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Alternative medicine is considered a safer and natural approach to healing, which exists outside the realm of the mainstream allopathic or western medicine system. Homeopathy was developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, who based his therapy on two principles; the substance that can cause symptom in a healthy person can cure symptoms of sick person and the more the substance is diluted, the more potent it becomes.
Developed by Chinese nearly 4000 years ago, acupuncture stimulates specific points with a needle to allow free flow of the energy Qi in the human body. Started by David Palmer in 1890’s chiropractic used manipulation or adjustment of spine, bone and tissue to cure ailments.
In 1060’s Neal Miller demonstrated that autonomic nervous system can be trained to function as needed. Reiki meaning life force energy is known to have developed in Tibet and propagated by Japanese monk Mikao Usui in 1800’s. The therapy makes use of hypnosis to reach subconscious mind of the patient to create awareness of being whole and complete. A gift of Greeks to the world, Aromatherapy takes advantage of the therapeutic properties of essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers or trees to heal both body and mind.
Cancerous tumors take a long time to grow to a size that is large enough to be seen with medical diagnostic imaging. Naturopaths evaluate and treat very differently than conventional medical doctors, promoting the body's natural healing to achieve a natural cure as part of a holistic medicine approach. Progressively, as people become aware of this escapist logic, and demand a more thoughtful approach, they turn to alternative medicine and health practitioners. In several countries, natural practices are no longer marginal, but rather, are asserting themselves more and more as an essential alternatives, complementary to conventional methods, were it merely for the liberty of choice in therapy they provide for an increasing number of persons. But, without any true recognition of alternative medicines, the public voices its need to receive flawless professional services, in order to get meaningful guidance and to have a clear understanding of the over-abundant, and often dubious, natural information.
At the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, the vast majority of admission requests come from individuals having already experimented satisfactorily with one or more alternative therapies They want to learn more in order to better themselves and be of greater service to their families.
Just as people are suspicious of conventional medicine, future practitioners are suspicious of schools. There is a trending increase in the use of alternative and complementary medicine.  What this means is people are turning to other than traditional methods to treat or alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions. All of these treatments are designed to treat the whole person and encourage relaxation as well as lifestyle enhancements and changes.  The goal is to increase comfort and alleviate pain. Alternative medicine makes use of various natural herbs, massage techniques, diets, and therapies not just to cure illnesses but also to prevent occurrence of various ailments. For 200 years homeopathy has been able to address various diseases successfully using pills or medicinal drops which are exclusively prepared with extracts of herbs and chemical substances.

More than alternative medicine Ayurveda is a way of life which is aimed at improving mental, social, physical and spiritual well being of a person. Biofeedback made quick progress and today monitoring instruments are used to provide patients with information that they are unaware of and treat diseases like headaches, stress, addictions, insomnia, and high blood pressure effectively. It is a hands-on healing therapy which channelizes universal life force which is present in living things to balance the life force energy of the body. It takes the person to the inner world to bring forth changes in the body through mind, by altering thoughts, behaviors and attitude towards life. The essential oils also posses’ antibacterial, antiseptic and other healing properties which can be absorbed by the skin to provide relief. Though practiced by Greek physicians, it was Vincenz Priessnitz who popularized it in modern times.
Conventional medicine and natural alternative medicine often have diverse views in restoring the weakened body back to health.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. They have been replaced with chronic illnesses that take lives slowly and insiduously, rather than suddenly. They know that a good school must be opened to the world and not tethered to a master's quest for notoriety and power. According to present trends, in 2010, that proportion would be two in three.In France, one out of every two individuals make use of alternative medicines. Many people opt for alternative medicine when mainstream medicine fails to address their issue effectively as in certain types of cancer, diabetes, allergies, or chronic back pain.
It is the oldest existing system of medicine which was developed by ancient sages of India nearly 5000 years ago.
It is said that blockage of this energy is what causes all types physical and mental ailments. How each type of medicine identifies healing will establish the method of choice for treating the symptom. With this type of fast the person is receiving important nutrients but is giving the digestive system a much needed rest. In a context viewed as increasingly oppressive, punctuated with health scandals, the need to feel listened to and to be paid proper attention have come to light. This slow death goes relatively unnoticed, its symptoms (or dis-ease) being judged too insignificant or too ordinary to be taken into account by the medical world. It often comes from a passion, a need to give, to heal others and to be of service to the community.

The education must remain scientific (in the sense that it is explainable and logical) and opened to various care techniques. Our students must gain not only knowledge in various fields, but also nourish a passion for learning, in order to continuously better themselves during their studies and afterwards, during their entire lives. According to oncologists, 60% of their patients turn to complementary medicines to help endure chemotherapy or improve quality of life. Ayurveda tries to balance the life forces, as it believes that imbalance of these forces causes’ diseases. Whirlpool baths, sitz baths and other buoyant mediums are used to move bodies easily without much stress. Let's look at an example of an autoimmune disease such as cancer and the differences in treatment between conventional and alternative medicine. These therapies are destructive to the tissues and do not encourage the body to utilize its natural healing capabilities.
Naturopathic doctors encourage the body's intrinsic, natural healing capabilities and supports weaknesses.
Juice fasting is more comfortable than a water fast and is easier to incorporate into one’s schedule. There is also a need to inform and educate ourselves, either for personal benefit or to make a practitioner calling become a reality. There are also students from medical and paramedical fields, disillusioned at their practices, coming to learn a new approach. Standard medicine is mainly based on physiology to diagnose and treat the symptoms of disease. These therapies can be administered at any time to the patient without causing weakening effects. But without tackling the underlying causes, unbalance persists and ends up manifesting as well catalogued organic illnesses.
It utilizes four underlying assumptions: disease exists as entities, disease can be identified (diagnosis), disease entities can be eliminated (treatment), and evidence is produced, and is based on the application of drug therapy or surgery that constitutes appropriate and effective treatment.
What follow-up is offered during training?The Alternative Medicine College of Canada built this site to answer all these questions, and to provide you with all the information you require to make an enlightened choice.

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