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Often, symptoms such as blisters on hands indicate a type of eczema called pompholyx eczema.
Because with Chinese Herbs, skin problems are always treated internally, to get to the root of the problem.
Internal treatment with Chinese Herbs can dry up blisters on hands by "putting out the fire" on the inside. Must sufferers of blisters on hands from pompholyx eczema feel the great heat and burning in their hands.
It can often be a feature of pompholyx eczema that the blisters on hands alternate with dry and cracked hands, in an endless cycle that repeats itself again and again.
The most prominent characteristic, of this skin condition, is pink or red colored blisters on feet and hands, which hurt usually in the mornings. The blisters have fluid inside, due to which crust formation may be observed and eventually the skin cracks.
Although previously the cause of this dermatitis was said to be sweat, the vesicular lesions are not associated with sweat. Often, the consumption of certain category of foods, like food with high nickel content, for example cocoa, whole grains, etc., is said to cause these blisters. The most common symptom of this dermatitis is very small blisters on tips and sides of fingers and toes and on the palms and soles. The symptoms progress from bad to worse after the hands or the feet come in contact with soap or any other irritant. A» Moisturizers, steroid creams, antibiotics and antifungal creams, etc., are also used in the treatment of this condition.
A» If the condition persists for an extended period, a specialist should be consulted and one should not try to self treat the condition.
Dyshidrotic eczema can be caused when a person gets stressed or due to long exposure to certain chemicals like cobalt, chromium or nickel in workplace.
Some believe that this type of skin blisters is caused due to autoimmune disorder wherein the body’s own immune system attacks the healthy cells of the skin, forming pus filled blisters. Your doctor will first determine the intensity of symptoms like irritation and pain and accordingly give treatment. You can also use wet compression on the affected area after application of topical ointments. Light therapy is given for treating dyshidrotic eczema if it does not respond to other therapy. Recently people have started taking Botulinum injections for treating severe kind of dyshidriotic eczema. You can use antihistamine drugs like Benadryl or Claritin or alavert for reducing itching sensation. I finally found a treatment that completely cleared up the eczema on my fingers, after I had been searching for an effective treatment for years. In short, I had terribly itchy eczema my fingers and palms of my hands, where I would wake up during the night scratching and couldn’t cook or clean for years. The medical term for this type of eczema is dyshidrotic eczema, and results in tiny blisters on fingers and palms, filled with clear fluid. The doctors I saw didn’t give me much hope, telling me that they could only treat the symptoms, not the cause of eczema. After years of suffering and scratching, a friend recommended I read a treatment guide on how to beat eczema written by Susan Clark. Susan claims that you will see improvements for any type of eczema after following her advice for 10 days, often curing eczema completely. I was skeptical at first, but was willing to give it a try given that nothing else had worked, including using high strength corticosteroid creams. The photos below show my actual hands before and after I started following the treatment advice.
Ok, my eczema hadn’t cleared up after the 10 days Susan promised, and it took two weeks for the dyshidrotic eczema to vanish completely.
I first learned that I suffered from eczema on fingers when I saw our family doctor to check out an itchy rash I had developed on my hands.
At the point, I would wake up several times a night, finding myself scratching my hands, and would maybe get 5 hours of sleep on a good night. I previously really enjoyed cooking, however I had stop preparing fresh meals, because cutting up food would leave my hands burning like fire from being exposed to fruit and vegetable juices. On top of that I couldn’t hold or lift heavy items, or things that would cut into my hands like shopping bags, as it was just too painful.
If you are suffering from eczema or dermatitis yourself, I am sure you can relate to some or all of these issues. As a remedy, she prescribed a strong corticosteroid ointment and told me to avoid exposing my hands to common irritants, such as soap, water and dishwashing liquid, and to use rubber gloves when cutting up food. The ointment worked almost like magic the first few weeks and I could literally see my eczema disappear before my eyes.

It meant that I had to stop using the steroid ointment for a while, which caused the eczema on my fingers to return with a vengeance. The doctor’s second bit of advice to wear gloves wasn’t really much help either, as my hand got sweaty inside the rubber gloves, which had about the same effect as drizzling vinegar or onion juice onto my hands: a severe burning sensation and the desire to scratch the skin of my fingers.
I went and saw a number of doctors and skin specialists but the advice and treatment was no different from what the first dermatologist had told me. For years I put up with the itching and scratching, only applying steroid ointments every second or so day to stop the symptoms from becoming unbearable.
An eczema cure seemed to be impossible, when a friend of mine (and fellow eczema sufferer) recommended I read the Beat Eczema guide.
Unlike the treatment advice I had received so far, the guide explains that eczema is directly related to your body’s immune system. Susan Clark, the author of the guide, provides advice and explains how to improve your immune system by make small changes to your lifestyle.
It has meant that I no longer have to live with the constant itching and burning sensation. Whilst I’m not a doctor and can’t give you medical advice, I strongly recommend to everyone who suffers from eczema on the fingers to read the Beat Eczema guide. Hand blisters are very common in people who do manual labor that involves hand tools, such as landscapers, construction workers, iron workers, auto mechanics, machinists, wood workers, plumbers, and carpet layers. Some people’s first inclination when they get a hand blister is to immediately pop it; this is not the right thing to do. It is also a good idea to see your doctor if the blisters on your hands have not healed within four days or so.
I used to get a lot of eczema blisters on my hands, which is pretty much as unpleasant to live with as it sounds.
It's really hard to leave blisters alone to heal when you have to use your hands for things! This particular eczema of the hand is not very well treated by hydrocortisone creams, which can thin the skin and make it even more fragile. This offers the best chance of a cure. Blisters on hands are a sign that something is wrong on the inside.
If there are symptoms of poor digestion such as gas, bloating, constipation or foul diarrhea, we always include herbs to treat that as well, so that the body is able to efficiently absorb nutrients and discharge wastes from the body.
Mostly, this condition is a repercussion of an allergic reaction to substances like flowers or fragrances or metals. The starting point of this condition are the sides of the fingers, where small itching bumps make an appearance and later develop into a rash. Some people can be allergic to certain fragrances and contact with these fragrances can trigger an allergy. If scratching causes these blisters to break, the fluid inside the blister is released causing the skin to crack. The other treatments, which are often used for the condition include ultraviolet light therapy, conducting a test to find out the allergens responsible for the outbreak of this condition, etc. It is important that the person finds out the possible reasons which could have caused the breakout, as that would help to treat the condition in a better way. It is marked by the presence of small blisters on the palms and on the sides of the fingers.
People who are often getting rash are prone to get dyshidrosis when they come into direct contact with irritant chemicals. Exposure to powerful UV rays can make the skin more responsive and it reduces the formation of new blisters on the affected area. It is very effective in managing the symptoms but you need to take injections repeatedly for keeping it under control. But one can manage stress and stay away from the exposure of heavy chemicals for not getting blisters on the palms. The first two photos show bad eczema on my fingers (very itchy, lots of blisters, flaky skin).
By the time I managed to get an appointment with a dermatologist, the rash had spread to the palms of both of my hands.
Unfortunately after some time my body seemed to get used to the steroids and I had to apply the ointment more often. It seems that the skin condition symptoms such as redness, cracked, flaky and itchy skin are caused by the way the immune system behaves. For me, it was not only an improvement, but a dramatic positive change, with any visual signs of eczema eliminated after about two weeks.
I no longer use a steroid ointment and I can finally prepare fresh meals again where cutting up ingredients is no longer a problem. The blisters on your hands are basically areas of skin trauma where the upper surface of the skin has torn and fluid has filled the created gap. People who have hands that contain a large amount of calluses will very rarely see any blisters on their hands; this is because the skin on the calluses is thick and very durable.

As long as you refrain from putting pressure on the affected part of your hand while it heals, the torn layers of skin beneath the blister will grow back and the body will reabsorb the excess fluid, thus healing the blister.
That’s because blisters can also be indicative of other diseases and illnesses, including chicken pox, herpes, eczema and several others. I find that staying ultra hydrated helps to reduce the attacks, so I force myself to get through a few liters of water a day.
I have a really nasty one at the moment that I got from accidentally touching the stove when baking. If you continue to have to use hydrocortisone (corticosteroid) cream, but your blisters keep coming back, it's time to look for a better treatment option. The body is in a chronic state of inflammation, which produces excessive fluids in the skin tissues. Chinese Herbs used for this condition are very strong anti-inflammatories, such as Dandelion, Violet and Gentian root. As well, externally, a herb and mineral soak is used for 10 minutes daily, which quickly dries up the blisters to offer symptomatic relief. Along with fragrances, there are certain chemicals, which are also known to trigger the condition. Caffeine present in coffee could also lead to triggering of allergies in the form of these blisters.
They should wear natural fabrics like cotton and silk, which allow the skin to breathe well. Salt water soaks and white vinegar soaks are said to be beneficial for this skin condition. The dermatologist will be better placed to assess and recommend the right treatment for the specific case. The blisters or lesions are small measuring the size of pencil head and often they occur in groups. After 2-3 weeks, the blisters will weather off leaving redness and scaly patches on the skin. In case the disorder is caused due to weakened immunity, medications are given to suppress the immune system.
This caused my skin to get really thin and paper like, causing cracks which would get infected.
While blisters commonly form on the feet, having hand blisters can be just as uncomfortable. However, a popped blister is much more likely to get infected than a blister that heals untouched.
Of course, leaving the blisters on your hands alone to heal is only recommended if the blisters have not been popped and the affected area shows no other signs of trauma.
If indeed the blister is a symptom of a more serious problem, then you will want to have medical intervention as quick as possible. It may be worth see-ing a doctor and getting some special film put on the area. I had to do that last year after I got a burn blister between my thumb and first finger. This is worsened by reactions to soaps, dish soap, shampoos, and even ordinary tasks such as peeling vegetables!
Although people with no history of excessive sweating may also have outbreaks of these blisters. The skin tends to become inflamed and dry on the areas, where the blisters have made an appearance. When they come in contact with soaps or other irritants like solvent type chemicals, the condition often flares up. Alcohol consumption can cause severe fissures and cracking of the skin, as alcohol dehydrates the entire system. Hence, it is important, that one takes this factor into consideration as well, when one is trying to assess the condition.
In certain cases, it is seen that the cracks may be infected and pus formation may be observed. You need to wrap the affected area with plastic bandage so that the skin absorbs the medicine easily. This is due to the lower skin layers being exposed to the elements; in that environment infection is much more likely to occur. If you notice any other abnormalities in the area of the blister, then see your physician immediately. Water is another irritant, which can cause the condition to aggravate, therefore, people who are in contact with water for an extended period are known to suffer from it. Once a hand blister is infected, then it must be treated with prescription antibiotics in order for it to heal. Dyshidrotic eczema also known as dyshidrosis can be treated using topical creams and ointments and in more severe forms steroids are used for managing blisters.

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