When looking for a fast way to lose weight, many people simply ignore some of the most basic tenets of weight loss. Speaking of your daily calorie burn, the next thing that we need to consider is your daily workout. Assume for a moment that each morning you get up and perform the exact same workout: you get on a treadmill and run 5 MPH for 30 minutes.
No matter what your starting level or choice of diet, real weight loss is primarily a matter of consuming fewer calories each day than you burn.
Start by standing in front of a stability ball (back facing ball) and putting your left foot on top of the ball.
Contract your abdominal muscles (drawing your belly button in towards your spine), bend your right knee and lunge.
Extend your arms straight out above your head, and hold the dumbbells so that the palms of your hands are facing each other. Without moving your upper arms, slowly and with control bend your elbows, lowering the dumbbells until your forearms are beyond parallel to the floor. Place the stability ball against a wall, stand about a foot in front of it and rest your lower back against the ball, hands on hips. With control, raise your head and shoulders off the floor and simultaneously bring your knees to your chest. Grasp a dumbbell in your right hand and stand with your left leg in front of your right leg. Straighten your right arm and move it backwards, keeping your elbow in line with your body.
Assume the standard push-up position, with your arms straight and hands underneath your shoulders. Bend your right leg, swinging it out to the side to bring your knee towards your left elbow. The choice is yours, however, we strongly recommend you keep a record of what you eat and do every day. Every morsel that goes into your mouth along with the size of that morsel should be recorded. Record keeping is one of the most successful behavioral techniques for weight loss and maintenance.

It scientifically impossible to not lose weight if you follow your personalized program designed by Armageddon’s team of real scientists, doctors, and fitness experts, including registered dietitians and champion athletes.  We know this is a huge claim but we stand by this promise. In addition to our outstanding customizable exercise DVD program that covers strength training, cardio, flexibility, correct biomechanics, health psychology, biochemistry, the physics of weight loss, injury prevention and so much more, each participant also gets a fully personalized nutrition program to help them reach their weight loss and fitness goals. One of the biggest reasons that Armageddon Weight Loss Exercise DVD program works is because every participant is paired with a coach to keep them accountable. CHECK OUT KIM’S AMAZING ABS- GIVE ARMAGEDDON WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISE AND NUTRITION DVD PROGRAM A CHANCE A SEE WHY WE ARE TRULY DIFFERENT. Our Medical DoctorsGet better results learning directly from our amazing team of Armageddon medical doctors. You may find it comforting and convenient to depend on the same workout routine every day, but unfortunately this is not the best way to go.
This is a great workout for beginners because you can burn up to 600 calories in a single session, but you have to take adaptation over time into account.
Weight loss is ensured so long as this equation remains tipped in your favor, you exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet filled with real food instead of processed filler. Of course, you don’t have to do the boot camp to benefit from this total body workout.
Push your weight into your heels to keep your hips raised and glutes engaged during the move.
When coupled with the customized cardio and strength-training program, every participant in the Armageddon fitness DVD program will lose weight! Plus we also provide personalized cardio based on your fitness levels and also the science of weight loss so that you will learn scientifically how to lose weight and keep it off.
It’s much harder to skip a workout or over eat if you know a coach is going to be calling you later on that day to see if you are keeping on track with your weight loss DVD program.
Join us.Each coach with Armageddon exercise DVD is highly trained and armed with the knowledge to build a customized weight loss and exercised program for each participant. ARMAGEDDON WEIGHT LOSS IS THE MOST SCIENTIFIC BASED WEIGHT LOSS FITNESS PROGRAM AND THE ONLY PROGRAM TAUGHT BY 10 REAL DEGREED SCIENTISTS AND CHAMPION ATHLETE INSTRUCTORS. This alludes to the idea of weight loss being simply a matter of consuming fewer calories than you burn.

People tend to not be aware of the fact that the body constantly adapts to changing needs and activities, and will steadily burn fewer and fewer calories as it adapts to the workout.
This is important because that workout may only burn 200 or 300 calories after your body has a few weeks or months to adapt to the routine. If you are completing the weight loss bootcamp, perform this workout once a week, if you’re not, then 2 to 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. The goal for us here at Armageddon Weight Loss is to teach you how to achieve true sustainable weight loss based on hard science. An Armageddon coach is like a friendly boss that makes sure you do your workouts, plan your meals and stay focused. Not only do the coaches know what will work for different types of people, but they also offer an emotional support system to go along with your weight loss DVD program and your journey that can sometimes be challenging. This is the single equation that governs all weight loss, whether you follow a fad diet or simply try to eat healthy foods whenever possible. This goes back to the days of the cavemen who needed to conserve calories whenever possible in order to survive, but this usually isn’t necessary in the modern world.
Changing your workout routine every few weeks is a great idea because it goes a long way toward ensuring that your body does not adapt, and thus consistently burns as many calories as possible. While the mind and spirit may be perfectly willing, sometimes the body is not quite so cooperative. If you have any special health conditions requiring attention, you should consult with your health care professional regularly regarding possible modification of programs found on this website. I’ve been telling all my friends about this amazing website and they are all so interested now because they like my abs ?? and my slim body.
Just want to say Thank you for what you’re doing and hope all other women out there appreciate what you are doing.

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