy balance. Energy is weight loss diet menu plan measured in kilojoules or calories – generally speaking one gram of carbs and protein provide 4 calories each, a gram of alcohol 7 calories and a gram of fat 9 calories.

Vary your eating (especially carbs) depending on the amount and intensity of training, and be careful not to excessively restrict your diet for prolonged periods – it can have health consequences.
Maybe you could tell me about the low point that you had reached before you started the hCG protocol? On top of that, as a nurse, and teaching nursing in the clinical setting, I take students in variety of hospitals every week and I see our population of overweight, Type II diabetes and hypertension are skyrocketing. It scared me because I couldna€™t seem to stop myself though but I knew where it was leading.
Ia€™ve worked everything from general surgery to open heart surgery and one of the first hospitals that I worked at actually did bariatric surgery. So any times that we can get our body in back into being able to self-regulate, we owe it to our bodies to try. I was just carrying a lot ofa€”because of the excess weight I was carrying a lot of excess fluid all the time and so my knees hurt and my back hurt. I could not handle it but in your case you were actually doing quite a bit of exercise while on hCG. Then youa€™re like a€?I cana€™t do this.a€? So the range of motion, the strength that Ia€™ve gain, my overall fitness level has increased dramatically.
There were some movements at first where he gave me a piece of PCV pipe just to learn the movement and occasionally Ia€™m still stuck with the bar and learning proper form and movement and granted my weight hasna€™t moved up with that but I just cana€™t beat CrossFit, you cana€™t, hands down for overall fitness not just one piece. Ia€™m already laying down muscle on the inside of my leg where Ia€™ve never had muscle and on the outside of my leg. Ita€™s owned also by people that owned a physical therapy and so ita€™s owned by physical therapist. I realized I had a gluten sensitivity and so my weight became unstable every time I would have something with gluten so I ended up taking gluten completely out of my diet and my weight stabilized. Ita€™s just that as far as the way the industry on line compares they use the hydro more as the way for comparison.
I dona€™t drink any Coke, I dona€™t drink any soda, I dona€™t do any of the additives anymore in my water even except for a natural oil that wea€™ll talk about in a little bit but I eat clean and so what does that mean? So sometimes ita€™s just making that transition and like you said finding what you can do like with the grilling the meat thing. My friends had asked or talked about or just briefly asked about hCG Ia€™m like a€?For me when Ia€™m on Phase 2 I cook up a ton of bison, cherry tomatoes, with some balsamic vinegar and those are already pre-made in the refrigerator in their little container with their little 100g and my chicken I put on skewers and I grill that so my chicken is right there and you do get you back in the habit of cooking and making your food.
I have, ita€™s actually sitting across from me I cana€™t get it right now but I have a metal one liter bottle that I fill every day, Ia€™ve got about 3 different sorts of them, actually 2 to 3 of those a day but if I dona€™t have that bottle, if I didna€™t have it, I wouldna€™t drink it. If I even see a pound spike or something it also gives me the mentally to eat cleaner the rest of the day so I have fasted that long so when I do go to eat Ia€™m gonna eat something healthy.
I have some health stuff so thata€™s why for me I think ita€™s possible that it was really too much and maybe my body was like too much. They actually have this curve to them because some fat had been lost that gave them a curve. So in case you ever have to take time off, remember your body is use to running daily and it will shock your body once you start up again! I thought I needed running to be more tone, but I realized that I get more toned and more fit by watching what I am eating and not overdoing it on the running!
I can go a long time without working out and not gain much weight, but it’s the food that I put in my body that really affects me!
Overall a positive energy balance causes weight gain, negative energy balance weight loss and a neutral energy balance a stable weight. Research suggests that negative energy balance is the only thing that matters for total weight loss. Excess carbohydrate is stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen (a form weight loss diet menu plan of carbohydrate).
The body produces energy for metabolism (the bodily functions that keep you alive), thermogenesis (heat production), and for muscle contractions (to produce movement). This woman was helping patients who AFTER weight loss surgery, where having issues losing weight, with hCG.
My whole family, the whole side on my moma€™s dada€™s side, they all have died from complications of diabetes. Not only did I see the bariatric surgery but I saw the complications that went along with some forms of bariatric surgery. So tell me when you did that how did you experience the rest of the diet while youa€™re doing that? I look at some of the people in my gym and of course Ia€™m like a€?Oh my gosh, Ia€™m never gonna be therea€?. So you feel like, a€?do you I have to be like that or am I gonna feel weird?a€? But actually there is a whole other set of people that are just regular everyday people who are still losing weight.
Ia€™m sure Ia€™m stockier and I agree I used to be actually very thin and I still felt I was fat because I still didna€™t look like those models.
My CrossFit gym is very, very attuned to proper form and so Ia€™m supported 120% when it comes to proper form and taking care of myself. For me I kept a little bit of dairy in my diet and so it took probably about at the 10th to 15 day mark Ia€™ve been able to have a little bit of cheese. It scans your whole body, usually theya€™re actually is to check your bone density but now they can use them to check your body fat and it will actually tell you how much fat you have everywhere eon your body like your right arm, your left arm, left side, ita€™s really interesting. Ia€™m just gonna continue that good habit throughout that day and so some of the days I might do it maybe the days that I dona€™t CrossFit on. I have 12 more pounds of muscle, 12 less pounds of fat since my 3rd round like I did 2 more rounds after that and then I was CrossFitting in between so ita€™s like thata€™s what those last 2 accomplished. I have so many drafts to blog post but I have an article talking about if you do Phase 2 without fruits that you will most likely have to stabilize outside of the 2-pound window because of the whole glycogen store thing and thata€™s totally okay. I run miles and miles and miles and I eat three meals a day with fruit in between and I have been the same weight for years; once I add in lifting or yoga I usually firm back up!
After 6 months, then again at 2 years there was no difference in weight loss between the groups. However it’s a different story if you want to preserve muscle and focus just on body fat loss. It’s difficult to put an exact figure on this because carb requirements vary with training volume and intensity, level of fitness, altitude and gender. But I’d suggest you only limit high carb foods if you have to, or weight loss diet menu plan where they’re also high in fat.
Shea€™s lost 70 pounds so far with the hCG Protocol and we have a lot of interesting stuff to talk about. Let me [inaudible] this up by saying you can have- anything can go wrong with any type of surgery but I would like to [purpose?] this by saying I considered bariatric surgery. But I also look at the fact that I did a 135 pound deadlift this week and I started out at 55 pounds 2 months ago. Now, those women there like I think at first I would have though a€?Ooh, they look a little musculara€? but now I think ita€™s very attractive because you know what that muscle can do. You know there comes a time too where you had to know your own limits but you also have to know how to push yourself.
Ia€™ve got 1 restaurant that is a go-to back up by my work that they make fresh food and so theya€™ll grill up some chicken and peppers for me and then avocado and I can have that but if ita€™s not fresh and ita€™s not made fresh I dona€™t eat it. I get up and I need to eat definitely a little cleaner that day and maybe not quite as high at calorie content because Ia€™m not CrossFitting. Ia€™m gonna park in the back of the parking lot when I go to WalMart because I want my 10,000 steps.
So thata€™ s why I dona€™t know if that was the cause of that round being very low but anyways I only lost 7 pounds that one but that was also the round that my legs totally changed shape.
Most Australians already eat that much, so it doesn’t necessarily mean eating more protein, simply not cutting it back.
Faster weight loss comes with greater reductions, but this may be harder to sustain and fuel your training.
One is she as a medical background in nursing and shea€™s actually been a part of seeing bariatric surgery and stuff like that so we get to ask her some questions today, just comparisons because some people have considered weight loss surgery but then they happen to hear about hCG so we can kind of hear her feedback on the 2 options today. God had been gracious that I knew at any time I was gonna cross over and I was gonna be hypertensive and I was gonna have Type II diabetes. I was to the point in my weight loss journey before I found out about hCG, I didna€™t care about the side effects. Almost, not every person, and of course you have to follow the advice of your physician but you may very well be able to come off of your hypertensive medication if you lost 20-30 pounds. So I see dramatic improvement with strength, flexibility, range of motion, and overall cardio level because of course there is- every day is different too when you go in to do CrossFit so you never know what youa€™re gonna find on the board.
But then I stick mainly just to the proteins and my go-to vegetables of broccoli, cauliflower. Ia€™ve taken out all of my- Ia€™ve been experimenting a little bit with no grains and so Ia€™ve taken out all of my pastas and stuff.
Excess protein and alcohol aren’t stored; instead they’re preferentially used as an energy source whilst sparing carbs and fat. Depending on what type of weight loss you need, you can definitely see and the same if youa€™re Type II diabetic and need to lose weight that you could actually get your body back into where it can self-regulate. The support in there that you can get especially if youa€™re on a weight loss journey and we find it so, so, so intimidating being overweight and trying to even contemplate working out again that I believe most of the CrossFit gyms, the Box, has a very, very supportive environment. The other day, shea€™s trying to lose weight, shea€™s been coming, shea€™s probably in her mid-50s and with burpees like things like that sometimes you have to modify and thata€™s totally okay. So I feel so confident in my body now like I feel like I love how I look and yeah it just change my perception of myself and my body which is just so healthy for my body image. Cauliflower is my go-to vegetable now for mashed potato, casseroles or whatever Ia€™m eating. Youa€™re going in and youa€™re having major abdominal surgery leta€™s just keep it simple as that.
I just eat clean, no refined sugars, when I want a treat I have the Hail Merry, I have Lily, other brand Lily makes a chocolate bar with stevia. Through my 2nd round of hCG I did boxing and kick-boxing and then at the end of this 3rd round I started doing CrossFit.
She has joint issues and so she has to kind of be on her knees but, like you said, she was finishing last but she went til the end and ita€™s like the trainer guy whoa€™s this young fit guy, he did it with her, with her like at her pace to finish- to support her.
Every day I think youa€™re pushed out of your comfort zone when it comes to fitness at CrossFit, when youa€™re new to it because youa€™re like a€?I started late today, I was tired when I went to the gym today and I looked at the board today and I thought Hmmm, I dona€™t know if I can do that today.a€? I thought that to myself and then I thought hmm, well okay I felt this way one other time but we got through it and I did it.
I do have that occasionally but Ia€™ll have a few pieces of chocolate and so my chocolate almonds. Occasionally not but I get cheered on all the time and I get dramatic support so I dona€™t know, Ia€™m a huge CrossFit fan. I do some pork tenderloin in Phase 3 and my weight has stabilized every time with no problems but I am very, very careful and try to go very, very slow. But long-term and what we have seen in nursing and in nursing care is the side effects from the bariatric. Ita€™s not that youa€™re hungry a€?hungrya€?, youa€™re just hungry for taste of other food but be patient and ita€™ll come. Some forms, but not all forms, but some forms of bariatric surgery have led to low mineral levels which have a whole another side effect and side effects eating side effects.
I threw a steak on, made that steak and thata€™s what I ate when I was hungry instead of I used to would have eaten a frozen burrito, thrown it in the microwave and thata€™s what I would have had.
But I havena€™t seen anybody walk into our gym that wasna€™t just embraced and part of the team.
I used to have that just constant hunger, thata€™s gone away and I dona€™t have that mental fatigue of I have to eat, I have to eat, I have to eat.
Youa€™re thinking about doing a permanent change in your body that is not irreversible for most forms of bariatric surgery. Today in fact I was trying to get a paper done working on my doctorate, I need to do some cooking and so Ia€™m low on food and so ita€™s like Okay what do you have to eat? So when we have the option now of hCG to get such dramatic results and not temporary results but permanent result. Ita€™s just about eating clean and being busy in being a nurse it does mean that I have to do food prep now.

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