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While some conditions respond very well to acupuncture alone, other symptoms are best treated with herbal therapy. Chinese herbs are prescribed differently than what you may be used to from your local herb shop or health food store. We can provide herbs in a way that matches both your diagnosis and your lifestyle, which may include loose herbs that are cooked into a tea, powders that can be dissolved in hot water, or pills.
Chinese herbs are quite safe when prescribed by a trained herbalist for an individual patient. For this same reason, we are careful about combining herbal medicine with any prescription drugs you may be taking. Finally, the herbs used in this clinic are purchased from distributors with impeccable reputations for quality control.
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Classical Chinese Herbal Therapy - Providing quality herbal, dietary and lifestyle guidance utilizing the best available knowledge and the finest herbs. Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine (CCHM) is a part of an overall health care system begun by the Chinese over 4000 years ago. Concentrated herbal granules are faster and more bio-available than products in capsules. Often your menstrual cycle will normalize after several months and you may not need it at all.
PMS Relief Herb Pack can also be used in the middle of your cycle at ovulation for moodiness and irritability. If you have been suffering with painful periods or have only minor symptoms that are just slightly bothersome either way PMS Relief Herb Pack soothes and naturally balances your body, you barely notice you even have your period. There are various ways to take care of yourself and a variety of ways to reduce your PMS symptoms. But, sometimes even when you are doing everything you can, you still need help to get you through those 5 days a month. Abundant research has been done on Bupleurum root used to treat headaches, liver cirrhosis, jaundice, common cold and irregular menstruation with pain and cramps (to name a few) in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The roots and flowers of Paeonia officinalis have been used in European herbal medicine for centuries. Published in Current Biology Journal January 2014 - Corydalis root which has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine for headaches, menstrual cramps and as a general pain reliever.
This red flower has properties of warmth and acrid, meaning it can invigorate the circulation of the blood. Dipsacus is commonly used in conjunction with Niu Xi above, to enhance the effects of both herbs. Ligusticum is a widely used blood tonic and is especially common in womens formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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Your practitioner will advise you during your first or second treatment as to whether or not she would recommend herbs. Even though herbs work at a more subtle and holistic level than Western drugs, they are can be quite powerful and may produce negative reactions if taken by someone other than the patient. Most of the time, the herbs will not interact with your drugs, but it is very important that you let your practitioner know about any prescriptions, vitamins and supplements you may be taking.
This assures us that you will receive exactly the herbs you are prescribed and that they will be free from contaminants.
In acute conditions, such as a cold or flu, you may need to take the herbs only a few days.

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Our manufacturer: Kaiser Pharmaceutical Company (KPC) has rigorous standards and performs over 200 tests on each batch of raw herbs before the herbs qualify for a Pacific Herbs PMS formula.
It will aid the digestion through the bitter stimulation of the juices whilst also providing a carminative oil. White Peony root has been used in connection with the following conditions; muscle cramps, fever, atherosclerosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and PMS. The bark of the root of Paeonia suffruticosa is called moutan or mu dan in China, where it naturally grows.
Corydalis has been used extensively in the treatment of coronary artery disorder because of its strong function to move blood and energy.
The department of pharmacology at the University of California Irvine’s School of Medicine confirmed in a recent research study, chemical compounds in this herb are excellent pain relievers. Dang Gui in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is often referred to as the female ginseng. This herb has a major role in regulating our liver energy and is known for not only stopping the pain associated with our menstruation but also the ability to help regulate our menstrual cycles. Menstrual pain, amenorrhea or irregular menstruation are all improved when blood is flowing more freely. In China it has been used in obstetric and gynecological departments in both small does to activate and nourish blood and in larger doses to alleviate pain, especially in the abdomen.
Its most common uses are for invigorating the blood, unblocking the menses and moving the blood in the channels especially in the low back.
Dipsacus treats both the liver and kidney channels, key components in menstrual irregularities. It improves blood circulation and has been studied extensively in for heart circulation because of its profound effects (along with ginseng) for myocardial circulation. I suffer from crampiness, moodiness, and hormonal headaches, but when I take the Herbs, I am relieved. The packets are good in a pinch, but I'd rather get the formula in bulk or granules from a pharmacy or practitioner for an overall better cost. Sweet wormwood leaves have been consumed over several centuries for promoting general health.
Instead, we create “formulas” or recipes of approximately 8-15 herbs together that will address your complaint and your individual physical and emotional constitution. If you do elect to take an herbal formula, please know that the herbs you are given were specifically combined for your particular case. Furthermore, we would be happy to provide information about your herbs to your doctor to make sure you are getting the safest and most effective care possible.
For more chronic concerns like digestive or menstrual problems, you make take the herbs several months. Drink the delicious heartwarming tea every day for the next 2 weeks and view exactly how the human body gradually rejuvenates and revitalises itself.
We use a unique blend of sunshine fresh natural herbs from nature.IN JUST TWO WEEKS you will be on the road to a happier and more satisfying life. Some women take 1 packet at night & one in the morning during their most uncomfortable days.
Using the latest technology you receive potent herbs without fillers for maximum therapeutic effects. It has a mild action in aiding depression and easing tension, which appears to be due to the volatile oil, so it is essential that this is not lost in preparation.
It has been an important remedy for female reproductive conditions ranging from dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) to irregular menses.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is the symptom that manifests when energy is stagnate. But what makes Corydalis  most exceptional is it has no harmful side effects when used properly, it does not cause dependence and the mice in the study did not build up a resistance to this herb. When combined with other herbs in this formula its famous for relieving menstrual abdominal pain from amenorrhea and menorrhagia to excessive menstrual bleeding. It is said this herb goes to all twelve channels of the body, a claim given to only a few Chinese herbs. It is often included in herbal combinations, almost never used alone, for abnormal menstruation, suppressed menstrual flow, painful menstruation and uterine bleeding.

Originally documented in 659 AD, today we know it also has positive effects for cardiovascular output. This herb is wonderful for pain related to trauma because it works quickly by increasing blood flow. Ligusticum is related to Dang Gui (above) because it shares some of the same characteristics. I am far less irritable, and the headache I get a day before my period can be resolved with PMS relief instead of painkillers. Combining herbs in this way also creates a checks and balances system so that the strong effects of one herb may be mediated or softened by another herb. They may not be effective for someone else with similar symptoms, and should not be shared with others. More and more people are finding that a health care system that combines aspects of both Eastern and Western Medicine is right for them. Corydalis is one of the most effective herbs to relieve pain because of its ability to move the energy or qi. By entering all body channels this herb is often used for its guiding actions to help other herbs enter into channels they would otherwise not normally affect. It is also used in TCM for both men and women with cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure and problems with peripheral circulation. Recent research shows Achyranthes has an abundance of polysaccharides which enhance red blood cells and effect platelet aggregation.
But Dang Gui is a stronger blood tonic while Ligusticum is a strong blood mover and analgesic (pain killer).
Order now and think about ordering 2, we guarantee you’ll be pleased or your cash straight back. It has been used in gynecological conditions extensively and is often combined with other Chinese medicinal herbs in this formula for pain related to menstruation. This is the beauty of Chinese herbal medicine, its ability to combine herbs in formulas to achieve actions they might otherwise not be able to do alone. Scientific research has shown positive success in carthamus increasing coronary blood flow and its effects on lowering cholesterol. Liguisticum can treat all types of headaches and is one of the best herbs for menstrual conditions because it warms the uterus and de-congests blood in the pelvic region. It is extracted from plants grown and harvested in accordance with GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards. Proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, tannins, polysaccharides, and paeoniflorin are all considered to contribute to the medicinal activity.
Chi shao or red peony is used for bleeding or lack of blood movement, depending on how it is prepared in Chinese Medicine. Its main Chinese medicine functions include tonify the liver and kidneys, strengthen sinews and bones and gently invigorating blood, and alleviating pain. The extract itself is manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical-grade quality specifications in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility, ensuring the highest potency. Instead, they should treat the imbalance and then let your body take over it’s natural homeostatic inclination. Peony shows some weak estrogen-like effects, acting like a very weak anti-estrogen, particularly as part of a formula.
Red peony root and moutan bark have both shown antioxidant activity in test tubes, likely due to the presence of paeoniflorin, proanthocyanidins, and flavonoids. In PMS Relief licorice is important because it moderates spasms and alleviate pain, especially in the abdomen and legs. In a preliminary study, it was shown to improve fertility in women affected by polycystic ovary syndrome. Polysaccharides found in peony bark and root have shown an ability to stimulate immune cells in the test tube. Flavonoids are antioxidants known to improve circulation and relieve tissues damage and have a role in reducing inflammation. Other good sources of flavonoids include onion, garlic, basil, spinach and green leafy vegetables. The extract itself is manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical-grade quality specifications in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility, ensuring the highest potency.Packaging90 veggie caps SafetyDo not use if pregnant or nursing. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a trained health care practitioner.

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