I really think that one of the best benefits you can get from the raw vegan weight loss is that you will naturally lose weight without having to make the sacrifice of eating less.
Eating a diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables along with some nuts and seeds is a great way to lose weight without going on a fast or other restrictive eating programs. Step One: Write down specifically what your weight loss goals are for one month, six months and one year.
Step Two: For 3 days write down all of the food you eat and whether or not it is uncooked or not.
Step Three: Using the percentage you found in step two, add 10% more raw food each week until you achieve 90% raw food in your diet. This step is important because if you switch to a 90 or 100% raw diet right away you are likely to experience some uncomfortable detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and irritable bowels.

Step Four: Once you’ve reached 90% – 100% fresh raw foods in your diet, continue this for at least one month.
Step Five: Your weight loss will be much easier and enjoyable if you learn how to make some great tasting raw food dishes. In this raw vegan weight loss plan, preparing raw food dishes may be a little difficult in the beginning. I’ve seen the raw vegan diet help 100s of people, including my own mother, to achieve a healthy weight. For example, if you discover that you normally eat 60% raw food, next week aim for 70%, the following 80% and so on. So by now I’m just eating every fruit I like whenever I like, which is the best for me, because I really love the freedom to have no rules in this part of my life.

Many People Think I Should Look A Different Way Having Been A Raw Vegan For 11 Years Is This The Truth? And I’m feeling great, exercising a lot and working with much more clear mind and thoughts. And the best is that I can always eat sweet foods that I love, like oranges, mangos, apples, etc.

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