I'd start with power-washing by professionals; then, if you don't want to get into manual labor, see who does soda blasting in your area. And besides the obvious fact that they spend a lot of time abroad, they all have one thing in common: Their lives have been made much easier by TransferWise.
Like thousands of expats around the world, Benjamin discovered that international bank transfers can be more complicated than they’re worth. With just a few clicks, TransferWise lets users send money around the world for the best rates - guaranteed. Roxanne, who frequently transfers funds from her English bank account to her French account, says she only uses TransferWise now. The company continues transferring $700 million every month, and thus save their customers $34 million in hidden fees every month. Cologne commuters may soon have an unusual view on their morning bus ride if a plan to introduce amphibious vehicles on the river Rhine becomes reality. A German man who killed one person and wounded three in an apparently random knife attack will be held in a psychiatric hospital not a jail, police said Wednesday. Swedish police tracked down the man who's accused of recruiting people to a terror group in Germany.
A Muslim woman will sit in the speaker's chair at sessions of the Baden-Wurttemberg state parliament from now on in a first for any German state. A campaigner from the German Trade Union Conferedation (DGB) in Berlin in March 2016 with a poster reading "Equal Pay - We can do it!".

Women in Germany tell The Local that government plans to fight the country's male-female wage gap are far from enough. Fire services in the German capital described witnessing repeated explosions as they struggle against a huge blaze at an Asian supermarket. Germany's government is set to finally loosen restrictive rules that have turned businesses off offering free Wi-Fi, media reported on Wednesday. The man arrested on Tuesday for stabbing four people on the outskirts of Munich was released from psychiatric care two days before the attack, police confirm. But, if the past is any indication, getting a hold of the new Nexus 5 (2015) won’t be easy. Once again, based on history, Google will likely push Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the Nexus 6 (and probably the original Nexus 5 too) on announcement day (September 29) or very shortly thereafter. Then, wait for prices to drop on the Fall 2015 breed of Android phones, and make another switch come spring, all the while keeping costs in check along the way. I want to be able to strip it down to bare metal as easily as possible.Can I get it media blasted? Inside had a different type of paint that did not come off easily with sanding or stripper.
While living in London as expats themselves, Estonian founders Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Kaarmann experienced the problem first-hand – and in 2011 they decided to do something about it. The service charges just 0.5 percent on most transfers – making it up to ten times cheaper than a typical bank.

So far the firm has attracted some $91 million from investors (including VC Andreessen Horowitz, who also invested in Airbnb, Facebook and Buzzfeed). But thousands of men still have criminal records based on a law that was wiped from the books in 1969. Also, expected: a new Nexus phone dubbed the 5X (to differentiate from the Nexus 5 of 2013). Recent projects include short MORADO shot in the Baja, doc THE ART OF HALL WINES in Napa, and music video WRONG'S WHAT I DO BEST at the San Francisco Art Institute.
But, I’d rather get the bump in specs, and other improvements that Motorola brought to the uber 6.
However, I’ve been surprised in my time with the phone at how quickly you can get accustomed to a phablet. Disappointing that, especially when a mobile upstart like Huawei found a way for one of its older phones also with a 6-inch screen, the Ascend Mate 2, to go what seems like days. His Broadway features have garnered acclaim, including SHREK UNMASKED, the most viewed BTS video for the musical on YouTube. Going back to something smaller, especially a phone with a screen 5-inches or smaller, seems an impossibility.

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