The team at Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter gave me the structure and support I needed to lose over 80 pounds in 9 months. I was referred to Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter by my primary care physician 4 months ago, and so far I have lost a total of 29 pounds and still losing! I have tried other weight loss programs in the past but really enjoy the personal one-on-one visits with Anne Marie, PA-C., and the ease of their program. Since starting Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter, I have lost 40 pounds in the first 4 months!
Over the years I had wanted to lose weight in a way that wasn’t a fad diet and didn’t involve complicated formulas, prepackaged foods or group meetings. I have tried multiple weight loss programs in the past and Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter has been a life changer. I have lost 35 pounds since beginning the program at Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter.  They offer realistic diets and expectations and a one on one relationship that I have not found with other diets or weight loss programs. My cardiologist recommened I try Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter for their weight loss program.
The success stories shown on this website represent actual clients of Metabolic Weight Loss Solutions.
An Exercise Metabolism Test measures how your body burns calories while you are exercising. In May 2011, William joined Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter to begin a healthier lifestyle. On April 3rd 2013, William weighed 191 pounds for a total weight loss of 89 pounds! There was no miracle; I simply did my best to follow their program, and the results followed.

I have tried several other weight loss programs in the past but I need the support that Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter offers to keep the weight off. Steve has lost over 70 pounds in 7 months, and has decreased his body mass index by 10 points! I have met my weight loss goal of 20 pounds and have successfully kept the weight off. The guidance of their amazing supportive staff and the structure of the maintanance program have made it easy to continue a healthier lifestyle. Without the positive reinforcement and the help specific to my needs I would not have been this successful! Rosenberg recommended Medical Weight Loss of Jupiter to me for their physician supervised program. Their professional staff, personal one on one visits and the protein shakes have made my 70 pound weight loss a success!
We are pleased to show you what can be achieved when a person commits to following our customized program. Knowing how your body burns fuel (fat & carbohydrates) allow us to prescribe an appropriate exercise program for you to help you achieve your goals.
Binaural beats and isochronic tones are known for assisting the listener in attaining greater states of relaxation and expanded states of consciousness, Otherwise known as brainwave entrainment. William has been on our maintenance program since November 2011 and is maintaining his goal weight.
The weekly counseling gives loads of support and input, maintaining a food diary keeps you aware of your intake and the protein supplements are excellent and very helpful.

If your main goal is weight loss, we recommend having both a resting and exercise metabolism test (Complete Metabolism Package). This is why they have to exercise at very different intensity levels to optimise their own fat burning ability. Always consult your physician before making changes to your physical, psychological or dietary regimens. Please consult your primary care physician before listening to binaural beats if you are wearing a pacemaker or are diagnosed with epilepsy. This product is not a substitute for medical, clinical or psychiatric advice.  Please consult your primary care physician before listening to binaural beats if you are wearing a pacemaker or are diagnosed with epilepsy.
The user of this product assumes all risks in using this product waiving any claims against Subtle Mind Expansion or Jupiter Productions for any and all mental or physical injuries.
Do not forget that in order to really feel your best, use this mp3 in conjunction with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

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