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Rheumatic diseases are chronic inflammatory diseases which are characterized by inflammation and loss of function of one or more connecting or supporting structures of the body.
Therapies for rheumatic diseases do not cure the disease but it reduces pain and inflammation, while ensuring optimal joint function.
According to a recent study on knee osteoarthritis, acupuncture also helps in pain and physical dysfunction to relieve muscle tightness.
Cold therapy produces numbness effect on nerves which may reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. From a variety of heat and cold therapies for rheumatoid arthritis patients, it was concluded that “thermotherapy can be used as a palliative therapy or as an adjunct therapy combined with exercises.” Most people have question that what’s better ice or heat. For people with osteoarthritis, a recent study has suggested chiropractic treatment combined with heat reduced lower back pain. According to the American College of Rheumatology’s guidelines for osteoarthritis, topical analgesics such as methylsalicylate or capsaicin cream may be effectual by themselves to allay joint pain, or they can be added on to other treatments. Note: It is necessary to consult with your rheumatologist or your doctor before you make a decision to go the alternative therapy. There are many treatments that are regularly used for patients diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The idea of physiotherapy and other methods is to try and relieve at least some of the symptoms that are caused by the condition. MOVEMENT of the limb affected by CRPS can try to be restored by using muscle strengthening exercises, gentle movement and some exercises for the whole of the body – learning to cope with the condition in your life (See the Burning Nights blog on COPING STRATEGIES). The Occupational Therapist (OT) could help give you tips and to learn different ways to do everyday things and activities – do this by pacing your daily activities over the whole day, so you do not become as tired. DESENSITISATION TECHNIQUES – most of you with CRPS who have been to physio’s around the country or in fact the world will have been told about desensitisation and how important it is. EXERCISE – don’t try and do exercise without a physio or an OT because you will need to be shown which exercises are good for you and your affected limb but they can also offer support and encouragement.
AQUA (WATER) THERAPY – If you are able to tolerate water then this is a good form of therapy so that you become weightless in the water thereby enabling you to do exercises that would ordinarily be difficult outside of the water. TENS THERAPY – This is a small device with small stickable pads that you can use outside of your body to give you a form of stimulation to try and reduce the pain you are feeling.
There is no specific medicine for CRPS so they are taken from other conditions such as epileptic drugs, anti-depressants etc. If you begin a new medication and you become dizzy or disorientated or even nauseous and vomiting please TELL your doctor immediately as they may have to alter the dose or change the drug altogether. NON-STEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (NSAIDS) – these are used for the moderate pain that may be present.
N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) – These are drugs such as Ketamine OR IV Magnesium – See Below and Connolly, S. CAPSAICIN – (chilli base) This can be a topical cream, infusion, nasal spray, patch (eg.
These are injections put into the affected limb or extremity and are done usually by a pain specialist.
EPIDURALS – This tends to be done at the early onset of the condition as studies have shown both injection form and also a temporary or semi-permanent epidural where you remain in hospital and you would be numb from the waist downwards.
INTRATHECAL DRUG PUMPS – These are placed in the spine and gives medication through the spinal fluid. PATIENT CONTROLLED ANALGESIA (PCA) – This is very similar to the Intrathecal Drug Pump but the drugs involved are either delivered continuously or you are able to push a button thereby giving yourself more medication when you require it. DORSAL ROOT GANGLION STIMULATION (DRG) – Dorsal Root Ganglion is a small bundle of nerves that are involved in sending pain messages to the brain. Many chronic pain patients who may have been affected by Post Stroke Pain or may have even had a stroke and are struggling with walking.
In a 2013 randomized, multicenter, double-blind, crossover, sham-controlled trial done by Hosomi, K. Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment is considered a painless, drug-free device that blocks the pain message from the brain over a series of daily treatments. They have achieved positive outcomes in 80% of cases, meaning that the pain has been significantly reduced to a 1-3 on the Universal Pain Scale or, often completely eliminated. Most people who have been diagnosed with CRPS often have problems associated with the condition such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, general stress – all of these psychological aspects won’t help the pain from that you get from the condition. You may find it hard to relax, unable to cope or find that you don’t get support from family and even friends. DID YOU KNOW BURNING NIGHTS CRPS SUPPORT HAS WRITTEN A SERIES OF BLOGS ON PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENTS? These are programmes where you will need to be referred to either by your Pain Specialist or GP. Please ask your Pain Specialist or GP if they can refer to a PMP near your own home – it may help you deal with CRPS.
There are many treatments that are fairly new but are not used very often due to funding issues, availability and other contributing factors. HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT) – This form of treatment is often used in patients who have MS.
KETAMINE (oral or infusion)– In some patients ketamine has been used to treat CRPS pain where other treatments have not be successful. If a patient with CRPS has their pain relieved by sympathetic nerve blocks, then specialists may consider a surgical sympathectomy, which is an operation to cut or remove some of the nerves. This operation is very rarely used as there are specialists who believe the symptoms of CRPS may become worse in the patient. Some people and professionals do not agree with the different typical treatments used for patients with CRPS and often try different alternative therapies to aid the symptoms.

Acupuncture or Acupressure – Acupuncture is now also seen as safe and effective for children (Whiteman, H. Orthotics (Podiatry) – This could help you if your CRPS is in your lower limbs and you are having trouble with mobility, problems with fitting in shoes etc.
Diets specifically aimed at CRPS patients – It will vary and alter depending on each person but it would be considered nutritionally high reducing any inflammation or selling you may have as a result of CRPS. There is no specific diet aimed solely for CRPS, however there are diets aimed at the anti-inflammatory properties in foods. HOWEVER – There are some foods that are not recommended to be eaten when living with chronic pain by Healthcare professionals. IMPORTANT *** Please speak to your specialist, GP, doctor or healthcare professional before trying anything new or different to your usual regime. Omega-3 fatty acids found in foods like nuts and fish help with brain development and function. According to many parents, children with autism who eat a gluten and casein-free diet show improvements in behavior.
Consult with your child’s doctor or dietician for more information on special diets and supplements that may help treat autism.
Chemicals such as lead and cadmium can have heightened negative effects on children with autism. An infrared sauna works by clearing away toxins and allowing the body to better regulate itself. Here at Sunlighten we care deeply about the effects of autism on children, and are big supporters of both the National Autism Association and alternatives therapies for children with autism.
For more on how Sunlighten’s far infrared therapy and Acoustic Resonance Therapy can help with autism, we encourage to check out this family’s testimonial. This entry was posted by Sunlighten on April 7, 2015 at 12:54 pm, and is filed under Saunas.
Read out some therapies that may be helpful for reducing pain, improving flexibility, and even halting development of disease. However, alternative therapies can also provide temporary pain relief and improve mobility in rheumatic diseases.
Some studies have shown that pretend [sham] acupuncture, where they stick needles in random places, seems to work, so it’s hard to distinguish whether it’s acupuncture or a placebo effect,” added by brown. Paraffin wax, microwaves, ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and moist heat are examples of heat therapy.
Cold therapy can involve cold packs, ice massage, soaking in cold water, or over-the-counter sprays and ointments that cool the skin and joints. Calvin Brown, MD, a professor of medicine in the division of rheumatology at Northwestern University in Chicago said, “The truth is we don’t know that one is better than the other. Meditation, progressive tensing then relaxing of muscles, and breathing exercises are involved in relaxation therapy, which can relax muscles and relieve pain.
Andrew Wong, MD, chief of rheumatology and program director at UCLA Medical Center said, “I think that chiropractic care has a place in overall arthritis care and management, [especially treatments that] overlap with what physiotherapists do. However there is NO ONE TREATMENT specifically designed for CRPS at this moment, although there are trials going ahead around the world for a specific treatment.
When you first go to physiotherapy do ask them if they have had any experience of people with CRPS as this will make a difference as to how they approach things with you. This is done by using different textures to gently rub at the beginning, on your CRPS affected limb. There is also the possibility of using a hydrotherapy pool where the water is a lot warmer than a usual pool and can help with the problem of being sensitive to temperature changes. However, there is very important thing to point out, that is doctors, specialists and healthcare professionals recommend that you NEVER PUT ICE or any cold therapy on the limb that has been affected by CRPS. The cost is in the region of ?15,000 and so you would have a trial stimulator put in for a few days, weeks or a few months and then if the trial is successful for you in reducing your pain and symptoms then they will implant the full SCS. They control when sensations can enter your spinal cord and you will find there is a DRG in every section of bone in your spine.
There is usually no surgery involved in this sort of treatment but it may involve many sessions following the initial one. It can be given along any of your pain pathways which for example include the exterior of the brain membranes (the medical terminology for this is ‘motor cortex stimulation with dural electrodes’), the areas of your brain that control pain (the medical terminology is ‘deep brain stimulation’) and near to nerves that have been injured (the medical terminology is ‘peripheral nerve stimulators’). It uses several small electrodes, similar to an EKG (or ECG in UK), to transmit as pain-blocking message to the brain.
Dr Cooney administers every treatment session himself, so there is excellent continuity for knowing not only you but also your case history.
All of things are perfectly normal to feel if you have been diagnosed with CRPS and also for anyone with chronic pain.
The trial of only 13 patients who had been diagnosed with CRPS and had not responded to other treatment were involved in this study.
This drug is actually an anaesthetic and there have been studies where patients with CRPS were given ketamine in low doses intravenously for a few days. However you MUST talk to your GP or pain specialist BEFORE embarking on a new diet as it may have an effect on your medication. Try not to fry food and if you do use an oil spray which are now widely available in supermarkets. When used with traditional therapies such as applied behavioral analysis (ABA), alternative therapies can help correct many behaviors in children with autism. Trouble sleeping can worsen autistic behaviors and lead to other developmental and health issues.
Several small studies suggest that omega-3 supplements can lessen autistic behaviors such as hyperactivity and repetition while also improving social skills.

Music therapists design tailored treatment programs to stimulate positive brain responses in children with autism and reduce negative symptoms.
It recruits both hemispheres of the brain to help stabilize thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Fetuses are exposed to alarmingly high concentrations of toxins proportional to body weight, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism have steadily risen since the 1980s.
After a half hour of exposure, body temperature can increase by 2 to 3 degrees, which research suggests promotes positive behavior in children with autism. To help support the National Autism Association, we will also donate a portion of our proceeds in the month of April to help fund the NAA’s efforts. Rheumatic diseases especially affect joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles of the body. Each treatment plan which is designed by a physician should be distinctively modified to the patient’s type of rheumatic disease, and also the severity of the disease. Alternative therapies for rheumatic diseases include acupuncture, meditation, and hot and cold therapies. It is also suggested by the professionals that physio is used together with other treatments given to patients with CRPS, such as medication, alternative treatments, implanted devices. It can cause symptoms to come on faster and can even cause frostbite if the ice is held on too long – See Nishikawa, M.
Doctors will try different medicines that would suit the symptoms you have, as there is a large list of drugs that are available.
If you feel that you are becoming either tolerant or dependent do TELL your doctor or specialist so they can help you straight away. Some people with CRPS or chronic pain say that these blocks can give them some temporary relief from their pain and other symptoms they may have connected to CRPS or other chronic pain conditions.
Before you are considered for an SCS you have to go through a full psychological assessment.
DRG stimulation uses implanted equipment under your skin in your spine to send mild electrical impulses to the area of the DRG in your spine. New research has comprised of using magnetic currents that are directed to the exterior part of the brain – the current name for this treatment is ‘rTMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation’.
In fact in a majority of occasions it will intensify the pain feeling and it tends not to help the sufferer cope with everything associated with CRPS nor does it help people rehabilitate. The groups that you will become part of don’t tend to be large instead they have around 6-8 people in similar situations like yourself.
However there have been several studies done that discuss the use of HBOT with patients who have chronic pain including CRPS patients, but very few in the last few years. The end result was that those who had been given the IVIG had found that there was a decrease in their pain scores. Recent studies have shed light on the benefits of three approaches: nutritional therapy, music therapy, and infrared therapy. In various studies, melatonin supplements have helped relieve insomnia and improve sleep quality in children with autism.
Learning to play music activates multiple areas of the brain responsible for speech, sensory perception, and fine motor skills. Music therapy fosters a strong bond between child and therapist, which, in turn, encourages a child to interact positively with family, friends, and peers.
After using an infrared sauna, many parents report a noticeable reduction in these symptoms. The infrared waves also improve circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the brain. And for those who want to participate in traditional music therapy, our saunas are also equipped with either a CD player with MP3 input or a DVD player with a 7-inch LCD screen.
Both may be effective for some, although effects are moderate, and some studies have shown little to no benefit. Capsaicin, an ingredient found naturally in chile peppers, has been shown to relieve pain for many people. This is something that we hope will eventually change to help sufferers with this debilitating condition.
Then as you gradually are able to tolerate the textures try and rub slightly harder until you can tolerate the different textures and therefore stop causing you to feel any pain.
Electrodes are put on the spinal cord and a battery pack is inserted at the front of your body under your skin in the abdomen region. They teach you ways of coping with your CRPS or chronic pain, try and improve your quality of life and also learn techniques for better sleep.
However the specialists have not recommended ketamine for many people as the drug can induce what is known as Ketamine Bladder. Music therapy has also been shown to improve focus and mitigate aggressive behavior in children with autism. The American Music Therapy Association can help you find a professional music therapist who can adapt to your child’s needs.
Patients go and have Calmare Pain Therapy treatment from as far away as Australia and South Africa. You would be breathing 100% oxygen at a higher than normal atmospheric pressure, whereas the usual air we breathe everyday has around 21% oxygen.

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