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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. It's great for handling minor symptoms before a cold fully kicks in and your stuck in bed.Congestion ReliefCongestion relief for the lungs and throat.
I use Aleve or Advil for other pains.Cough SuppressionI always use this product for when I have a cough to deal with. Thus I always use Tylenol Sore Throat whenever I feel a cold may be oncoming to prevent myself from coughing as much as possible. When I have a sore throat even though this does taste bad, I know it is one of the medicines that I can take that will help it feel better within a couple of days. It goes down really thick and kind of slowly so that it coats your throat, I think that this is what helps to kill the pain because the Tylenol that is in it starts to absorb in that area and make it feel better almost instantly. It doesn't really help me with anything other than a sore throat, it never helps me with congestion or any other problems that I have, but it does do a very good job at making my throat feel better relatively quickly.

It helps with the cough that I usually get with a sore throat which I think makes my throat feel better faster because I am not coughing all of the time irritating it a lot more. Within two doses, the vice like congestion in my chest loosened, and I was able to finally sleep throughout the night without being awakened by a coughing fit. By helping you to rest better, this medicine gives you a better overall feeling of health.Chest Congestion ReliefAgain, the utter horrible taste was worth it. It has an okay cherry scent and it doesn't taste terrible like other cough and throat medicines.It totally gets rid of any sinus congestion I have. It also helps with chest congestion, and takes away any tightness or pressure that I have in my chest. It helps me sleep all throughout the night.Chest Congestion ReliefIt definitely helps a lot with my chest congestion and fast too. It makes it easier to breathe, and gets rid of that tightness in my chest that I have when I'm sick.

If you need something for muscle or back relief I wouldn't recommend this.Cough SuppressionThis is very fast acting when it comes to cough suppression. I had a bad cold this past week and I seen this Tylenol cold sore throat medicine and it worked.
I tried this recently because as I type this, my throat would feel like someone poured battery acid down it if I hadn't just taken some of this.

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