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Bladder cancer is basically the cancer which affects the urinary bladder in a person and is a condition in which the abnormal cells tend to multiply in the bladder uncontrollably.? One way to know that you are suffering from Bladder cancer is by spotting blood in the urine. BCG or Bacillus Calmette Guerin is a therapy which treats bladder cancer because it stimulates the response of the immune system and this is then used to kill the cancerous cells in the bladder.
While BCG therapy is quite useful for treating cancer and preventing it from growing back, it is associated with certain side effects as well. BCG may cause troubled breathing and even swelling on the face, tongue, throat or the lips. In some cases, BCG therapy for bladder cancer may also result in the inflammation of the lung tissue. In the case of men, side effects of BCG therapy include infection or inflammation of testicles or the prostate. Many times, people who have taken BCG therapy also experience obstruction of the ureters and the contraction of the bladder. Fatigue, skin rashes and joint pain are some of the other side effects of BCG therapy for bladder cancer. Some of the other commonly observed side effects of BCG therapy include vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite.

Pain during urination or a burning sensation while urinating is also one of the possible side effects of this treatment. It is important to understand that many people do not experience any side effects at all while some may experience a few of the above.
According to the American Cancer Society, the Baccillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) protocol is the most effective treatment for early-stage bladder cancer. Side effects last between three to five days and are most commonly bladder irritation and burning similar to a urinary tract infection. Other possible side effects patients may experience due to BCG treatment include frequent urination, bladder spasms, discomfort and blood in the urine. Because BCG uses a live tuberculosis vaccine, patients will be asked to use the same toilet, disinfect the toilet with bleach and use condoms during and after treatment.
Complications of BCG treatment include infection, which is signaled by the presence of fever. According to Cancer Reasearch UK, while rare, it is possible to contract tuberculosis from a BCG treatment.
Biological treatment (BCG) for bladder cancer is a process that uses the person's immune system to fight off the cancer.

The main use of BCG is to prevent the noninvasive bladder cancer cells to return back, apart from treating the cancer in its early stages.? In most cases, BCG therapy is applied after the tumor has been removed from the urinary bladder using another treatment method which is known as Transurethral Resection or TUR surgery. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.
BCG uses a weakened form of the live tuberculosis vaccine and deposits it directly into the bladder via a catheter. Consult with a doctor if symptoms such as fever, chills, joint pain, coughing, weakness or skin rash result. There are quite a few ways to treat bladder cancer if spotted or diagnosed at the right time.

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