It is something that is possible for us to be healthy, pregnant, and adopting a vegetarian diet. Actually, as quoted from EverydayHealth, becoming a vegan can have many health benefits for Natalie Portman and her baby. Apparently, Natalie Portman, who had to lose weight to 10 kg when preparing for a role in the movie “Black Swan”, has a body that gets enough vitamins and minerals. Modern Family TV series star Sofia Vergara is famous for sexy Latina accent, and a sexy body shape in her age.
Who does not know Katie Holmes, famous actress of Hollywood film in many serial and box offices, especially the Dawson Creek and also other box office movies. Tom Cruise’s ex-wife is doing a regular ritual vegetable diet, he dubbed the diet as KH diets.
The food she likes most is cappuccino coffee because according to her it contains many calories, but she drinks it at 2-3 times a day. Her fondness of sports is not surprising because she liked to dance and basketball since she was a child, this sport familiar also comes from her father’s encouragement who is a sports coach.

Vegetarians are based on vegetable protein that will further facilitate the work of the kidney.
Sofia should exercise to stay fit and for years she learned a few things about diet and exercise. Sofia doesn’t really have a specific food to eat for her diet but she always has the dessert problem.
In an interview with a popular magazine, Katie Holmes revealed her diet program daily food in losing the weight.
Now Katie Holmes still plays basketball with her children regularly, she admitted that she is very good at doing rebounds. So far, the best actress of Oscar in 2011 is famous for adopting a vegetarian diet for health reasons and the comeliness of the body. But when I see someone normal aging and someone to fight like crazy, I always think people who do not do anything to look better than others.
Katie recently also participated in the Marathon race in New York, and she practiced hard enough for its preparation, Katie Holmes runs 4 times a week with a trainer who she trusted as her personal trainer, especially to train the buttock (weights and cardiovascular exercise).

Later, Natalie Portman gave up being a vegetarian-vegan-adherent since learned she was pregnant. But I love beauty products.“If you let me put cement around my eyes to make them look younger, then I would do it,” Sofia Vergara said.
Does she really has a perfect genetic offspring? Katie Holmes tells her secret that she did vegetable diet and exercise every day. But I like dancing to Latin music, so I have a coach who danced with me for one hour, three times a week. Tips from Sofia do not obsess with over sports, Sofia exercise because it is a requirement for health, especially when she began to ripen, but she will not use too much because she doesn’t want to lose weight too much.

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