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3H is the brand name of the venture founded for the purpose of healing as mentioned above and as divination techniques, its punch line being Haven for Holistic Healing.
In ancient Egypt and in classical antiquity, Phoenix is a fabulous mythical bird associated with the worship of the Sun God. The Phoenix, hence, stand for death or near-death experiences while living, and resurrection thereafter, which quite a few of us may face for a reason. In a nutshell, it is indicative of a person or thing or experience so excellent and exquisite as to have no equal or match—neither in the physical nor spiritual planes! Once upon a time, Little One said to God, “After all these births that I have taken, I know who I am.
So, Little One approached God and said, “It is one thing to know who I am, and another thing to actually Be It.
Everything in the universe contains elements of both Yin (classified as feminine, earth, passiveness, mysterious, softness, moon, coldness, darkness, submission) and Yang (depicted as masculine, heaven, aggressiveness, evident, hardness, sun, heat, light, dominance). Geomancy is the positioning of physical objects in strategic locations for specific purpose. In ancient times, divination was considered the practice to foresee and foretell future events, usually based on interpretations of different nature like omens or supernatural powers. An Energy Healer is a facilitator who assists in identifying these blockages and releasing them, with an aim to ensure balanced growth. At 3H: Haven for Holistic Healing we are using Reiki, Pranic Healing, Melchizedek Symbols, and Angelology as modalities for healing, either individually or in conjunction, as required. The rune method of divination entails placing the individual’s present conditions or elements against the context of an overall spiritual journey. A set of runes is a collection of 24 objects (in wood, ceramic, metal, or stone) on which is inscribed a single rune. For instance, in a single card reading, if one draws ‘The Sun’ (XIX of Major Arcana) it represents all that is the joy of the ego. With connections to alchemy, astrology, mysticism, psychology, numerology and other esoteric traditions the Tarot has centuries old roots which can be traced to China, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania and Persia. Angels have dominated our memories since childhood through mythology, legends, and stories. An Angel is our superior state of Consciousness which represents the qualities and virtues of God in their purest form. It is essentially an Energy that creates life, not only through our thoughts, emotions and actions but also through the material world in which we live our life everyday. At birth, we all receive three Guardian Angels that correspond to our physical level (action), emotional level (feelings), and the intellectual level (thoughts). The Melchizedek symbols are a new dispensation gifted to humanity for their ascension by Rev.
The Melchizedek symbols are based on four main ideologies that one must achieve in order to evolve and attain God consciousness: owning personal power, maintaining unconditional love, leading by example, walking the path of service. Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana (chi or life energy) to heal the physical body. It is an illumination technique by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga) aimed at achieving cosmic consciousness.
After advanced attunement, it can be sent to anyone, anywhere—beyond space and time—as the healing power of Reiki is infinite. Reiki healing sessions generally last for an hour, though the duration has to be determined by the nature and extent of the problem.
The seed of Reiki, after being planted in our hearts, grows through everyday practice and experiences of healing. Lets create a strong healthy holistic community here on Long Island: You MUST attend monthly meetings in person in order to be eligible for invite to yahoogroup below.

You are The Light.” Little One was so happy, for it had figured out what all souls in the Kingdom were trying to figure out.
It is an environmental science being used as practical technique in Geomancy for manipulating chi or energies of an individual or building. The goal of Feng Shui has been described as aligning any city, site, building, home, object or individual with yin and yang force fields.
With time we start doubting, and hence our trust in feelings, images, signs or concepts recedes. It is an undeniable fact that the cycle of our life has been interspersed with imminent contradictions–ups and downs, good and bad, pros and cons, positives and negatives, happiness and grief, success and failure—which brings about ‘change’, which is also inevitable. Runes are an alphabetic script used by Nordic and Germanic tribes of Northern Europe over centuries.
It is a deck of cards used for divination, self help, development of intuition, spiritual and psychic growth too, much more than being a mere tool for fortune-telling or making predictions—which is the most prevalent myth. Since times immemorial, symbols have been used to empower us, enlighten us, and aid us in the journey of life.
It prima facie denotes sharing, happiness, joy, creativity, growth, accomplishment in love, feeling intellectually enlightened, believing in oneself, and honoring values. They are akin to a journey where we learn to heal ourselves (to begin with) and get transformed, for the better.
Thereafter, general or localized sweeping is done to disentangle and strengthen the health rays; followed by cleansing of a malfunctioning chakra or blocked meridians (energy channels) of the patient.
By practicing meditation on Twin Hearts, a person becomes harmoniously balanced and it leads to “becoming aware of one’s true nature” as described in Buddhism.
It is the subtle energy that flows from the hands of the practitioner to the client, and creates a healing effect. Once a person has been attuned, we open ourselves to higher vibrations and the divine power enhances the quality of the soul. The practitioner can reach out mentally and help an individual in distress, pain, or suffering, who may be unapproachable physically, by creating a connection through symbols. The simplicity and beauty of Reiki is that anyone from 5 to 80 years can be attuned to perform it—one must be willing to give up ego and selfishness of purpose, have a spiritual attitude, and the intention of service. Create an online network of like-minded practitioners who will get to know and trust each other. Create a database of bios and stories, which include the local practitionersa€™ scope of practice to serve as a basis for referral to each other.
Create community support for our patients to make it easier to make the lifestyle changes we are asking them to make, and do it in a fun, supported, and integrated way. Create social events for practitioners to come together and enjoy each other, and begin to support each other in this different paradigm of medicine, and grow together.
As its end approaches, it builds a nest of aromatic boughs and spices, sets it on fire, and gets consumed in the flames. Arora, possessing 14 plus years of experience as an academician in Management sphere, corporate trainer, and HR expert besides having an innate inclination towards spirituality. But in present times, divination is considered more of an intuitive perception inspired by the Divine, to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a standardized process or ritual. Furthermore, divination is not essentially a gift from the gods for the chosen few, but almost anyone can master divinatory practices—the only qualification required is the spirit of enquiry and a zeal to learn. When faced with change or difficulties in our life which we find too painful to accept, we tend to hold these unresolved thoughts, emotions, memories or actions in our aura which creates blockages.
Though there are differing opinions regarding its meaning, Tarot represents different facets of our lives—like small objective mirrors reflecting our joys, struggles, fears, passions, relationships, growth etc.
So each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana or 56 cards of the Minor Arcana unfold scenes of the great human drama.

A more deeper explanation suggests one to accept his own glory, greatness and take centre-stage; no more fear of self, only realization of self. They have been rediscovered by Kaya and Christiane Muller in 1975 in the Spanish town of Gerona.
They have the capacity to raise our human consciousness to a new level by discovering and activating our spiritual powers and special abilities. By blessing the earth one is blessed many times in return—it is in giving that you receive—though that is not the objective, but is the unwritten law! The practitioner becomes a channel who just needs to place her hands on the other person with the intention of healing and the energy flows automatically, since Reiki has its own wisdom. This awareness opens the door towards a wider understanding from the limited consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘my’ to ‘all’ (birds, animals, plants, fellow beings, Mother Earth, sites of natural disaster, political unrest). It transcends the genetic and physical limits of just one being by relying and drawing energy from the entire universe.
The energya€™s effects on the body do not rely on certain meridian paths or pressure points of the body, which are the common requirements for many types of the Qi Gong practices. It also signifies a person or thing that has become renewed after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation or total destruction, and so inspires us to continue on our progressive march onward, and upward—towards the ultimate Divine Source.
She has acquired knowledge and experience through numerous courses, research, reading, and sadhna in healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Melchizedek, Angelology; and divination techniques viz. It needs to be reiterated that we all are intuitive beings; it is only the degree that varies from person to person.
Some popular forms of divination are Astrology, Pendulum Dowsing, Dice Throwing besides Crystals Divination, I-Ching Divination, Dreams Divination, Scrying, Moon Power, Seasons Divination, Color Divination, Celtic Tree Divination, Tea Leaves Reading, in addition to Tarot (Cartomancy), Runes and Feng Shui (Geomancy). They connect and reveal one’s energy patterns of past, present and future, indicating key solutions and messages as well. Interpretation of each card or of the various spreads in a reading is based on a deep understanding, correlation, intuition, and psychic powers of the reader. Like the Sun move on and leave the shadows behind (physically), not the warmth (emotionally).
However due to the increase in vibrations of the earth (2012 approaching!), they are now ready to be received. It represents a vibrant energy and force that urges people to constantly evolve and create.
It vitalizes one at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels and establishes equilibrium. On determining the positive or negative energies, they can be shifted to enhance and benefit us.
Some fascinating forms of divination from across the world include Teepee (shaking tent), Doughball Divination, Bootstrap Divination, Mo Divination, Butterlamp Divination, Shoulder blade Divination, Knife-spinning, Knucklebones! Going from physical sickness to a state of recovery, or finding peace in emotional calmness are some aspects of change seen in persons undergoing the process. Each symbol represents a certain character like love, power, empower, heal, dispel, protect, cleanse (thirty-six in all) which can be applied at physical, emotional, or spiritual levels. The concept is refreshing since it allows the users to create a flexible, enriching, and personalized way to ascend. At a deeper level it helps unearth the stored energy of the respective symbol which changes our character and we become more refined. In other words, by placement, arrangement and enhancement of space we can achieve harmony in the environment and within us.

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