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If your response to sex is more often, “Ugh…” than “Oh Yeah!” you may be suffering from a diminishing libido. Sex isn’t supposed to be something you dread in life, it should be something that excites you and makes your life better. Before you learn about the vitamins you can take to increase your libido, it’s useful to understand why your sex drive has diminished. Depression and anxiety slow down many of your bodily processes, including sex hormone production.
If you are in the menopausal or post-menopausal stage, the loss of ovulation can be the culprit to a lower libido. Reduced estrogen levels may not be the only hormone that plays a role in a woman’s sex drive. Undergoing hormonal replacement therapy or taking prescription drugs can result in unwanted side effects. Aging women may want to consider taking vitamin B6 supplements because it could help lessen the dramatic shift of hormones caused by menopause (specifically estrogen and progesterone).

Women’s Health reports that research has found women who don’t have enough niacin or vitamin B3 in their uterus are unable to achieve an orgasm. The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy published a study in 2001 that found that the nutritional supplement, ArginMax increases sexual desire and satisfaction. While you may think vitamins are harmless, they can have drug interactions and you can overdose on some types.
Losing your libido doesn’t mean it’s gone forever and it also doesn’t mean you have to go through extreme measures to get it back. Woman’s sex drive is multidimensional and depression or any emotion can have a profound affect on it. Even if you try to get in the mood by touch, your mind won’t send the signal to start the physiological process of getting you excited, which results in vaginal dryness or inability to orgasm. Instead, you may want to consider taking vitamins to help with depression, anxiety and hormone production. A balanced hormonal system means a healthier system, and a healthier system is a more balanced system, and a more balanced system is, well, you get the idea.

There are natural ways to return your body back to the sex craved state it once was before life got in the way. According to the MayoClinic, some women receive testosterone therapy to help increase sexual desire. Not only do they help your body fight germs that make you sick, they also have mood enhancing properties. It can also help dilate blood vessels so blood flows easier and faster, which increases arousal and pleasure.

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