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Rates for Services are not available for AKANSHA HAIR & SKIN CARE HERBAL UNIT (P) LTD as of now.
Baranga Removes dead cells, black heads, white heads, pimples and all other blemishes that are enemy of your skin-health. An useful beauty product for removing dead cells, black heads, white heads, pimples, rash etc. Method of use : After proper washing take required quantity of cream and gently apply on your face and body.

This simontak sindoor is for those women who are suffering from hair loss, white or black spot on forehead due to use of poor quality chemicals in vermillion.
Sure, you will be in our list, our patron, our friend, a feather in our cap.Our price is another wonder, so cheap against so high in quality, incomparable! We are working hard to collect latest photographs of the premises and make it available for you. In short, we want to make you beautiful, we should say, more beautiful since you are already a beauty.

All the products of ours are Pioneer of a new concept of youth and loveliness, exceptionally capable of enhancing what God has given your body. You will definitely be in love with our exquisite Ayurvedic Products, If you are already not meanwhile.

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