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The largest Herpes Support groups for singles with herpes Dating With Herpes, herpes chat, Herpes support. There are about 20 million new STI cases each year in the UK, and about 110 million in total. Herpes Dating Site is the local UK herpes dating website caters people with genital herpes, oral herpes, HPV, HSV-1, HSV-2. Herpes Dating Australia is the word's first, largest and most effective dating site dedicated to singles with herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2) in Australia.
Esophageal cancer has a worldwide variable incidence; it is common in some parts of the world such as Asia and Africa.
Esophageal Cancer can be treated naturally with a range of products and substances that are derived from nature. Unfortunately, by the time of diagnosis, esophageal cancer has usually progressed to an advanced stage. Nowadays, natural supplements are also used throughout the cancer treatment for the support of the immune system and the prevention of the treatment-related adverse effects. The Nigella sativa has been used since ancient times by the Egyptians and Greeks for various medicinal purposes the main important extracts of the Nigella sativa are: the volatile oil (crude oil) and the thymoquinone.
Antioxidant properties: Nigella sativa improves the immune response of your body, thus making your body more reliable to fight cancer in your cells. Anti-cancer properties:  as it has been found that Nigella sativa can kill the cancer cells in the body through a process called Apoptosis (programmed cell death, or PCD). Apoptosis is an active physiological process resulting in cell self-destruction of unwanted cells, but, unfortunately, this process is absent in the case of cancer cells.
Some studies have demonstrated these effects on the esophageal cancers cases, as it has been proven that black cumin can kill the cancer cells of the esophagus by inducing apoptosis within the cancer cells, and also inhibit the growth rate of the cancer.
Curcumin (Indian spice turmeric), it is the root of the Turmeric plant; it has been used as herbal medicine in Asia for the treatment of many health problems.
Antioxidant properties: to improve the immune system of our body against the infections and the cancer cells growth.
Cancer prevention properties:  as the Curcumin has showed a dramatic reduction in the spread of cancer inside the body cells. Chemoprevention properties: it makes the chemotherapy more effective and with fewer side effects, as it protects the healthy cells from the damage by chemotherapy as well as the radiation therapy. 240 published studies in the global scientific literature in the past year alone have demonstrated that Curcumin has a highly toxic effect on cancer cells.
Curcumin enhances the normal healthy control over the cells growth, which helping to stop the uncontrolled growth of new cells (the cancer cells). Recent studies have demonstrated that Curcumin promotes apoptosis, increases chemosensitivity, and inhibits NF-?B (inhibit the growth rate) in the esophageal adenocarcinoma.
Quercetin has been used in the natural medicine because of its effectiveness in the management of many medical conditions.
These effects come from its properties that include: supporting the immune system (because it is a powerful antioxidant), supporting bone health, and preventing mild allergy problems.
Several studies have showed that Quercetin has a great positive effect on the cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and the chronic lung diseases.
In the management of esophageal cancer, Quercetin has showed great ability to act as chemo-preventers.
Other cancer-preventive effects of Quercetin in the management of esophageal cancer include the induction of apoptosis in the cancer cell, and the inhibition of the cancer spread.

All these properties make Quercetin a selective cancer-killing agent without damaging the normal surrounding cells. In another study, Quercetin has showed increasing the effects of the most effective chemotherapy for esophageal cancer (which is 5-FU). As the researchers said, “The results of our study demonstrated that Quercetin in combination with 5-FU significantly inhibited growth and stimulated apoptosis in the esophageal cancer cells compared with Quercetin or 5-FU alone” “We suggest that the addition of Quercetin to the conventional chemotherapeutic agent 5-FU may be an effective therapeutic strategy for esophageal cancer”.
Some studies have showed that the Resveratrol could be linked to a reduced risk of inflammation and blood clotting, which both are important risk factors for the heart diseases.
Resveratrol as an anti-cancer agent has showed major effects on the main processes of the cancer development which are; cancer initiation (formation), promotion (growth), and progression (spreading).
It prevents the spreading of cancer because it suppresses the angiogenesis process (the main mechanism that allows cancer to spread from one cell to another), also it suppresses the metastasis (spreading of cancer to other nearby or distant organs). It inhibits the cancer cells formation and growth because it kills the cancer cells as it induces apoptosis.
These positive effects of the Resveratrol have only been proved in esophageal cancer and skin cancer, but in the other types of cancer there are not enough evidence yet to prove those effects. But still Resveratrol is limited as cancer prevention treatment and further studies have to be done before consider it as partial curative treatment. Selenium is a natural chemical element, which can be found in many dietary sources such as mushrooms, egg yolks, seafood, liver and muscle meats, as well as whole grains and seeds of vegetables. Selenium has been much known for its use as the active ingredient in some anti-dandruff shampoos, because it kills the scalp fungus that causes the dandruff.
In the last few decades, several studies have demonstrated that the Selenium showed very powerful cancer-prevention effects. Selenium has also showed, in addition to preventing the formation of the cancer cells, that it’s capable to decrease the cancer growth rate and spreading.
According to the Life Extension Foundation, selenium use during chemotherapy in combination with vitamin A and vitamin E can reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs by great values. A new form of selenium is Se-methylselenocysteine (SeMC), a naturally occurring selenium compound; it has been found to be an effective chemopreventive agent, and it is synthesized by plants such as garlic and broccoli. A previous study has demonstrated that the combination of the Selenium and zinc, resulting in great effects on the management of the esophageal cancer, by inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells as well as inducing apoptosis in the esophageal cancer cells. The discovery of these natural supplements and their role in the cancer treatment is an outstanding achievement in the field of cancer.
Tian F, Song M, Xu PR, Liu HT, Xue LX (2008) [Curcumin promotes apoptosis of esophageal squamous carcinoma cell lines through inhibition of NF-kappaB signaling pathway]. Hong T, Shimada Y, Komoto I, Kawabe A, Ding Y, Kaganoi J, Hashimoto Y, Imamura M (September 2002). Finding a clinic is easy when you can employ the expertise of an experienced doctor to get the best possible solution for your case. A brand new herpes dating service called has been recently launched, which helps women and men who are living with herpes to find a local match.
Unlike the majority of similar sites, exclusively caters to single people and couples, who are living with herpes. This site cares more about privacy than many other sites do, so users are not required to submit any information that they are not comfortable with.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. All Types of People – There are people here just like there are at any other dating site.

Instead of giving up on love and sex after getting diagnosed with herpes, you need to think of your options and consider all possible solutions.
Create a Free Profile (Only able to receive messages) – You can decide to create a free profile on the site and check things out. Become a Gold Member (Send Unlimited Messages) – If you are are ready to start dating and sending messages to other people in your area.
It is one of the herbal plants that play important roles in the alternative medicine (natural supplement). These extracts have been studied for their antioxidant, immune-protective and anti-cancer properties. Therefore black cumin is considered effective in cancer treatment, by inducing the apoptosis of the cancer cells. As it is a strong antioxidant agent prevents the oxidative stress (which an essential process in the formation and progression of esophageal cancer). It is a type of natural chemical substance produced naturally by several plants when they are attacked by bacteria or fungi. It inhibits the platelet aggregation in the bloodstream (to prevent the blood clots formation). But still more significant evidence are needed before it’s known whether Resveratrol was the main cause for the reduced risk. The anti-cancer effects of the Resveratrol appear to be closely associated with its antioxidant activity. Those effects were against various types of cancers, such as breast cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer and bladder cancer. Curcumin, the golden spice from Indian saffron, is a chemosensitizer and radiosensitizer for tumors and chemoprotector and radioprotector for normal organs. Suppression of N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine (NMBA)-induced esophageal tumorigenesis in F344 rats by resveratrol. It provides all users with the best chance to meet up with other individuals who live with similar problems in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory environment, where everyone involved can be comfortable to be themselves. All personal information can be private and confidential until the user wants to take things further. It has been used for many years, and it showed many positive effects against some diseases such as esophageal cancer, cardiac diseases, bronchial asthma, diabetes, etc. I being a specialist in the alternative cancer treatment believe that the use natural supplements should be considered along with other treatments to provide an effective and lasting cure of cancer without any harm to the body. Formica, “Review of the biology of quercetin and related bioflavonoids,” Food and Chemical Toxicology, vol.
With more than 1000 treatment and inspiration stories shared, the site provides a safe and private way to get back into meeting people and reducing the stress of how and when to tell your new partner about your condition.
So many great media like BBC, huffington post,  has reported it as the most effective herpes dating site for dating with herpes. The most common age-group affected is 15 to 24, 50% of all new cases come from this age range, but all groups are susceptible to contracting herpes.
Katan, “Dietary flavonoids: intake, health effects and bioavailability,” Food and Chemical Toxicology, vol.

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