Xylitol may help protect against tooth decay, enamel damage, and promote its remineralization. As a dietary supplement, take 3,000 mg (~1 tsp.) 1 to 2 time daily, or as directed by a physician. Use the table below to approximate the gram or milligram equivalent weight for a given level measuring spoon (US Standard). DISCLAIMER: The descriptions above are provided for information only and do not constitute medical advice.
Sugar Free Xylitol mints and gum taste great, and there is no risk of hindering weight loss.
Less calories than traditional sugars For use in sugar-controlled diets Non GMO and gluten free XyloSweet from Xlear has all the sweetness of common sugars, yet has 40% fewer calories. I can not use any form of artificial sweetener due to a bad aftertaste, except for xylitol. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we'll give you a full refund and pay return shipping.

It is found in the fiber of fruits and vegetables, which makes it tremendously healthy for the body and your teeth. Since this product does not cause weight gain, it is often used as a sweetener during weight loss programs and a substitute for diabetics. This product is not intended for those who are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. DWL mints and gum are important to help alleviate “ketosis breath” while allowing the body to maintain the very sensitive state of dietary ketosis. As with any weight loss program, your actual weight loss is affected by various factors, including your body type, the particular program you choose, and how closely you follow the program. XyloSweet is an ideal alternative sweetener in foods prepared for weight loss or anyone concerned about the overuse of sugar in their diet. Being on a sugar-free diet for three months, I tried Splenda and stevia sweeteners, but they alter the taste of my hot drinks.
It has 33% fewer calories than sucrose, but is just as sweet, and does not increase the sugar content in the blood.

XyloSweet can be substituted for most common sweeteners without compromising taste or texture.
There has been a good number of Dramatic Weight Loss® clients that have lost 15 pounds in 15 days. Before starting on any weight loss program, we recommend that you consult with a physician prior to commencing the program.
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