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If you are suffering from a very severe case of depression, then you have to consult a psychiatrist.
St John’s Wart is an alternative medicine which is being used by people all over the world for several years now. If adverse depression symptoms continue to persist then you should avoid taking alternative medicine completely.
You can cure your depression symptoms by changing your diet, particularly if you are suffering from a mild depression. If you are prone to depression symptoms like mood swings and anxiety then you should avoid alcoholic drinks and coffee at all costs. Exercising is understood to be a wonderful alternative medicine for depression, particularly the bipolar disorder. By Katherine Stone 23 Comments Many of you have asked what type of effective complementary or alternative treatments exist for postpartum depression. Navigating the ever-evolving risks and benefits of psychiatric treatment during pregnancy and postpartum remains a challenging endeavor.
For moderate to severe symptoms of postpartum depression, a careful discussion of risks and benefits of medication treatment must be explored with an expert psychiatrist. Sam-E (S-adenosyl methionine) is a natively occurring molecule involved in the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters, with a long history of use in Europe for treatment of depression, and FDA-approval for over-the-counter use in the US based on more than 40 controlled trials encompassing 24,000 patients. Folic acid (vitamin B9) supplementation is based on data demonstrating that deficiency is associated with poor treatment response while augmentation is associated with more rapid and robust effect (Papakostas, Coppen and Bailey).
Bright light therapy has been substantiated through meta-analysis as a treatment for seasonal and non-seasonal depression, and has been studied in antenatal and postpartum depression with significant benefit in antenatal studies and limited power to detect benefit in a postpartum study (Oren, Epperson, Corrall). With regard to acupuncture, an important study was recently published demonstrating a 63% response rate in pregnant women with major depression, although postpartum data is lacking (Manber).
Cranial electrical stimulation is a home-use device which acts to modify electrical activity in the brain to support neurotransmitter production and alpha wave activity. In the realm of reproductive psychiatry, the individualization of treatment is paramount, and integrative approaches are often the best way to achieve this goal. About Katherine StoneKatherine Stone is the creator of this blog, and the founder and executive director of Postpartum Progress. As an acupuncturist who specializes in treating women, I have been impressed with how well women with postpartum depression respond to regular acupuncture and a specially tailored Chinese herbal formula. A key takeaway from this article is this: find a qualified practitioner who is experienced in perinatal mental health. Using these measures as self-help is not a substitute for a relationship that provides thorough assessment and case management.
This was a very informative review of alternative therapies that could be useful for expecting women who are considering their options. In my experience, cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is too often overlooked and mistakenly thought of as experimental and understudied. These are all positive steps towards preventing and relieving PND, and I for one am glad to hear it.
This is mainly because people are sick and tired of using pharmaceuticals and are looking around for healthier alternatives.
However, if you are just feeling down or sad, then using alternative medicine might be the answer to your problems.
There are many clinical studies which have proved that the St John’s Wart is a very effective form of alternative medicine for curing depression.

There are many other side effects which the St John’s Wart can have, such as fatigue, dry mouth and dizziness.
The SAM-e is a chemical which is found in your body and which is thought to increase dopamine and serotonin levels that regulate your mood. The constant fluctuation of your blood sugar levels could wreck havoc on the endocrine system in your body. You will be less prone to ailments than you would be if you consumed alcoholic drinks or caffeine drinks very frequently.
According to recent studies, exercise has a mood or stress elevating benefit associated with it. I asked Kelly Brogan, MD, to help educate us all and she was kind enough to share her expertise with the following post. Perhaps it is in response to this complexity that many women express an interest in alternative or complementary treatments.
Many complementary interventions enhance standard treatment, and may even limit the dosages required to treat to remission, and for mild symptoms they may even be considered as first-line interventions. Marlene Freeman, the American Psychiatric Association is poised to release results of a taskforce on integrative treatment approaches, and future research is likely to further substantiate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) interventions which may hold special appeal for a population concerned about the risks of medication exposures. It is well-tolerated without weight gain and sexual side effects, and has some precedent for treatment in pregnant women with liver problems. While it has not been studied for monotherapy [standalone use]in perinatal depression, it is recommended to women of reproductive age for prevention of birth defects, and is a reasonable augmentation consideration.
This treatment is typically used for 30-60 minutes daily with a 10,000 lux light source, and would not be appropriate for patients with a personal or family history of Bipolar disorder. Although there are no perinatal studies, this modality has been supported by randomized placebo-controlled trials (approximately 20 adequate quality trials) for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and depression, and represents a low-risk consideration or augmentation strategy for women concerned about the risks of medication exposure.
Regardless of postpartum depression treatment preference, it is essential that women consult with professional providers to determine the appropriateness of different treatment interventions for their particular symptoms.
She has been named a WebMD Health Hero, one of the fiercest women in America by More magazine, and one of the 15 most influential patient advocates to follow.
A well trained herbalist can prescribe herbs that are safe for breast feeding Moms and can add herbs to address a variety or symptoms from anxiety to obsessive thoughts or irritability.
I'm expecting again (yeah!!) and was wondering if you've ever heard of placental encapsulation?
It is critical to get this information out to physicians and others who are screening and identifying women with postpartum emotional complications and give them this information so that they can provide women with all the possible treatment options.
This medicine takes as long as six weeks for the full results to be noticed in the case of moderate or mild depression.
It could also interfere with prescriptions and some over the counter drugs like organ rejection drugs, antidepressants, HIV drugs and oral contraceptives. This medicine when taken in capsule form could thus cure mental depression like bipolar disorder. There are studies which have revealed that certain nutrients have been found to be missing in individuals suffering from depression symptoms. When you exercise, there are chemicals in your brain which are released and which in turn improve the functioning of your brain, the strength of your brain and even your memory.
There are many health benefits which are associated with exercise that are very well documented.
Treating an expecting or new mother is treating an entire family, and the decisions involved require consideration of the woman as a whole, her preferences, history and the nature of her current symptoms.

Currently, there are several interventions with a significant evidence base despite the fact that CAM studies are often limited by challenges to controls (exercise, acupuncture), as well as limited in terms of funding for large-scale, placebo-controlled trials.
Meta-analysis of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA from fish sources) have demonstrated benefit over placebo for mood support, although some outcome heterogeneity can be attributed to insufficiently powered studies (Su, Parker, Freeman, Nemets).
One study of postpartum depression showed promising treatment effect (Cerutti) and no reports of adverse effects in breastfed infants. My patients find that weekly acupuncture helps elevate their mood and makes it easier to cope with the inevitable stresses of adjusting to looking after a newborn. There's a local doula here that offers this service and says that it can really help with post partum depression.
In our region of Western Massachusetts, we have created a Resource and Referral Guide for women and have included many alternative therapies in it.
Those of us who have suffered know how hard it is to motivate yourself into doing anything no matter how good we know it could be. I’d love to create a playlist and take a few mums for a walk plugged into my playlist.
While it is usually very safe to use, it does have some minor side effects such as heartburn and stomach upsets.
Photosensitivity is one if the rare results which you could experience when you use this, particularly if you are a fair skinned individual.
You should also try using anti depressants along with omega 3 rather than consuming only the antidepressants.
These are one of the best kinds of alternative medicine for curing depression, particularly the bipolar disorder.
Rather you should drink plenty of water and health drinks that will make you feel healthier and will consequently improve your depression symptoms. Chemical drugs for curing depression symptoms are also known to generate very harmful side effects. Given the prevalence of significant mood symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum, and the risks of untreated maternal mental illness (low birth weight, prematurity, pre-eclampsia, childhood psychiatric pathology, etc.) women must be proactive about management of emerging symptoms. In my practice, I routinely recommend omega-3 fatty acids, SAMe, light therapy, folic acid, exercise and cranial electrical stimulation, and refer to qualified acupuncturists for management of antepartum and postpartum illness. Those who are not indoctrinated with academic medicine are more reliable and the longer healthcare staff ignore that, the more embarrassing of a case they will become. I’d like to hear some thoughts on getting that much needed boost, inspiration and motivation, the first step to getting those trainers on, or yoga pants, or swim suit. Please consult your own health care provider for individual advice regarding your specific situation and needs.
This because the vitamin B which is contained in these vegetables helps in the production of dopamine and serotonin which in turn helps in curing depressive tendencies like bipolar disorder.
All you need to do is walk for a few hours everyday and take the stairs rather than the lift when you are inside a high rise building. Given its proven effectiveness and safety, I firmly believe it deserves more recognition as an excellent option for women with postpartum depression. These alternative medicine capsules contain ingredients which are the best cure for depression.

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