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Chris Termeer has been toiling over the past decade to establish a name for himself in the ever-competitive industry of oil and gas development.
Chris Termeera€™s company has been making vast strides recently by enlarging its scope of interest and broadening their grasp on the industry.
Have you attended a singles event and had no opportunity to get close to someone you fancied? Well, say goodbye to awkward moments like trying to get attention or cutting into conversations.
We organize group dating events comprising of well-organized and structured ice-breaker games, speed dating style rotation and a contact exchanging session. Starting his company from scratch, he quickly emerged as a highly professional and ambitious. His company has ventured into several states to put forth a plan of action from start to scratch, to reach the fullest potential of each Oil Field. These pictures only scratch the surface of accomplishment acheived by Chris and his partners. Leslie Mendoza Temple, right, of NorthShore University Health Systems, leads a meeting of the Integrated Medicine Program at the Park Center Glenview Park District building in Glenview.
This means you get a chance to interact with everyone during the event and possibly after the event.
A recent study showed doctors and nurses use complementary and alternative medicine more than other people.

Termeer personally flies out to study the potential of the field first hand, and has often does this within days, not months, of preliminary discussions.
A He has conducted this practice numerous times, meeting with principals to discuss the details of the new and profitable venture time and time again. Instead, this family medicine doctor at Loyola University Medical Center opts for acupuncture or self-hypnosis. While doctors are schooled in traditional Western medicine, a growing number like Michelfelder are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to stay healthy, then integrating the techniques into their medical practices. Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, combines the methods with traditional medicine. Michelfelder, who is also associate professor of family medicine, bioethics and health policy at Loyola's Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, said in addition to their stressful profession, doctors often have anxious or obsessive personalities, which serve them well in their quest to heal but "can easily tip over into a health disorder or interfere with our lives," said Michelfelder. About 300 to 400 physicians commit suicide each year, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, noted Michelfelder. A study published in the online version of Health Services Research in August found that 76 percent of health care workers and 83 percent of doctors and nurses used CAM, compared with 63 percent of the general population.
The study used data from the 2007 Alternative Health Supplement of the National Health Interview Survey, which is part of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Christy Brave, a nurse in Loyola's pediatric intensive care unit, said she uses regular Jazzercize, which incorporates yoga and Pilates moves, to relax and take her mind off a stressful job. Leslie Mendoza Temple uses alternative medicine for wellness, getting acupuncture, doing yoga and taking various Chinese herbs.

Temple, who directs the NorthShore Integrative Medicine Program, which is part of the NorthShore University Health System, prescribes acupuncture combined with herbs and supplements for patients with sinus infections.
David Bilstrom, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation and is on staff at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, uses acupuncture, massage, healing touch and chiropractic therapy to maintain his good health. Bilstrom also uses the techniques on his patients with chronic diseases who failed to obtain relief from traditional medicine.
Physicians who are experts in CAM are also providing an important resource for other doctors. Gustavo Rodriguez, who directs the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at NorthShore, said he refers some patients with numbness in the fingers and toes caused by chemotherapy to the Integrative Medicine Program for acupuncture and others with nausea for herbal therapy.
He said integrative medicine specialists can also spot harmful interactions between certain CAM therapies and standard treatment. Chun, who is the Cyrus Tang professor in the department of anesthesia and critical care at the University of Chicago, researches commonly used herbal medicines and says that 50 percent of medications are botanically based. Doctors who work in hospital integrative medicine departments or use CAM methods in their own practices say their referrals from other physicians have been steadily increasing, though many physicians are still reluctant to suggest it.
But doctors agree that patients themselves are the ones who have pushed much of the change in health care.

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