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Bioenergy healing is nothing like the “laying on of hands” that you see in Hollywood produced films. Many bioenergy healers won’t work with patients that have pacemakers or transplanted organs, claiming that energy manipulation interferes with anti-rejection drugs and the electrical impulses of pacemakers.
Bioenergy healing is done by physically touching a site of pain or injury or by just holding the hands over the area affected.
Bioenergy energy healing uses intellegent Qi (Chi) energy to provide focused healing for conditions previously diagnosed by a doctor.
It works on the theory that physical ailments are the result of misdirected energy and a person trained in redirecting that energy through physical touch can correct imbalances.

It is not dramatic and forceful; it is usually done in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere and some practitioners combine it with sound healing, or vibroacoustic therapy. There is a lot that is unknown about how energy affects our bodies; Bioenergy healing is one technique that does no harm and could possibly be very beneficial.
One feels like theya€™ve been a€?curseda€? (a€?No matter what I do I cana€™t shake it offa€?). Bioenergy healing has gradually come to be accepted by many people as legitimate therapy for a variety of illnesses, injuries and chronic conditions. Each session last from 15 to 20 minutes and a patient might feel warmth, cooling or even a tingling sensation at the site of contact.

There is no age limit as it can be practiced on the very young to the elderly and has even proved beneficial to animals.

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