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One of the most unique aspects of Ayurveda is its cleansing and rejuvenation program known as Pancha karma (PK). IDEALLY THIS TREATMENT IS TO PREVENT DISEASE, BUT IF DISEASE IS PRESENT THEN REMOVING THE BUILD UP OF ACCUMULATION AND AGGRAVATION IN THE TISSUES IS NECESSARY. INCLUDES: Drop off and pick up from Airport, Ayurvedic Consultation, Accommodation (there are 4 bungalows on the Ranch), All Cleansing Meals and Detox Teas. A Consultation is to view how you slept the night before, how is your digestion, how are your organs flowing with getting rid of toxins, and touching on your emotional field. Drink plenty of pure water, soothing herbal teas (without caffeine -) and fresh, organic fruit juices. Phone, Skype or Personal Appointment made two weeks after Panchakarma is completed for follow up.
UDVARTANA Body Scrub: Vigorous scrubbing treatment using a cleansing herb which cleanses and detoxifies the body…This treatment purifies the system and is a beneficial weight loss treatment.
COOLING HERBAL SKIN TREATMENT: A warm herbal skin treatment consisting of herbs and flowers. It is an advantage to rest, read spiritual books, write a journal, keep in the company of people with pleasant energy, and not to expend your energy too much with talking, exercise, and sex…. Individual Panchakarma programs can be as short as a week and as long as a month or even longer in some cases. POST PANCHAKARMA IS VERY IMPORTANT PRACTICE: Supporting herbs will be given after your treatment with a follow up Consultation two weeks after Panchakarma is complete. You will go home with a written sheet specialised individually for post care herbs, activities plus dietary requirements. 1: A Panchakarma Admission Agreement Document is emailed and signed by both Client and Practitioner, confirming dates and agreed requirements and responsibilities for both Client and Practitioner. 2: A 20% Deposit (non refundable) is received by Cheque and posted to P O Box 731, Kamuela HI 96743, or Credit Card. 3: A Phone, Skype or Personal Appointment is made for the Pre Panchakarma Consultation. 4: A Panchakarma Preparation Document is emailed with directions on how to Prepare for the Cleanse.
A Healing crisis occurs when a large quantity of toxins that have been locked in your tissues for years, is released into your system for elimination.
Please Note that any behavioral misconduct will result in discontinuance of treatment without a refund. Herpes simplex virus type 2 is one of the two types of herpes viruses; it may also be called HSV-2.
Herpes simplex virus type 2 is only spread through sexual contact with someone who is infected by the virus.
HSV-2 does not actually leave the body after you are treated and have fully recovered from the infection. HSV-2 is believed to be very painful and affects only people who have very active sex lives but on the contrary there is a large percentage of Americans that have HSV-2 and these people come from different socio economic groups, races and ethnic groups.
About 22% of adults in the US with HSV-2 infection, two-thirds of this number does not know that they are infected.
Some people who have HSV-2 do not have symptoms while some may describe the infection as very painful. Genital herpes have classic symptoms however; you need to consult your doctor to accurately determine the infection. Flu-like symptoms are the most common symptoms that appear even before the person has lesions.
The appearance of sores which look like blisters on the genital area or along the skin surrounding the rectum confirms herpes simplex virus type 2 infections.
Secretions or yellowish discharge from the vagina or the penis may be seen in some infected patients along with the appearance of genital sores. Aside from physical symptoms a person infected with HSV-2 may feel anxious, stressed and depressed since there is social stigma among people with this condition.
There are no confirmatory lab tests or diagnostic examinations that will help diagnose herpes simplex virus type 2 infection.
There is no cure for genital herpes; medications are only meant to control painful symptoms of the illness. Antiviral medications are used to reduce the pain and itching of the sores and blisters found on the genital area.
Genital sores may be very painful and very itchy; you can relieve this by using warm baths and sitz baths for 20 to 30 minutes can help reduce pain.
Although herpes simplex virus type 2 infection is very contagious you can prevent the spread of this infection. HSV-2 can only be spread through sexual contact, be sure to practice safe sex all the time or refrain from having multiple sex partners. Avoid becoming too fatigued or too worn out; this will only help stimulate the recurrence of genital herpes.

Learn all about how to prevent the spread of HSV-2 infection by talking to a health personnel or your doctor.
Pregnant women diagnosed with genital herpes must consult her doctor regarding her delivery.
I can personally attest to the fact that hsv-2 can be spread from penis to butt via spooning. Ayurveda is the oldest continuous practiced holistic health care system in the world, originated from India. According to Ayurveda, the universe is made up of five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. This is a specialized herbal massage for weight reduction, followed by a herbal steam bath. In this rejuvenating treatment herbal medicated rice tied in muslin bags is skillfully massaged all over the body which helps in Paralysis, rheumatism, arthritis and certain skin disorders. It is one of the most rejuvenating Oil-therapy useful in all cases of nervous disorders, paralysis, rheumatism, diabetics and in Menopause.
This treatment gives relieve from various inflammatory conditions and involves the application of a special herbal paste on the affected area. In this treatment a herbal oil is gently heated and massaged on the head which is effective for ENT disease, Insomnia, migraine, hypertension and skin disease. A cooling herbal head-pack that helps to relax and balance mind & body and an excellent treatment for Insomnia, Sinusitis and migraine. This is a special technique of bathing the head 40 minutes in medicated oils using a cap fitted around the head. This deeply relaxing and revitalizing therapy involves rhythmically pouring of herbal oil on the forhead, specifically on the “third eye” which induces a blissfull state of consciousness and activates the Prana (Energy) flow.
It is a localized treatment for improving the conditions like backache, Sciatica, Herniated disc, Spondylosis etc. A special Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes, which gives a cooling affect, prevents eye diseases and strenghtens the optic nerve. Administration of herbal oil through the nose to eliminate toxins from the head and neck region. A specific herbal steam bath which opens the pores and cleanses the system through the skin.
The personal consultion with our Ayurvedic Doctor will help you to understand your unique constitution-Dosha, determines your current imbalances and suggest you a program of specific Ayurvedic treatments. Please note that the offer is only available on your initial Reiki treatment; all continuation appointments are subject to the standard ?60 rate*.
The goal of Pancha Karma is to remove toxic build up from the body so that it enables to use energy efficiently. This treatment aids in detoxing the body through lymphatic drainage and also nourishes and calms down the nervous system.
Warm oil poured on the forehead is one of the most divine, relaxing therapies one can experience.
Thus, nasal herb therapy is used for healing diseases of the throat, neck head, and senses e.g.
Ear oil heals disorders of the sense organs such as earaches or pain, deafness, ringing in the ear, all ear diseases and headaches; lockjaw, giddiness, twisted (wry neck), and diseases of the gums and teeth. Sweat tent, Hot Stones, Heated Sand Bags, Ginger Compressing…These treatments help in the detoxification through heat…These heating treatments cause the body’s channels to widen, enabling toxins to easily flow from the tissues and improve circulation. The body will feel lighter and brighter, energized and have a feeling of clarity and peace.. The Pre Panchakarma Preparation consists of 6 days of oil ingestion before treatment begins. This virus is the cause of genital herpes wherein the infected person develops sores around his genitals or the skin surrounding his rectum or anal area. It is not spread by kissing, using eating utensils and by touching a person with genital herpes. The virus attaches itself to a nerve and stays dormant until the person becomes vulnerable to it. The initial or the first outbreak is said to be the most painful and succeeding ones are very mild. The infected person feels feverish, weak and may even have colds, cough or a mild to moderate fever. Passing this infection to their partners is one of the most stressing feeling among infected people according to a recent study and people are more concerned about their partner or their spouse’s well-being than their own. Your doctor will recommend the ideal treatment for your condition and will be based on the severity of the infection or the outbreak and the ability of your immune system to fight the infection. But before taking antiviral medications, inform your doctor of any current medications including maintenance medications, vitamins, health supplements and herbal preparations that you are taking. Her doctor may start her with treatments as well as plan for a possible caesarean delivery to totally prevent neonatal herpes.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the cause of the illness as well as respect for people with HSV-2 infection to gain total prevention and control of this infection. He will help you to understand your unique constitution and determines through puls diagnostic your current imbalances. A herbal paste or powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged to tone up skin and muscles in order to eliminate Kapha toxins, Cellulite and Obesity.
An indulgent experience, during which lukewarm herbal oils anoint the entire body to strengthen immunity, liquify toxins and increase flexibility. A highly effective treatment for Facial paralysis, Anxiety, Neurological disorders and skin disease. Shirodhara is an effective treatment that stimulated blood circulation, helps healing the nervous system and improves memory. During the treatment warm medicated oil is retained over the back with the help of a ring made of dough. This treatment improves memory and eye sight and reduces Nasal Allergies, Nasal Polyp, Stiffness of neck, Migraine, Chronic Colds and Sinusitis. Reiki specialist Chandrika is currently offering all Ayurveda Retreat clients the chance to experience the wonders of Reiki for the special introductory price of only ?35!
Hurry, though, as we’re not sure how long this special introductory offer is going to last! It heals Vata diseases, clears obstructions, improves blood circulation, removes wastes from the body, improves complexion, strengthens digestion and restores vigor. The Preparation is compulsory as it assists in releasing toxins from the cells into the gastrointestinal tract ready for elimination by enemas during the Cleanse. HSV-2 sores may also be seen in other areas of the body but are commonly found in the parts of the body that are below the waist or the trunk.
This infection on the other hand may be spread even when there are no lesions or sores present.
Reinfection may happen when a person becomes ill with even very mild illnesses like the flu, after being fatigued, after becoming emotionally distressed, when the immune system is suppressed due to viral infections like AIDS, when a person experiences trauma where the nerve is located, menstruation and after undergoing chemotherapy. There is pain, itching and terrible discomfort over the affected areas where the blisters are found.
Close monitoring of symptoms as well as recommending the practice of safe sexual contact is the most common treatments for genital herpes.
Be sure to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding since most antiviral medications are not recommended for these conditions.
Stopping smoking even for just a week will totally improve your immune system and respiratory function plus will also help increase your resistance to many types of infections. Hospitals must also practice safety measures and assessment of the mother before delivery to totally prevent this kind of herpes. When they are in balanced state, the body is healthy but through a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle the Doshas gets imbalanced which opens the door for diseases. Also he will suggest you a program of specific treatments, individual diet and exercises that will bring you more balance, energy and peace. Its medicinal purpose includes treatment of Stress, Depression, Paralysis, Hypertension, Epilepsy, premature hair graying and vision Problems.
The oil used in the treatment is selected after a careful examination of the person’s condition and body type. Things such as stress, environmental pollutants and poor lifestyle choices create a noxious load on the body that, if left in the tissues and bloodstream result in poor health. The difference of doing or not doing the Panchakarma preparation is a bit like wringing out a wet towel and getting rid of the excess, instead of wringing out of a dry log. Illnesses and allergies must also be reported especially illnesses like diabetes, heart problems and blood problems since medications for these conditions may affect the action of antiviral medication. By reversing the degenerative process, Pancha Karma effects overall wellness and aids in the prevention of disease. We need to administer oils to the body to loosen the toxins so they may release easily during the purification processes.
The treatments enliven the digestive fires and loosen impurities within the body; this makes it possible to cleanse the tissue layers and release deeply held emotional tensions.
Shirodhara helps with diseases of the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and nervous system.
It also relieves insomnia, asthma, cholesterol, enlarged prostate, ulcers, rheumatism, etc.

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