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Tree for Two: George Winston will perform what he calls the first real duet of his career when he shares the bill with Wei-Shan Liu at the Five Branches benefit concert Friday. Turns out the iconic and heavily Santa Cruz-connected pianist and guitarist is full of surprises, as he'll demonstrate when he plays a benefit concert for the Five Branches Institute on May 28. Even die-hard fans may not know that Winston has long been a supporter of alternative medicine, having first discovered it in the late '70s when he started getting acupuncture. Before 1974, practitioners of Chinese medicine in this country could be thrown in jail--even an accredited Chinese doctor. If you walk into a Chinese hospital, you will find an acupuncture and herbology department right next to the surgery and MRIs. Ron Zaidman, co-founder of Five Branches, says that integrated approach is an important part of the Five Branches program and philosophy. He reports that lately, however, he's been listening exclusively to Chinese and Mongolian music.
This last revelation is particularly momentous because according to Winston, this may be the first "real duet" he's ever done at one of his concerts. George Winston will perform with special guest Wei-Shan Liu on Friday, May 28, at 8pm at the First Congregational Church, 900 High St., Santa Cruz.

Another study that's going on here is looking at the effectiveness of music in promoting healthy growth in premature babies. So a number of studies going on here: We've recently finished another study looking at the impact of healing touch, which is a very gentle touch kind of therapy for children undergoing therapy and a similar study in adults, both showing that this can help decrease anxiety and improve an overall sense of well-being and sleep.
When it comes to health and prevention of illness, we simply don't all see things the same way, or believe in the same things, for our own reasons. This meetup, Alternative Health & Wellness is for those who have questions and want to learn about what else might be available.
Not coincidentally, acupuncture is one of the branches of Chinese medicine taught at Five Branches, which has become known as the best place to learn Chinese medicine outside of China.
As a guitarist, he drew his initial inspiration from slack key masters as well as American folk music, pre-war country blues and his friend John Fahey.
He also says that Liu has been a considerable influence on his own music and that the two will perform some duets. Having caught the two of them performing in San Francisco last week, I have to say that the rare combination of the steel-string acoustic with the gu-zheng is certainly a treat for the ears. Kathi Kemper, the Carol Guth chair for integrative medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

We're also looking at the impact of parent-provided massages on overall well-being in pediatric patients. People must be actively involved in the search for programs unique to their special needs, regardless of other peoples beliefs. Winston is helping the school celebrate its celebrate its 20-year anniversary with the upcoming show.
Stanford Medical School has recently expressed interest in sending its students into rotation programs at Five Branches. I'm delighted to tell you that we have many ongoing research projects dealing with complementary therapies for children and adults at Wake Forest. According to a 1997 survey by the Journal of the American Medical Association, more appointments were made with alternative medical practitioners than with Western physicians. Tom McLean looking at the effectiveness of Sea-Bands, those are the little elastic bands that go around the wrist that some people use when they're going deep sea fishing or whale watching or that kind of thing out on boats, and we're looking at whether those are helpful in treating nausea in children getting chemotherapy.

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