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For some time now I have notice that people are paying more and more attention to take care of their body, whether they are ill or healthy. We are also quite aware, that next to official medicine in daily practice, we also have available other possibilities, how to treat our body. Alternative treatment is about preconceptions which way of treatment if more useful and also considers how to make treatment more effective than the official medicine. I think is always good to look up all possibilities there are, before you decided for any treatment. In my post today I will briefly introduce each of the above mentioned treatments and methods (in fallowing posts that will come, I will wrote more about each alternative treatment).
Thus today’s doctors have a huge knowledge, which allows them to predict certain course of disease treatment and to subscribe appropriate drugs for each stage in which disease is developing. In Chinese medicine, and thus also in the acupuncture our health is defined with human ability to maintain a harmonious internal environment.
Treatment includes monitoring of the critical points at energy channels, named also meridian, usually through the chaff with the needles on the certain places. Conventional surface treatments are: forearms, hands, lower part of legs and feet, sometimes also the back, although acupuncture points are all over the body. The patient could feel when needle enter the body, but afterwards when needle goes deeper, patient feels nothing. Acupuncture needles are full and thin, long from 12 mm to 10 cm, and goes in to 6 mm, or even deeper.
Needles remain in for about few seconds or could be also ztill one hour, depend from disorder and acupuncture method.
If is necessary, a therapist can carry our also a physical examination, which is often focused on certain parts of the body). When we talk about beginning of chiropractic, we shouldn’t forget Hippocrates (450-375 BC) which is known after his work on the conclusions about spinal manipulation methods, described as »the most efficient among mechanical medicine«. Today the World chiropractic Association (WFC) brings together organizations from more than 78 countries. The President of Life Chiropractic College wrote: “Chiropractic with the spinal subluxation correction with normalization of backbone in biomechanics and with removing neurological barriers, allows the body to cure with its own vital forces”. Homeopathy – is more than 200 year old method of treatment, based on the law of similarity. Homeopathy comes from the word – homoios, which means similar and pathos means suffering. Homeopathic medicines boost defense mechanisms and immune system; therefore we could be healed with natural way.

Homoeopath prescribes medicine to a patient, after he’s done with a long and thorough discussion with the patient.
Used as a rule is also, that homeopath subscribes only one medicine to treat the complex problems of individual patient.
Homeopathy cannot cure the diseases which have arisen from irreversible defects in the functioning of the body or bodies. One good example is children’s diabetes, where there has been a complete termination of the cells that produce insulin in the pancreas, and unfortunately in these cases homoeopath cannot help it.
Homeopathy does not treat the problems that they can be eliminated only with the operation.
If the body still retains part of the function, then the possibility to improve the situation still exists. Homeopathy can help if there was a disturbance at a functional level, such as depression, phobias, anxiety, and hyperactivity. However, if the cause of the disease is organic nature, then there is not much to do to improve it. With those healing medicines, which in healty people eliciting certain signs or symptoms, homeopathic is treating ill person with similar difficulties. So like this, union (Allium cepa) is used as a homeopathic medcine for the form of acute coryza or in hay fever.Those who have try to smoke know, that with drag of the first cigarete you get a dizzy feeeling and nausea. Thus, the tobacco (Tabaccum) is used as a treatment forvertigo and to treat weakness.For homoeopath symptoms are not disease, but is only manifestation of internal disturbances, which helps to choose the proper medicine, which then often acts on the whole body.
Vaginal dryness affects a large number of women going through perimenopause, and there are many alternative medicines to treat this.
It is caused primarily by a hormonal imbalance which leads to changes in consistency of the fluid in vaginal walls.
Although it is an issue that women often wish not to discuss with their doctors, it is worth making an appointment if vaginal dryness is causing a problem in your daily life or relationships. Treatments for vaginal dryness include lifestyle changes, alternative medicines, and medications and surgery. In addition to lifestyle changes, alternative medicines may be an effective way of dealing with vaginal dryness.
Explore the articles below for further information regarding the different vaginal dryness treatments available. Vaginal dryness is an uncomfortable and distressing menopausal symptom, especially for women who enjoy a healthy sex life. Acupuncture examination includes overall of patient tongue and pulse – touched on both wrists.

Real homoeopath takes into account three principles: the law of similarity, potentiation and patient individuality. The leaves have been used in alternative medicine and other medical systems to treat asthma, angina pectoris, peripheral vascular disease, and coronary artery disease.
Although this problem can occur at any age, it is most common during the menopausal period.
Childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause may all trigger this problem, and in order to find effective treatment, it is important to understand the symptoms.
This is used to clean the vagina by a liquid preparation, and is known for disrupting the chemical balance and leading to irritation and dryness.
Some women suffer from an autoimmune disease, where the immune system causes dryness by attacking healthy tissue. Anti-estrogen medications as well as those for colds, allergies, and antidepressants are all known to decrease moisture in the body and can be a reason for vaginal dryness.
For vaginal dryness, it is important to rebalance the body's hormones and estrogen levels, which can be achieved with different methods. Maintaining an active sex life ensures that blood continues to flow to the pelvic area and nourish all the vaginal cells. These are the two types of herbs most commonly used for treating menopause symptoms and an imbalance in estrogen levels. Both silicone and water-based products are available to increase lubrication and can make a big difference, especially during intercourse. He defines chiropractic as a scientifically validate treatment method, which is specialized in the treatment of problems with the nervous-muscular-skeletal systems.
Continue reading to find out about symptoms and causes of vaginal dryness during menopause. Finding the right balance with your partner can both help decrease the discomfort and ease vaginal dryness. Phytoestrogenic herbs, such as black cohosh and dong quai, introduce additional hormones to the body which may reduce the body's natural hormone levels.
Hormone-regulating supplements don't contain any additional hormones, and thus, they are healthier for nourishing your glands and allowing your body to better produce hormones naturally.

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