DNA diet for weight loss will reveal the true needs of your body and choose the right weight loss diet plan for you!
Every person is unique and therefore needs unique amounts and ratios of macronutrients for successful weight-loss.
Choosing the right physical activity is not only vital for your weight loss success but also for your motivation! Results of the DNA diet test LifeGenetics Slim come in a handy and fully personalized booklet with a beautiful design, containing your healthy and permanent weight loss diet plan.
The study on the Stanford University in USA has shown that it is extremely important for successful weight loss to know the right amounts and ratios of macronutrients in your daily nutritional intake. With the help of the DNA test Slim you will receive nutrition and exercise recommendations that will help you lose weight effectively and facilitate the long-term maintenance of your desired body weight without the yo-yo effect in an easy to understand and practical guide. Despite trying many diets, none worked for long term weight control: Of course I tried a number of different diets over the years, but every diet ended in a similar way. I came across DNA test Slim while looking for a healthy weight loss solution without starving and long-term dieting.
Your already personalized menus can also be easily tailored to your specific food preferences with included lists of alternatives.
Our unique and proprietary system for the preparation of a personalized menu is a tool you will not find anywhere else! Popular diets like South Beach diet, Atkins diet, Low-fat diet and others are based on a presumption that ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL.
DNA diet Slim analyzes genes that are variously associated with the need for nutrients and their metabolism, and consequently affect your weight. Within the scope of your DNA diet, after we have completed the genetic analysis, our experts will be available to provide advice and support to help you take your first step towards a healthy and quality lifestyle and successful weight loss. Did you know that some people have a gene that causes rapid weight loss during elevated fat intake? A carefully chosen exercise program can greatly help in weight loss and accelerate the ‘’melting’’ of pounds; however, it is very important to choose the right type of exercise.
General recommendations on how to lose weight the healthy way suggest aerobic exercise in combination with a prudent diet, which accelerates fat burning and consequently facilitates weight loss. Your DNA diet analyzes and interprets these genes, so you will know exactly what kind of physical activity suits you best. Personalized recommendations based on scientifically proven effects of genes on weight loss.
Each DNA diet is prepared only for the person being tested and is therefore completely personalized. With the help of genetic analysis you will learn your body’s true needs and therefore lose weight with confidence.
LifeGenetics DNA tests are at present the most professional and credible nutrigenomic analyses carried out in Europe. Our friendly and expert support is available for any questions and additional support on the use of DNA test results.

Your personal information is safe with us, your sample travels encoded and we do not sell your information to insurance companies or ANY third parties. Teenagers are in the growing up phase and they do need a healthy diet to take care of all their nutritional requirements. Calorie Requirement by a Teenager: An average teenager will require calories from about 1800 to 2100 calories and more in the case of boys.
Although teenagers do get attracted to junk and unhealthy foods they must learn to make healthy choices most of the times. Healthy Meals: Ensure that your teenager continues to make healthy choices for lunch and dinner as well. Opt for Fresh Fruit Snacking Rather Than Junky Snacks: You should stock lots of healthy snacks in your house. Eat dinner together as a family which will increase the family bond and also you can keep an eye on their diets. Refrain Your Child from Smoking and Drinking: Make certain that your teenager does not smoke and drink as this will certainly eat away into their nutrients. Encourage fresh juices inspite of carbonated drinks: Try and encourage your teenager to drink freshly squeezed juice or just plain water rather than resorting to diet soda or carbonated drinks.
With our DNA diet you will also get the most innovative and easy-to-use menu creating system! Therefore knowing how many carbohydrates, proteins, saturated fats and unsaturated fats you should eat daily plays the most important role in your weight loss management plan. No more cravings and constant hunger you have experienced with previous diets that resulted in unsuccessful weight loss! Some did not work, although I did try and persevere; some of them I gave up after a few weeks because they were too exhausting and stressful, which was reflected in both rehearsal and performance, as well as work and school activities.
I needed something practical and easy, something that would gradually bring lasting results. The alternatives are categorized in food groups, such as fruits, vegetables, carbs and others so that you have a very easy job of personalizing your weight loss menus. Presented in a user friendly format it is based on the logical frame of reference for serving size (piece, cup, spoon, etc…) and food groups (fruits, vegetables, starch foods, meat, dairy products, fats and sugar) that will facilitate its daily use. It goes against the usual logic of weight loss, but is crucially important in choosing an effective diet and consequently an exercise routine as well. They may suit some people while many others may be disappointed, because despite their best efforts they cannot achieve the desired result.
Discover your nutritional type and start losing up to 1,5 Lbs per week with our fully personalized weight loss menus, tailored to your DNA! They lead an extremely hectic lifestyle by being on the run throughout the day what with school, classes and extra-curricular activities and sports. This way whenever your teenager is hungry they will not be tempted to reach out for junk food and colas. Guide them towards healthy diets which will make the transition from a child to adult easy on them.

Stop learning from your mistakes and take the success of your weight loss into your own hands! That is why excess body weight is the result of metabolic changes to fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, which are usually accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition. To me, weight loss became a vicious circle; initially I lost a few pounds and then stopped only to regain the weight I had lost. The nutrition guide is written in a very understandable and practical way, which keeps me motivated to continue using it. In addition to practical sample menus, you will also receive portion control guidelines and a dietary exchange system.
While your friend might be successful with a Low-fat diet, the same diet might not work for you.
Personalized dietary recommendations based on the knowledge of an individual’s genetic profile can differ significantly from the generally accepted dietary recommendations for persons of the same age and gender. These are important for their all round development and growth so that they can seamlessly move into the next phase of life which is adulthood. This will ensure that they get all the requisite nutrients in the first and most important meal of the day. Try and give your teenager a fruit in their bag or a vegetable and chicken sandwich made of brown bread. Load your dinner table with healthy options such as vegetables, legumes, pulses and a dessert that is low fat.
Each person is unique and requires different combinations of nutrients in order to function effectively.
All menus and recommended nutrient intakes are adapted to your genetic test results and are therefore completely personalized. Your DNA diet reveals how your body processes nutrients that are important for choosing the right diet for your body. Some people find that foods containing small amounts of fat suit them best, while others need to avoid carbohydrates, rather than fats.
For these spurts of healthy growth they need extra nutrients or else their growth will be stunted.
Do not allow them to be munching on chips and finger food throughout the day as this will spoil their appetite for the main meals.
This will unconsciously send out signals to your teenager without you having to say nothing about it.
While we can’t change our genes we can adapt to them with a new lifestyle and weight loss diet plan.

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