The purpose of this post is to emphasize the importance of taking vitamin and calcium supplements after surgery and having routinely yearly blood monitoring by our office to try and avoid complications. Vitamins are organic chemicals needed in small amounts to assist in normal metabolism that cannot be manufactured in the body. These vitamins and minerals can be obtained in a good multivitamin with iron such as the Flintstones chewable we provided in the office. The problems we usually encounter after weight loss surgery are with B vitamins, iron and calcium deficiencies. DO NOT FAIL TO TAKE YOUR SUPPLEMENTS AND BE MONITORED ON A YEARLY BASIS, OR PERMANENT IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE COULD OCCUR!

The absorption or intake of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients may be reduced enough to adversely effect your health.
We are seeing a lot of patients not taking supplements and refusing to keep follow-up appointments, or be monitored by their local physician, despite everyone signing a contract to comply. Deficiences can cause permanent nerve damage, which is irreversible, anemia, cardiovascular disease and heart failure, and birth defects in pregnant women.
We monitor a complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive chemistry, iron and B12 level at 6 months, 12 months and then yearly to assess nutritional needs and make adjustments to maintain good health. Permanent irreversible damage to your health, or even death can result from failure to follow post-op instructions.

This is why we emphasize periodic nutritional monitoring with blood tests for life, so deficiencies can be addressed.

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