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As cancer becomes more and more widespread, people are looking for ways in which they can get cured by avoiding mainstream pharmaceuticals, which are sometimes seen as part of the problem and using alternative treatments. There have been many cases of people who were not just treated, but got healed by using alternative treatments. Hydrogen Peroxide – This is a wonder alternative medicine whose importance in the treatment of almost all kinds came to the fore inĀ  the 50s but whose knowledge has been kept hidden from the public simply because its dirt cheap and cures everything from colds to cancer. Detoxification – Cancer is caused by cells that have refused to grow in alignment with the DNA of other surrounding cells, and something in your blood or cells will trigger the multiplication of the different cells. Sunshine- This is not a cure per-se, but whatever alternative cancer treatments you choose, supplementing them with sunshine is going to make a big difference to both your cancer of overall well-being. Oil mixed with fragrances, such as lavender, rose, etc., can be extremely successful in promoting a calm and relaxed feeling in cancer patients.
This treatment involves training your mind to monitor various functions of the body, such as heart rate, blood flow rate, muscle relaxation process, etc which normally take place involuntarily. Exercise has always been fruitful for the whole body and helps in dealing with symptoms and pain during and after cancer treatment. It is one of the safest therapies and cancer patients have really benefitted from this therapy in releasing their anxiety and receiving sound sleep at night. Specifically for a cancer patient, yoga helps in releasing stress and is helpful in improving sleeping patterns.
We can’t rule it out, but there is presently no evidence that foul play is to blame here. There will be an appropriate time for that analysis, and I will be personally involved in the investigation. Many of these are credible to the point that science will not disprove them, but will offer you other treatments. The science behind how it works is pretty simple, so do your homework and find out how it will work for you.
Once you understand this, you understand that to cure cancer, one of the things that you must do is cleanse your blood and your cells. These peptide based cell therapies will target pacific damaged cell and regenerate them faster.
You need to do as much research as you can and start eating herbs, fruits and vegetables that are known to have cancer fighting properties.
Don’t be defeatist in your thinking many people have been cured from cancer, and they will tell you that it tool not just alternative cancer treatments but changing their thoughts too. In this therapy, small pins or sterile needles are inserted in some definite points into the skin. In this therapy, scented oils are either heated to release the fragrance in the atmosphere or mixed with the bath water.
In this process, a biofeedback therapist connects the electronic device to your body at certain specific points to monitor specific body functions.
If regular exercise has not been a part of your routine, then start with low intensity ones such as swimming or walking and gradually increase the difficulty level. It not only relieves your muscles, but also relaxes skin, bones, bone joints called tendons, and releases anxiety, stress and fatigue slowly out of your body and mind. Meditation is considered to be one of the most natural and safest way of concentrating the mind.
This therapy includes listening to music, singing songs, composing new songs, learning a new instrument. This particular technique includes calming the patient’s mind, relaxing muscles, and ultimately increasing focus ability. However, before starting with an intensive yoga class, cancer patients should consult their doctors so that painful poses can be avoided and the results are positive.

We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Nicholas Gonzalez died earlier this morning, apparently from a heart attack, according to reports Natural News has received from close friends. Gonzalez is also the author of What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, where he blew the whistle on a concerted effort by the cancer industry to destroy evidence of a readily available, low-cost cancer treatment protocol that could have saved thousands of lives a year. Gonzalez leaves a legacy of faith, healing, and genuine love for people and the pursuit of medicine.
Gonzalez and those close to him, there are certain details of his passing which shall remain private.
I am aware that a number of people are reporting on what appears to be a sudden wave of seemingly mysterious deaths among alternative medicine doctors and industry pioneers. If you want alternative treatments for cancer, let your doctor know that you are going to be taking them, and then do as much research as you can and make sure that whatever you choose is known to work with a good success rate. Some people need intravenous injections, and there are hydrogen peroxide treatment centers all over the world.
The great thing is the peptide compounds are all natural substances, created in labs using extracts of animal and plant proteins. You can still receive peptide cell treatments from Cell Therapy Centers outside of the U.S. Increasing your intake of sunshine with boost cell activity and help you get rid of cancer. Switch to healthy oils as well and stop using oils and margarine that are high in trans-fats. Various researchers associated with cancer research are still trying to find a definite cure for this shape shifting disease.
It is a very relaxing technique, helps in removing nausea that resulted after chemotherapy treatment, and at the same time is helpful in releasing cancer-related pains. The device produces a beeping sound or has a light indicator to signal any extraordinary physiological activity. Before starting any new exercise regimen, consult your doctor to know what kind of exercises will be most beneficial to you in your current state of health.
They try to hypnotize the patient first and slowly direct them to focus their attention on goals such as reducing stress and control over pain. Many cancer centers provide the course of massage therapy especially for cancer patients as referred to by the doctor on regular basis. He was loved and cherished by millions, and he was prominently featured in countless books, documentary summits, interviews and articles. These radio interviews span four years and cover an exhaustive array of topics on cancer prevention and advanced cancer treatments. We are heartbroken at this loss, but determined to keep his work and his memory alive,” says his website. Today we collectively mourn the loss of an extraordinary human being who helped save countless lives over decades of practicing healing medicine.
Choose one that is not painful and that will not sap your energy, but at the same time be effective in a short time. The peptide treatments are 100% safe and are one of the few recommended bio-medications for cell nutrition and regeneration. Most reputable clinics include their peptide lab within the facility and provide quality medical treatments on par, or better then most public facilities in the United States.
Alternatives like coconut oil and ghee or clarified butter work well for keeping you healthy. Although, conventional treatments are available for cancer, but patients in the initial stages of the diseases are advised to follow some alternative therapies which have proved promising in treating cancer and dealing with some of its effects on the body.

Cancer patients should not undergo this treatment if their blood count is not at optimum levels or if they are on any blood thinning medications currently. Once you have identified the problem area, for example high blood pressure or extreme sensation of pain, the therapist works with the patient to control this response.
Try and make a 30 minutes exercise regimen a part of your daily schedule for every day of the week. Hypnosis ultimately results into relief from pain, stress, and helps the patient gain control over anxiety. Consult an experienced mediation therapist for techniques which will help you in your present stage of treatment. Gonzalez is best known as a pioneering holistic cancer treatment doctor who helped many thousands of people overcome cancer through the use of complementary and holistic treatment protocols. The cause of death was cardiac related, it appears, as he suddenly collapsed and was unable to be revived.
May his soul be richly rewarded for his contributions to humanity and his courage in standing up for the truth about healing cancer. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. Cleanse as often as recommended, making sure that you do not make it counterproductive by ingesting any foods or drinks that may have toxins.
The peptide treatments are typically administered weekly, for 1-6 months, which allows the peptides to target and progressively induce the repair and normalization of your cell cycle, regenerating organs or damaged cells faster. With the help of meditation and other mental exercise, the patient would be able to control body processes which are usually involuntary. It also helps in protecting the cancer patient from expected nausea or vomiting sensation after chemotherapy treatment. Body parts consisting of surgical scars or specific tumors containing portion should not be massaged.
It is best to consult a tai chi expert for instruction and the best poses to relieve your present condition. Such speculation is entirely premature, as none of us are aware of any facts which would support such a notion at this time.
I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media. While choosing the above, make sure that you put your body in the hands of a licensed and experienced acupuncture therapist.
The biofeedback monitor helps chart the progress of the patient and these tangible readings act as a motivating factor in continuing with the therapy. However, patient with prior mental illnesses are cautioned against undergoing this particular process. Gonzalez was in excellent health otherwise so his passing is quite unexpected,” reports the Dr. Make sure that you put your body under the ministrations of an experienced aromatherapy massage practitioner and consult him on the best therapy for your particular symptoms and condition. Biofeedback is especially helpful in controlling pain responses, blood pressure problems and incontinence in a cancer patient.

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