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You might have read about the handful model of latest innovation for Electric Vehicles, but Sharp comes in with a new innovation that will make you think twice before getting a larger EV batteries for storing green energy for your home.
Sharp’s latest Intelligent Power Conditioner concept will allow EV users to use their EV batteries as storage batteries for home.
In addition, the charge controller in the Intelligent Power Conditioner was able to deliver 4 kWh of energy to recharge the electric vehicle battery pack in approximately 30 minutes. First and foremost thing before going for a Solar power plant is the knowledge about your load.
Capacity: Capacity of the inverter is the maximum load that you can be connected with the inverter. Other features: Unlike normal inverters, solar inverters have many unique features to make it more energy efficient and to tap the maximum benefits from the solar panels.
Maximum Solar energy benefit: Solar inverters charge battery bank with the power output from Solar panels during daytime.
Programmable Controls: Modern solar inverters facilitates programmable energy control system. When sufficient output available from Solar panels to charge the battery, it will be sensed by the intelligent automatic transfer switch and routed to battery.
Here grid tied inverters can not be used as a backup device as in the case of off line inverters. Solar- Wind hybrid inverters have separate input terminals to tap the energy from wind turbine and Solar panels.
Yes, you can run the equipment like fans, LED lights, pumps etc directly without using battery, but as the output of Solar panels are not steady due to clouds, bad weather etc, it’s not advisable to run the appliances which require stable voltage.
You won’t get a single solar panel to meet the whole power requirement, for that you have to use the suitable combination of multiple panels as per the specification of your system. If you are planning to install a 1 Kilo Watt plant, then have to go for Five 200 Watts 12 Volts panels and connect the same in parallel. Conversely,if temperature come down below 25 Degree, the opposite action take places, means power increases according to the same ratio. Power tolerance of a Solar Panel is the range of upward or downward variation of power generated  with respect to the Standard Power Output.
Single Crystalline Solar panels of Mono Crystalline Solar panels are the panels which are made of Mono Crystalline Silicon. As Monocrystalline solar panels are made with pure grade of Silicon, efficiency of these type these type of panels are very high, typically 15 to 20%. Long life- Life of the Mono crystalline panels are very high as compared with other type of panels. Battery requirement of a Solar power plant is depends upon the Solar Panel wattage and inverter capacity. To get the maximum output from solar panels, it must be positioned at a suitable angle as per the geographical location.
As per MNRE specifications A solar panel must give minimum 90% output upto 10 years and 80% output after 25 Years. For a typical 1 Kilowatt Solar power plant, minimum 100 Square feet shadow free plane area is essential.
These Android application will help you to decide the size of home solar power plant as per your energy requirement. Efficiency – the ration of input solar energy to output electric energy is very much poor in world’s most efficient solar panel. Solar charge controller or charge regulator is an essential requirement for a solar energy system. Normally people prefer roof mounting because of space constraints and availability of shadow free area.
I am planning to build a home in the Philippines and Solar power for me and my family would seem the best option due to high electricity costs, Am planing to have theses in our home. I wish to be using solar all the time 24hrs per day with batteries for night time use, but also have the reinsurance of a grid for backup and also to feed back non usage, would this be possible? Sir, I want to purchase solar inverter system for use 2 fan and 3 tube light,,, I belong with village of dist- baghpat ,,, I want purchase with govt subsidy.. In the concept trials, Sharp has proven that using battery pack of consumer type of EV is capable to supply about 8kW of power, which should be more than enough for electrical appliances in an average household with a pair of parents and three kids. Schiano3,1, Eric Paulos2 1 Computer Science Energy ConsumptionPercent of the average home’s energy consumption is for heating and cooling rooms. Don’t think about running Electric motors, Refrigerators, Air conditioners etc in a Solar power plant.
It is very much important to know the basic features and specifications of a Solar inverter.
For example if the capacity of a Solar inverter is 1 Kilowatt, you can connect maximum 1 KW load to that inverter.

A typical 1 Kilowatt Home solar power plant takes five to six hours for charging the battery.
In solar inverters the additional part is solar charge controller and associated switching circuits. Several firms are offering Solar Charge Controllers  along with Automatic Transfer Switch which can couple the Solar panels with your existing inverter and battery.
Here the DC output from solar panel is converted to AC and coupled with the grid through a special type of energy meter known as Netmeter. Charge controllers and regulators of Solar and wind turbines are different, hence separate charge controllers, regulators and associated switching circuits work as a bridge.
In series connection the voltage of individual panels get added up and current (Wattage) Remains same. One important thing you must keep in mind that a 200 Watt panel cannot give exact 200 Watt power always. These type of panels  consist of layers of photovoltaic materials about 10 nm thick compared with 200- to 300-nm layers for crystalline-silicon cells.
Vendors may supply substandard mild steel mounting, which will be rusted rusted and collapsed within a couple of years.
A 1 Kilowatt solar power plant requires an inverter with a power rating of minimum 1 Kilowatt or more. These batteries are of deep discharge type designed to charge rapidly and can be discharged utpo the minimum level. Earth’s position of sun varies through out the year, but changing the angle of Solar panels Every time in accordance that is not practicable.
In lab environments maximum achieved energy efficiency is 40% only, but which is far away from the real world situations. Here direct beam consists 90% of the solar energy.  Solar tracker is a mechanical system which keeps the solar panels always facing towards sun .
I want to run 4 rub lights,3 ceiling fans, 1 TV.please suggest me the best inverter and suitable batteries high back up. I want up to 6 Bulbs, 3 fans, TV and mobiles charge facilities .Sir please advise me what type of solar panels i have to choose and also inverters ,battery etc price and installation charges.
However if you want a completely off the grid solution for multiple reasons, can go for high capacity plants (2 KW to 5 KW) . Fortunately most of the leading solar inverter firms are supplying sine wave inverters only in solar segment. If  you are not completely drain out the battery during night time, it will take much less time to charge the battery full during the next day. Apart from the battery terminals solar inverters have two additional terminals to connect solar panels of suitable rating. Whenever the solar output falls below the rated voltage, mains input from inverter will be used for battery charging. Your winter and summer electricity requirements considerably varies hence the average electricity usage of of the whole year can give a fair usage value. Normally low wattage panels (Upto 100Watts) comes with 12 Volt output and High Wattage panels comes with 24 Volts output. For example if you connect two 100 Watts 12 Volt solar panels in series (Positive terminal of the first panel to the negative terminal of second panel) , the net voltage will be 24 Volts but the power remains same (100Watts). You can use series- parallel combination of multiple panels to meet  desired voltage and power requirement.
The rated power inscribed on the panel is on Standard Testing Conditions, in practical field conditions, it can go down. For a specified power output, space required by these panels are considerably less than thin film and Poly Crystalline panels. Due to poor efficiency these type of panels are not used for home solar energy applications. You have the choice of Powder coated Mild steel, Galvanized Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless steel mountings. If you have a fixed mount, it is advisable to fix the panels at an angle which gives optimum output throughout in al seasons.
Solar panels can live even many more years than this 25 years mark, but the question you must ask after few years say five years how much power it can give. In case of roof mounting, the roof must  be strong enough to withstand the weight of mounting frame and panels apart from that, it must sustain strong wind also. Apart from the 30% Central Govt subsidy, many state govts offer additional subsidies and other special schemes to promote alternate energy usage.
Today, more than half of the nation’s homes are heated A Day In The Life Of The City Of The FutureIt is a bright cold day in April, and the walls are gently throbbing. Here if we take only the Lights and Fans (The most essential load), the system will be more economical.

If money permits, you can go upto 2KW also, anything beyond that for home usage won’t be economical. Once the battery gets fully charged in one or two hours, in normal solar inverters rest of the useful solar energy will be wasted. Whenever sufficient sunlight is available, the output from solar panel will be utilized for charging the battery, which can brings down your electricity bill. If your inverter is above 1 KV, naturally the input battery requirement will be 24 Volts or 48 Volts. Need not to mention that Stainless steel and Aluminium mountings are the best , especially if you are living in coastal area.
If you are worried about the maintenance of the battery bank, then it is advisable to go for maintenance free sealed lead acid batteries. For getting complete sunlight from sun’s East to West track, solar panels are required to be mounted south facing with angle of tilt as per the season.
For normal home solar energy plants, trackers are not necessary and it’s not value for money also. One thing you must keep in mind that, it will be difficult to get the subsidy after installation without prior approval from the concerned agencies. More the number of appliances less the backup time, hence it is better to keep the appliances minimum and tap the maximum backup time from the plant. If your requirement is to run one or two fans and two to three lights, then go for this system.
In some solar inverters once the battery is fully charged, the power conditioning circuitry automatically cut the mains supply and Solar Panel battery combination will power the devices through inverter.
Grid tied inverters convert the DC power input from Solar panels to AC and feed the same to utility grid through Netmeter. In India you can’t use these type of inverters because the grid system is not yet modified for this.
Now you have to calculate the size (wattage) of the Solar panels required to meet this energy requirement.
In the above quoted example you can use Six to Seven 200 Watts Solar panels are required to generate 1.25 KW  power for your complete energy requirement. Solar charge controllers couples the solar panels with battery by regulating the fluctuating output from solar panels.  A good charge controller prevent under and over charging of connected batteries. However in big solar plants (Mega watts range) it’s mandatory to extract the full benefit of the system. You have to purchase the items from the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable energy) empanelled vendors only.
A complete DC Solar energy system in this setup will cost you only Rs 25,000 to 35,000 including the cost of Battery, DC Fans and Lights. If your solar panel is generating more energy than your domestic requirement, the excess energy will be credited to the  grid, means you can sell the energy to the   utility grid. Here one thing you must keep in mind that, distribution or availability of solar energy is depends on the geographical locations.
In a sunny day if the temperature goes around 45 Degree Centigrade, the power output will be reduced by 10%. For a typical 1 Kilowatt Solar home power plant 24 Volts 300 Ah battery bank is considered ideal. It prevents the reverse current flow from battery to panels under poor sunlight conditions and night. List of Manufacturers empanelled under Capital Subsidy scheme implemented through NABARD (as on 16-06-2013).
Here the main advantage is you can completely avoid inverter and the energy loss due to the energy conversion.
In India a typical 1 HP , 500 W input 24 volt solar pumpset costs 35000 to 40000 without the cost of Solar panel and fittings. Additionally charge controllers give protection against battery and panel reverse polarity.
However if you want to run your TV, Music system and other appliances forget about this and go for the inverter based solar power plant.
A complete set can cost around Rs 1 Lakh.  These pump set can deliver around 1500 liters of water per hour on sunny days. Even though you don’t want to get the subsidy, it is highly advisable to get the system installed from these vendors because they strictly comply with the necessary performance and technical standards.

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