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Bioenergy healing is nothing like the “laying on of hands” that you see in Hollywood produced films. Many bioenergy healers won’t work with patients that have pacemakers or transplanted organs, claiming that energy manipulation interferes with anti-rejection drugs and the electrical impulses of pacemakers. Bioenergy healing is done by physically touching a site of pain or injury or by just holding the hands over the area affected.
Bio-Energy Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective form of Energy Therapy which works by balancing the energy within you and around you. Bio-Energy therapists are trained to detect the blockages in the energy field and to clear these blockages through a selection of mostly non-touch Bio-Energy techniques. Bio-Energy can relieve pain, accelerate healing and also promotes better health and well-being and releases stress and tension, clears the mind and improves focus. The practitioner balances our energy body or aura by directing bio-energy to the part of the body where it is needed. As a Bio-Energy practitioner, I may combine all four healing modalities in a session for individuals recovering after chemo and radiation or someone in a Hospice environment. For more information on fees for Bio-Energy therapy treatments as well as travel costs for in-person treatments, please contact me. Bioenergy Therapy Bioenergy therapy restores and balances bioenergetic information, and activates the body’s own innate healing mechanisms.Read MoreScalar Waves A Scalar wave is basically a complex electromagnetic-gravity (EMG) wave with very strange properties. Scalar waves can be distinguished from electromagnetic (EM) waves and gravitational (G) waves in that they are expanding into the hyperspace or 4-D space. Chakras are vitalizing the physical body with the concurrent impacts and effects on the physical, emotional and mental state of the person.Read MoreTai ChiTai Chi is many things to many people. It states basically that the universe is made of of strings instead of particles as suggested by quantum physics.
It hopes to define quantum gravity, and to reconcile quantum physics with Einstein's Theory of Relativity.Read MoreGet it Now!Bioenergy Body Balance - a guidebook for healthy living. It works on the theory that physical ailments are the result of misdirected energy and a person trained in redirecting that energy through physical touch can correct imbalances.
It is not dramatic and forceful; it is usually done in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere and some practitioners combine it with sound healing, or vibroacoustic therapy. There is a lot that is unknown about how energy affects our bodies; Bioenergy healing is one technique that does no harm and could possibly be very beneficial. Once the energy blockages are removed from the body it is usually only a matter of time before health is restored.

Long before the physical body shows signs of illness the energy body, which surrounds our physical body, shows an imbalance. As a result the immune system begins to function properly and the body begins to heel itself.
With a Scalar wave the electromagnetic (EM) component of gravitation (G) is equal to zero.Read MoreChakra LocationsChakras are described as energy centers that are placed in a straight line on the body - going from the pubic bone and ending with the last or seventh Chakra on top of the head.
As a type of Chinese martial art, it is used for both defense training and health or exercise benefits. The physical techniques are based on maintaining coordination and relaxation rather than muscular tension. Bioenergy healing has gradually come to be accepted by many people as legitimate therapy for a variety of illnesses, injuries and chronic conditions. Each session last from 15 to 20 minutes and a patient might feel warmth, cooling or even a tingling sensation at the site of contact. The basic principle underlying this Energy Therapy is that any disease or injury has a corresponding blockage in the human energy field.
Distance is preferable and more convenient if the individual is very sick and cannot travel. There is no age limit as it can be practiced on the very young to the elderly and has even proved beneficial to animals. It is a more modern method of energy healing and works on the body’s own magnetic field. Bio-Energy healing aims to balance the patient’s electromagnetic field and achieve harmony on a cellular level. This healing technique can have positive affect on the body’s psychological and physiological system.
It is based on the understanding that body, mind and spirit are connected and that the human being is an interactive complex energy system. Watch video on Bio-Energy healing, see below.How does Bio-Energy healing work?Life energy (chi) flows freely in a healthy body, without any blockages, according to Bio-Energy healing principles. When life energy flows flows freely through the body’s energy field, the person experience a sense of harmony inside and with the rest of the world.
However, the energy within the bio-energetic field can become stagnant or even blocked if one gets stuck in negative emotions and thoughts. For example, if you experience a lot of stress in your life, or hold on to past emotion, or have developed a negative belief system that is out of alignment with your higher self, then your energy gets stuck around the specific core issue that has been ignored.

A Bio-Energy healer can help you release this specific issue that is hindering your healing process.Bio-Energy Healing SessionA Bioenergy healing session lasts between 45-90 minutes. The scanning process is done with the eyes and hands to find the blockage that needs to be treated.
It can enhance cellular regeneration and increase the patient’s innate ability to repair and function. It can even help the patient to function on an enhanced level.What is Bio-Energy healing used for?Bio-Energy healing is a non-invasive therapy to treat blockages that are the cause of a symptom. It used for releasing blockages and activating the body’s own ability to repair and heal. It is a holistic treatment and treats the root cause of the symptom, and not only the symptoms that one may experience.
Furthermore, Bio-Energy healing is a non-talking therapy, and involves no psychological analysis.A great benefit of Bio-Energy healing is that it also works without the client being present.
Distant healing can be very convenient as one can choose a healer worldwide, and save time and money on traveling. Disease of our physical shell is a direct manifestation of a dis-ease of our spiritual life. With our aura acting like a rainbow gateway from the spiritual realm, the purity […]Boost Your Energy With Chakra HealingChakra healing can do more for your health than many other healing tools you will find. But to understand how chakra healing can be so important, it helps to understand what chakras do. Your practitioner works a vessel to discharge vital energies within your body, allowing it to begin healing itself.
If you want to heal yourself, it’s important to remember that body, mind and spirit go hand in hand.
Even if we leave the current relationship and […]What a great siteThis should be taught in pre school for sure.

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