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Depression treatment is vary , depend on the concept of the therapy and this make the technique of  "How to deal with depression" are so vary.
Research and clinical experience indicate that a number of forms of treatment, including psychotherapy, can be effective in alleviating depression.
For the sake of discussion we would suggest that alternative forms of treatment can be compared and contrasted on two levels—the conceptual and the technical. A difficulty with synthetic, "big picture” scholarship is that it often attempts to impose a pattern on too much information.
As Elster (1990) observed, there are two ways in which conceptual models can fail—through indeterminacy and through inadequacy. The conceptual of depression treatment need to be review and re-analysis to find best structure of therapy for treating depression. Note : This article is copyrighted material and use only for promotion purpose of this book.
For those who like to find out an all-Natural Cure For Removing Moles And Warts In Just 3 Days, you ought to check out the testimonials and stories of many men and women who remove their moles, skin tags and warts using natural and non-invasive methods. While the thought of hypnosis as treatment for medical conditions may seem unusual, the truth is that medical hypnosis can actual promote and protect your health. During a study conducted in 2003, 71-percent of irritable bowel syndrome sufferers who participated in the study reported to have improved symptoms after undergoing an hour-long hypnosis session once a week for 12 weeks.
No matter what your preconceived notions about hypnosis are, it has proven time and time again to be a useful tool in the medical industry as well as an alternative treatment options for various issues.
And mostly the treatment of depression center on the patient conditions and what causes of depression because each patient has their own each causes.
Loss, isolation, hopelessness, emptiness and anomie have been recurrent themes in philosophy and literature for centuries. But just what is psychotherapy and how does it differ from other forms of social discourse?
The first refers to the assumptions of the models and their philosophical foundations.
The possibility exists that both medications and psychotherapy function by altering specific neurochemical systems in the brain. It is a more serious problem if the model makes predictions that are falsified by research—that is, if it makes predictions that are not supported by observation. It is possible that some models may be more effective for understanding specific subtypes of depression or for guiding the treatment f`specific groups of patients than are others.
With comparative treatments of depression we can find big picture of what causes of depression ,is the depression hereditary? Here’s a from a book review done by The Birmingham Times, a major US newspaper in Alabama. In fact, the participants reported that after undergoing medical hypnosis, they slept better.

This shows that medical hypnosis could be an effective treatment for those patients who are tired of taking prescription pills. A 2012 study took postmenopausal women who said they experiences at least 50 hot flashes every week and had them undergo medical hypnosis. Several studies have been conducted and they all show that hypnosis is effective at relieving pain caused by a wide array of medical conditions, including cancer, arthritis and fibromyalgia.
In fact, it has shown useful to relax and relieve anxieties experience before medical procedures, such as surgeries, giving birth or scans. The depression itself have some type, you can read here about the different types of depression and here for the physical symptoms of depression. At its most basic level, psychotherapy may be defined as a trusting interpersonal relationship in which developmental, social, and intra psychic factors associated with personal distress are examined. This includes assumptions about the nature of psychopathology and the processes of human development and change. Alternative approaches to treatment tend, however, to postulate different mechanisms of therapeutic change.
Although a common biological pathway for clinical improvement among depressed patients has not been identified. It appears that interactions between the brain and the environment are dynamic, and that the brain responds to environmental influence through the regulation of gene expression (Gottlieb,21.100).
In comparing and contrasting alternative theories of depression, it is important to keep the specific goals and objectives of each model in mind. It is worse, in short, for a theory to predict wrongly, than to predict weakly but truthfully, As regards our models of depression, it is worth asking, what specifically does each model predict?
Abramson, Metalsky,and Alloy (1989), for example, proposed that feelings of hopelessness may serve as a proximal, sufficient cause of depression in a subset of patients. When crushed, garlic yields allicin, a powerful antibiotic and anti-fungal compound (phytoncide).
This is, instead, a clinical procedure that is used in conjunction with other treatment and therapies. In fact, some studies suggest that medical hypnosis can work just as well as sleep inducing drugs but without the side effects. The results showed that 74-percent of the participants said that 5 weekly hypnosis sessions reduce the amount of hot flashes they experienced. However, more research is needed before medical hypnosis can claim to treat generalized anxiety disability, or anxiety that is related to a personality trait rather than a certain or specific event.
Positive outcomes are seen as stemming from the additive effects of common or nonspecific factors and theory-specific interventions.
These are assumptions that we implicitly accept when we offer a specific form of treatment.
How can we account for the fact that various forms of psychotherapy and various classes of medication can be effective in alleviating clinical depression?

Raw garlic is used by some to treat the symptoms of acne and there is some evidence that it can assist in managing high cholesterol levels.
Given this, it seems timely to consider the relationships between alternative models of depression and the major forms of treatment that are derived from them. The possibility that psychotherapy and medications may function through shared mechanisms may not, then, be so very far-fetched. Were they, for example, developed as models of clinical depression, of psychopathology more generally of psychotherapy, or of normative human development? A theory may have a relatively narrow range of convenience, and yet have some explanatory power and clinical utility if it excludes at least some possible alternatives and serves as an effective guide for intervention. Are its concepts and predictions made in such a way that we can distinguish it from other, alternative models?
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Alternative forms of psychotherapy differ dramatically both in the ways in which they conceptualize depression and in the proposed technologies of change. Technical differences between models include assessment strategies, the role of case formulation.
It is a possibility with important implications for our understanding of both human adaptation and clinical practice.
Can the models successfully account for the phenomena they were designed to describe and predict? Do the clinical strategies and interventions logically follow from the proposed model of psychopathology? Raw garlic is very strong, so eating too much could produce problems, for example irritation of or even damage to the digestive tract. Moreover, each has a clear rationale that is shared with the patient, providing the therapist and patient with a common language for understanding the origins of their distress and the actions that must be taken to remediate it.
That is to say, how one thinks about depression and human change often influences one`s clinical approach. Effective therapies tend to be structured, and encourage active attempts by the patient to address difficulties as they arise.
Our first challenge, then, is to determine the conceptual adequacy of each model in the light of evidence and observation. They tend, as well to encourage patients to monitor their progress, and to examine the relationship of their feelings of depression to thoughts, behavior, environmental events, and interpersonal styles.

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