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I am feeling so damn shitty I just had my shift covered at work (which I never do)– my nose feels like someone broke it, my ears feel full of fluid, and so much pressure!! It does wonders to relieve sinus pressure, and if you use it throughout the cold, it helps ward off the nasty post nasal drip. The only thing that we have to remember is that the reason behind sore throat is the one that will always matter. The water can always soothe the affected area and this will also wash the mucus on the throat area. The people who need to cure it fast are those ones who are using their voices everyday either for work or other purposes.

However, there are cases wherein the sore will not be cured with the simple steps listed above. I was taking mucinex but it makes me feel jittery so bees what do you suggest over the counter to help me out?
It will definitely affect the physical disposition of the person and the efficiency of anyone. The honey lemon mixture will also coat the affected area preventing it from being affected by any other foreign body.
This is especially true to those people who are dealing with other people every day like customer service representatives.

This is very important considering the fact that there are a lot of pollutants that are present in the environment.
The gargling of warm water with salt is still advisable in these kinds of conditions in order to alleviate the pain. During these severe occasions, you should prevent yourself from harming your throat and watch your food to prevent it.

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