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Colorado can only be a leader in scientific innovation if its most dynamic scientific minds are supported at early stages in their work. The Boettcher Foundation’s biomedical research grants program aims to support scientific innovation in Colorado by providing biomedical research funding for early career investigators at the state’s research institutions.
The Webb-Waring Foundation, which has supported biomedical research in Colorado for decades, entrusted the Boettcher Foundation with its assets in 2008, and the Boettcher Foundation agreed to match that money to create a dedicated funding stream to support biomedical research. Recipients of Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Awards, or “Boettcher Investigators,” are awarded research grants of $235,000, covering up to three years of biomedical research. By funding researchers at this critical juncture, the Boettcher Foundation seeks to keep promising research on track and ensure that Colorado’s best scientific minds aren’t compelled to leave the state in search of funding.
Our biomedical research institution partners manage their own internal, competitive and peer-reviewed application processes. Alumni of the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research program can log in to the alumni portal for a variety of resources, including access to the Boettcher connections database.
GLP Nonclinical Drug Development From study design to regulatory submission, Northern Biomedical Research's scientific research staff utilizes their experience to assist clients in developing and maintaining an optimal research path while remaining flexible to client needs. Our Objective Northern Biomedical Research delivers pioneering, innovative research with the hope of extending and improving the quality of life for adults, children and families suffering from devastating and often fatal neurodegenerative disorders. Our Services Northern Biomedical Research offers a wide array of services including study design, data collection and analysis, quality assurance, MRI, computer modeling, specialty surgical procedures, full necropsy capabilities and generation of scientific study reports.
Our Facility Completed in 2012, Northern Biomedical Research’s state of the art, AAALAC accredited, secure facility includes separate dedicated business and laboratory space, on-site or remote conferencing, guest offices and support facilities. Apple has launched ResearchKit – an iPhone-based biomedical research platform that it claims will enable researchers design and administer app-based studies by recruiting users to collect and share their medical data for large-scale clinical studies. Countless owners of smartphones and wearable devices are already using their devices to track their sleep, exercise, blood pressure and other measures of health. According to scientific journal Nature, researchers can use ResearchKit to easily recruit large number of interested users to collect and share their data.
The first five apps built with ResearchKit are designed to study asthma, breast cancer, cardiovascular health, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.
ResearchKit is a set of tools and services that one can use to assemble a clinical research study. ResearchKit will be made available as an open-source framework for other app developers in April.

Twitter is one of those places on the internet where users give their opinion even if it’s not needed.
Dropbox has introduced a new Project infinite which will change the way you use cloud storage.
As an HIV physician, I began my career early in the AIDS epidemic before effective antiviral medications existed. The government's failure to ensure significant ongoing support for biomedical research undermines the future of science and health in our nation and threatens a strategic driver of the economy. Attacks on the biomedical research enterprise during the past year catalyzed an inspirational increase in advocacy.
Professional associations provide valuable advocacy activities, yet we cannot rely solely on their programs.
Scientists and funders must embrace a transformational culture of collaboration that brings together academia, industry, philanthropy and government in new partnerships.
Research can thrive only with a national commitment to long-term adequate funding that transcends partisan politics and daily crises.
The resulting program, the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research program, continues Webb-Waring’s tradition by funding the work of promising biomedical researchers at Colorado institutions.
If you are an early career biomedical researcher in Colorado who is interested in applying for a biomedical research grant through the Webb-Waring program, please contact your institution’s research department to obtain more information about eligibility. Symptoms can also be tracked by people filling out survey information on themselves,” said Stephen Friend, president of Washington-based non-profit organisation Sage Bionetworks that developed the apps for ResearchKit. I held my patients' hands as they cried when receiving their diagnosis and I went to their funerals.
The call to action is clear: The research community must increase advocacy, develop novel research partnerships, and create new opportunities for young researchers. It is now the research community's responsibility to itself -- and the nation -- to maintain, if not increase, that momentum. Scientists and health professionals must come out of laboratories and clinics to individually advocate for research. After more than two years of preparation, the NIH, FDA, 10 biopharmaceutical companies and eight nonprofit organizations launched the groundbreaking Accelerating Medicines Partnership to expedite the discovery of medicines for Alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.
New investigators rely on NIH grants to help launch careers and engage passion for discovery, yet the outlook is discouraging: Investigator-initiated R01 grants annually awarded by the NIH dropped 27 percent between 2003 and 2012, reflecting an all-time low success rate of 18 percent in 2011.

The nation's dedication to biomedical research determines our ability to restore, protect and advance the U.S.
As a result, they become competitive for major awards from federal agencies and private sources. To read about the research being conducted by the 2015 Class of Boettcher Investigators, click here. Ravi has over 6 years of experience and has been actively involved in editorial groups of many US and UK based news portals. With our own voices, we must tell the great stories of biomedical research to communities, business leaders and elected officials, and raise our concerns to the media and all virtual venues of public opinion.
A game-changing component is that the data and analyses generated will be publicly available to the biomedical community.
Unsurprisingly, principal investigators who are 36 years of age or younger dropped from 18 percent in 1980 to 3 percent in 2012. And when protease inhibitors were licensed and "triple therapy" became the norm, I could help patients plan how they would live, rather than how they would die. The GlaxoSmithKline-led Oncology Clinical and Translational Consortium links six cancer centers around the world in a model that helps address traditional obstacles between academia and industry and competition among academic research entities. Elected representatives must support biomedical research; it is the best investment in the country's future.
Scientific breakthroughs happened only because of our nation's commitment to biomedical research, but this power of research to make lives better is at great risk.
Many nonprofit disease-focused research foundations serve as broker-catalysts to coordinate academia and industry, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which formed Beat AML (acute myeloid leukemia) that connects researchers from four universities with computational analysis from Intel Corporation and genetic sequencing from Illumina, Inc. We must ensure sufficient funding to continue to battle HIV and find answers for those with cancer and diabetes and schizophrenia -- indeed, all the causes of suffering, disability and death in the U.S. In one innovative solution, the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation participates in a unique NIH partnership that provides up to 11 years of support for early-career investigators. The entire research community must step up and collaboratively create new opportunities to invest in future leaders of research.

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