Maitland Family Care provides patients with comprehensive service including acute and chronic disease management, immunizations, health screenings and physicals, minor injury care and much more.
Age Management is the study and practice of treating age-related symptoms that are the result of the body's decline in function.
Maximum lifespan is calculated by the rate of aging for a species based on its genes and environmental factors. Dynamic Life Health Center is transforming the quality of life and wellness of our clients.
Our comprehensive and individualized programs are designed to help prevent disease and optimize your well-being. Oxidation is basically when oxygen is combined with another element, such as when your blood is oxidized to bring oxygen to your tissues to keep them alive. This causes damage in our cells and if uncontrolled free radicals can destroy cell membranes, enzymes and DNA.

The average lifespan is lowered by infant and child mortality that can be the result of infectious diseases and nutritional problems. Thus, extending maximum lifespan could be achieved by reducing the rate of aging by tissue rejuvenation, molecular repair, or organ replacement.
Phillips are committed to meeting the healthcare needs of infants, children, teenagers and adults in Central Florida.
Our office is located inside of the RDV Sportsplex, on the second floor, and is accessible from either Maitland Summit Blvd., or Keller Road.
The immune system uses free radicals to help fight infections, however, the oxidization, or creation of free radicals with bad or LDL cholesterol, can produce tissue damage and clog arteries.
This results in aging and the development of diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and more. Also, the vulnerability to accidents and chronic-diseases lower the average mortality in a population.

They specialize in primary and preventative care services, including customized weight loss programs. Our goal isn't to help our clients feel their age, our goal is to help our clients feel the best they can feel.
In other words, we age because free radicals accumulate in cells until enough damage has been done to ultimately breakdown our cells. However, the average lifespan can be increased by improved medical care, preventive care, vaccinations, balanced diet, exercise, and the avoidance of drugs and other health hazards.
What would happen if you just put those leftovers in the fridge uncovered compared to if you sealed them in a bag?

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