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We all know the story of why chemotherapy and radiation are not the best choices for cancer, especially advanced cases.
Corinne came to Hope4Cancer Institute in February 2013 with a case of Stage IV breast cancer that had spread to the bones.
It may seem odd to read that I am thankful that the PET scan indicated metastases to my bone, thus putting me at Stage IV cancer; but I do feel thankful because it required me to look at alternative treatments more seriously.
I went to Hope4Cancer in February 2013 and had my CA 15-3 cancer marker of 194 (normal range for the CA 15-3 is zero to 35).
For 18 months Lori Lober tried to find an explanation as to why she intuitively felt something was wrong with her body. When I first heard Lori’s story, I had to sit back and take in what she was telling me. Lori shares intimate details in this interview, as she goes on record to explain why she has opted out of breast reconstruction surgery after a double masectomy. Cancer Cure and Survivor StoriesOur first collaborative book with ten amazing healing stories of sweet success over cancer! How I Cured My Tumor NaturallyA wonderful and very personal story of triumph over a massive, debilitating spinal tumor, by Dr.
This site exercises the 1st amendment right and is used for information and educational purposes only. Your health and wellness depends on your awareness and commitment to learn and follow through on keeping yourself healthy. United Patients Group, the leading medical cannabis information and education site is dedicated to providing the most professional and safe resource for Medical Cannabis information.
Whether you have Cancer, Chronic Pain, MS, Arthritis or Anxiety, we are committed to helping you navigate this ever changing industry. Physicians can now learn about Medical Cannabis through our online CME courses in Cannabinoid Therapeutics. 5 of 88Cannabis Research - The Time is NowIt is well established that medical cannabis has been a successful treatment in the battle against cancer and dozens of other health conditions and diseases. 8 of 88Doctor, What Is The Dose Of My Cannabis Medicine?With the current information age, it is very easy to find dosing information for any drug online. 10 of 88UPG Kicks Off the Season of Giving By Spearheading Education and ResearchThis has been such an incredible year of growth and change for us here at United Patients Group. 14 of 88Could Cannabis Be a Safer Alternative to ADHD Drugs?As the school year gets underway, many children, teens, and college students will struggle with sitting in class and paying attention. 15 of 88The Entourage Effect: Why Whole Cannabis Is BetterWhether you smoke it, eat it, vaporize it, or ingest it as an oil, the medicinal cannabis you put in your body contains many chemicals that work together to make you feel better. 17 of 88The Role of the Nurse in Cannabis Dosing and AdministrationWith 23 states and the District of Columbia now allowing medical cannabis use, more and more patients are looking to cannabis as a treatment option. 19 of 88How Cannabis Helps LupusLupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which your body can’t tell the difference between viruses, germs and bacteria and your body’s own healthy tissue. 20 of 88How Does Cannabis Help Menopause?Women of a certain age are all too familiar with the symptoms of menopause. 22 of 88"From Hospice to Healthy - Happy 82nd Birthday Dad!"Today marks yet another milestone for my father Stan Rutner – sometimes referred to as “The Miracle Man”. 27 of 88Hemp Utility Spans from Supplements to Batteries to BiofuelHemp is a remarkable plant that humans have used for thousands of years for everything from manufacturing to munchies to moisturizer to medicine.
28 of 88Cannabis Refugees: Why Anti-Marijuana Laws Are Uprooting LivesThe continued failure of the federal government to recognize the medicinal benefits of cannabis has created a refugee crisis.
29 of 88Why Nurses are Vital to the Medical Cannabis CommunityCannabis has been gaining momentum as a viable and safe medical treatment over the last several years. 34 of 88Salicinium: A Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Method that Tricks Cancer CellsIn order to understand what salicinium does, you need to know how cancer cells operate.
35 of 88Enzymes and Cancer: An Alternative Treatment Worth Exploring?Here at United Patients Group, we are always searching for alternative treatments that can augment or supplement mainstream cancer treatments.
36 of 88New Research Shows Essential Oils Can Kill Cancer CellsChinese researchers tested ten essential oils against three kinds of tumors. 38 of 88Doctors Weigh In - Medical Cannabis Dosing: Why Less May Be MoreMany medical cannabis patients take an overly aggressive approach to treatment.
39 of 88At Least One Issue Has Bipartisan Support: MarijuanaPolitical polarization has been a major obstacle to Congress getting anything done for years now.
40 of 88Do You Know the Difference Between Ketogenic and Alkaline Diets?At UPG, we get a lot of questions about diets and how they could benefit people living with serious ailments. 42 of 88Are Cannabinoids as Effective as Albuterol for Treating Asthma?Ongoing research is proving cannabis-based medications effective for safely treating a wide spectrum of medical conditions.
43 of 88Don't Judge Your Strain by Its NameThey say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but there’s not a lot of harm if you do—maybe you buy a boring book.
44 of 88Fighting Obesity and Diabetes with CannabisAlthough obesity is more prevalent in some demographics, it is lower in others—including regular users of cannabis. 45 of 88Cannabis Suppositories: Is the Posterior Superior?Suppositories are often the butt of many jokes and puns, but rectal administration of marijuana has many advantages.

46 of 88Is Cannabis the Solution to the Antibiotic-Resistant Staph and Superbug Crisis?In the United States, (MRSA) kills about 18,000 of the 94,000 people it infects each year. 47 of 88Is Cannabis a Gateway Drug or an Exit Drug?As we prepare to end the year, many people are thinking about which healthy changes they want to make in the new year.
48 of 88Continue Your Cannabis Education with United Patients GroupWe are thrilled to announce that United Patients Group is now offering online courses on a number of medical-cannabis-related topics. 50 of 88Fighting Depression Using Cannabis: Research shows less is more!The holiday season can be stressful for everyone. 51 of 88What Is Homeostasis and How Can Cannabis Help?We wish to thank everyone who attended our first cannabis patient conference, Medical Cannabis: The Science Behind the Hype. 53 of 88Top 5 Terpenes that Amplify the Healing Power of CannabisUnlike cannabinoids, terpenes are found in many plants; they’re the chemicals that give a plant its aroma and flavor.
55 of 88Why United Patients Group is considered, "The Virtual Hand of the Medical Marijuana Industry."We are often asked what we do for patients here at United Patients Group. 57 of 88Fibromyalgia: Big Pharma vs Medical CannabisThe estimated five million Americans coping with fibromyalgia are not use to hearing good news. 58 of 88How Cannabis Helps with Bipolar DisorderWhen we talk about the benefits of medical cannabis, we tend to focus on physical disorders: cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, etc. 59 of 88Should the Federal Government and FDA Be Sued for Murder?The federal government is allowing sick people to die when it knows that cannabis could save them. 60 of 88Why Decriminalization isn't Good EnoughTo say, “We have won once the Country decriminalizes cannabis,” would be to neglect her greater call. 61 of 88Cannabis Is More Than Skin DeepYou may have heard that your skin is your largest organ, and this is true.
68 of 88Surprising New Cancer Killer: FrankincenseMost people associate frankincense with the story of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.
70 of 88Heal Dental Problems Naturally with Oil PullingHere at United Patients Group, we’re always on the lookout for natural alternatives. 71 of 88Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil - How to and the benefits!Coconut oil has been growing in popularity among various groups of people for a while now. 73 of 88By Endorsing High-CBD Cannabis, New Legislation Will Do More Harm than GoodWord is out about the benefits of high-CBD medical cannabis. 74 of 88To Tell or Not To Tell?One question I come across often is “Should I tell my doctor?” My answer-it depends. 76 of 88United Patients Group - Seal of ApprovalWhat is a Seal of Approval and How Can I Get Approved?
77 of 88The Interesting Rise of Seniors within Medical MarijuanaMarijuana has been stereotypically associated with a younger crowd. 78 of 88Drug Testing 101Ronald Reagan passed an Executive Order in 1986 that mandated federal workers be drug-free on and off the job. 79 of 88Vitamin D and Breast CancerVitamin D regulates the flow of calcium into the bloodstream and is essential for normal bone development. 80 of 88Medical Marijuana: 10 Health Benefits That Legitimize LegalizationPrescription drugs kill about 100,000 people in the world each year. 83 of 88Medical Marijuana and Lyme Disease - Alexis' storyUnited Patients Group is happy to be here for all types of patients. 84 of 88Juicing For Life - Health Conditions and JuicingJuicing is the latest manifestation of a centuries-old health practice.
85 of 88Debunking MMJ DemographicsDespite society’s latest increase in approval over marijuana usage, stereotyping of marijuana users still exists. 86 of 88Field Guide to Marijuana and the WorkplaceSince the November election, we have been keeping a close eye on the legal status of medical and recreational-use marijuana. 87 of 88Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic Medicine is a unique and distinct system of health care that emphasizes the use of prevention and natural therapeutics. 88 of 88How Cannabis Affects the BrainHumans have been smoking marijuana for nearly 5,000 years and it has been used to treat a whole range of different ailments and illnesses.
More than 70 percent of melanomas develop in or near an existing mole or dark spot on your skin.
Exact causes of melanoma are not fully understood, but exposure to UV light from the sun or tanning beds increases your risk of developing it. Alternative treatments include nutrition therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, and physical therapy. Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. As the fastest growing consumer health information site a€” with over 40 million monthly visitors a€” Healthlinea€™s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. Get the latest health & wellness advice delivered straight to your inbox, and check out our other newsletters. Lori’s story shows that in the worst of situations and under the most dire of circumstances our spirit and the belief it holds is so powerful that it can overcome practically anything, and that includes Stage IV HER 2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer with liver and lymphatic system metastases. To watch her younger brother slip away to the very disease that was rising within her was almost too much for Lori to bear.

In no way is it meant to replace the care of your physician or to prevent or treat disease. Empowered Truth For YouBusting these 10 cancer myths can help bring light to cancer prevention, cancer treatment and cancer remission.Continue reading "10 Cancer Myths.
My articles are in offering to begin to dive deeper into awareness for understanding cancer on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Experts Say No.The idea behind cannabis testing is to keep patients safe from contaminants.
Gupta, "California Has Been a Refuge for Cannabis Patients for Nearly Two Decades"California has been a refuge for cannabis patients for eighteen years. Sanjay Gupta Sets Record Straight on CannabisWhen one of America’s most trusted and prominent doctors changed his stance in favor of marijuana last month, we at United Patients Group did a collective back-flip. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family. How could we have known without hearing these amazing stories that our spirit of healing is so magnificent? Out of the pain and the suffering she went through comes this beautiful light that shines on us all.
Her message rings clear to teach us that no matter what odds you are given, no matter what trials and tribulations are placed on your path, your indomitable spirit will pull you through. A Cancer Survivors Health JourneyDetox your body for cellular cleansing and vibrant holistic health. A Cancer Survivors Health Journey"Jun 03, 2015Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And MoreBenefits of laetrile a non- toxic cancer treatment.
Learn what it powerfully does to cancer cells!Continue reading "Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And More"Jun 02, 2015Cancer Prevention Diet.
Detect Cancer And Viral Infections EarlyLearn why getting nagalase test results can help you catch cancer and other disease before it becomes life threatening.Continue reading "Nagalase Test Results.
Cancer healing options that are non-toxic and bring your body back into balance to help you survive cancer.Continue reading "Alternative Cancer Treatment.
How to help avoid a cancer recurrence after surgery for cancer.Continue reading "Cancer Surgery.
Health choices from traditional to atternative breast cancer treatment.Continue reading "Advanced Breast Cancer. What Traditional Cancer Treatment Does Not Teach.Envision an increase in lung cancer survival rates. Lung cancer statistics can be transformed with focus and education.Continue reading "Lung Cancer Survival Rates. Body, Mind Wisdom and Effective Cancer Treatment.Gain expanded cancer knowledge beyond lung cancer stages.
Healthy, holistic healing options for all stages of lung cancer.Continue reading "Lung Cancer Stages. Healthy Nutrition Guidance A wellness diet cancer treatment offers nutritional balance and tools for healing cancer naturally.Continue reading "Diet Cancer Treatment. Creating Health WisdomCancer cure myths and expanded cancer awareness for healthy cancer prevention,cancer treatment and more.Continue reading "Cancer Cure Truths.
Physical, emotional and spiritual wellness insights to help in prevention and treatment of cancer.Continue reading "Prevent and Treat Cancer Diet. Why a healthy colon helps prevent cancer and is needed in cancer treatment as well.Continue reading "Colon Cancer Health Tips. Shifting inner & outer health paradigm to heal.Continue reading "Heal Cancer Symptoms Naturally.
Holistic alternative cancer treatment , insight and healing.Continue reading "What Is Cancer? Help prevent cancer and treat cancer with these stress reducing tips.Continue reading "Stress And Cancer. Help Prevent Cancer For Vibrant Living.Holistic diet nutrition health for help in cancer prevention, cancer treatment and chronic disease prevention. Help Prevent Cancer and Treat CancerVital nutrition for kids gives them a chance in childhood cancer prevention.
Remove toxic foods for cancer treatment also.Continue reading "Most Unhealthy Foods Linked To Cancer.
Why eating organic food helps in cancer prevention, chronic dis-ease and vibrant health!Continue reading "Organic Food Health. Learn Tips and Tools.Many bone cancer treatment options from alternative cancer treatment to conventional.

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