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BarOneEnergy is proud to be an independent consultant with the finest and most respected retail energy provider in the country, Ambit Energy.
No cost to upgrade!Nothing changes for the customer Your utility company remains your utility company.
When you’re saving money on a bill you have to pay for a service you can’t live without, it’s natural to want to help others save money, too. Ambit Energy rewards every customer who refers just 15 others to Ambit’s service by giving a rebate (either by check or by account credit) equal to the average of the supply costs of the referred customers.
And, through this outstanding home-based business, we build an unlimited stream of residual income simply by helping others save money on a bill they have to pay for a service none of us can live without.

When we realized that we had found a way to get paid every month for helping our friends and neighbors save money on a bill we all have to pay, it felt like an answer to our prayers!
Now, while we work hard in our restaurants, we also have a fantastic home-based business that’s building a stream of residual income that’s life-changing. This creates tremendous opportunity for those with the vision to take advantage of what Warren Buffet has called the greatest transfer of wealth in American history. From the dining room table to the board room table, energy costs are impacting the bottom line at home and at work. Watch the following brief videos and then contact us directly and let us know what you liked the best!

It’s a powerful opportunity for the right people so let us help you get your questions answered fast!

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