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Adidas has introduced the newest additions to its iconic Energy Boost range of running shoes. The new Energy Boost shoes are constructed with a stretched mesh upper that snugly hugs the wearer's foot, while also helping keep their feet cooler during runs. This marks the 21st and 22nd major race victories for runners wearing the adidas adizero Adios BOOST including the marathon world record set in Berlin earlier this year. Kipsang made a memorable NYC marathon debut with the victory which follows his London marathon win earlier this year and his eighth overall. In addition to wearing adidas adizero Adios BOOST, Keitany, Kipsang and fellow adidas runner Geoffrey Mutai (NYC marathon winner in 2012 and 2013) all debuted kits with the new AKTIV Against Cancer logo. Since 2009, adidas has been a proud partner of AKTIV and launched a new line of AKTIV training gear at this year’s race expo with 100 percent of the proceeds earned at the expo being donated to AKTIV in addition to the $1 donation for every social media post using the hashtag #mystepmatters. BOOST ™ technology – provides a higher Energy Return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry. Continental Rubber™ outsole – a high performance rubber outsole that grips the ground for better traction and a powerful push-off. The Pundits Noun: An expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it to the public.
February 21, 2013 By Peter Larson 27 Comments A bit over a week ago adidas introduced their new Boost midsole technology. After the Boost introduction, I wrote a post in which I criticized the marketing approach taken by adidas, pointing out that how a material behaves in mechanical testing may not be the same as how it behaves on the human foot. Amby writes about how Runner’s World confirmed the mechanical testing results that adidas has been touting, but he’s also not buying that this is necessarily a reason to go out and spend $150 on the shoes. As far as I know that data has not been published, so details regarding the testing are lacking. Filed Under: running article commentary, running science About Peter LarsonThis post was authored by Peter Larson.
Mechanical testing has it’s place, but from a marketing standpoint you need more than that if the underlying pitch is that a shoe will improve your performance.
Shoe companies always need a new angle for marketing purposes, but they also have an interest in improving design to stay ahead of competitors. At the same time, marketing of any kind has a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver in virtually every sphere they’re in.
Fudge, I posted a comment, and disqust ate it.The point was, if you want a steel ball to bounce real high, bounce it off concrete. Hi Pete – thanks for the update.Do you think the boost could help with micro-vibrations? There needs to be a a lab that can test the shoes in a way more like the way real running works.
It intrigues me because when you look at something like the Air-Trekker, it does seem that it returns more energy and let’s people run faster because of it. Of course Addidas could create a minimal light weight shoe using their new mid-sole and provide all the benefits of better form, lighter weight and more efficiency mid-sole, and perhaps one day they will get serious about creating an efficient shoe than spending the majority their budget on over hyped marketing. I don’t really understand the part of this article that dismisses a 1% increase in economy as being only for those attempting a world record. Image Courtesy Adidas News Stream – February 2013 Adidas introduced a new way to run by unveiling its latest running innovation Energy Boost.

Among the biggies for Adidas is another running shoe with an evolved sole called Energy Boost.
Image Courtesy Adidas News Stream – February 2013 Adidas introduced a new way to run by unveiling its latest running innovation Energy Boost. This foam stores and returns energy to ensure that the more energy runners generate, the more they will get back. The shoes' cushioning remains consistent in all weather conditions, unlike EVA cushioning that can expand and harden depending on the temperature. For Keitany, this marks her third marathon victory and first in New York following a third place finish in 2011. AKTIV Against Cancer is an organization co-founded by the New York City marathon’s most prolific winner (nine victories), Grete Waitz.
Keitany, Kipsang and Mutai are three of 20 elite athletes that will wear the new adidas AKTIV logo when competing. Based on mechanical testing, Boost is touted as providing the best energy return of any cushioning material currently incorporated into a running shoe. I received a bunch of responses to that post, many via private email, and the vast majority came from people agreeing with what I wrote.
Pete is a recovering academic who currently works as an exercise physiologist, running coach, and writer. I agree that, in general, mechanical testing might not correlate perfectly with increased performance.
Shoe companies ave production cycles that don’t necessarily mesh with the scientific publishing timelines. I agree that innovation is good and am completely open to the possibility that Boost is a game change, but the scientist in me demands evidence to back the marketing. About the only company that has pretty consistently done better than hype is Apple, but then again there was no hype ahead of anything they do. I have 2 herniated disks in my lower back, so have stopped running and am doing physical therapy and unfortunately taking daily pain meds. I had been working on shorter stride and less heel impact already (though to be honest I have a very hard time telling when I’m heel-striking and when I hit mid-foot ).
I'm a former college anatomy professor who gave up tenure to build a career around my passion for running.
It provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience. The foam is constructed out of thousands of energy capsules that maintain their cushioning for several seasons.
They also boast a flexible Tortion System that remains stable through strides and adapts to different surfaces. As she triumphantly crossed the finish line, Keitany showed her A Game hand gesture as part of adidas’ social media fund raising support for AKTIV Against Cancer. Waitz, considered the Queen of the New York City marathon lost her own battle with cancer in 2011. This finding was confirmed by Runner’s World Magazine, who put the shoe to the test in their shoe lab and found the cushioning material to indeed be a cut above the rest when it comes to energy return. One of those emails came from Amby Burfoot, who has watched shoes evolve (or devolve depending on your perspective) for over 40 years.

However, because there are so many additional variables that are introduced when you switch over to physiological testing, it’s going to be difficult to get any sort of significant, meaningful data.
Even things like Mizuno’s Wave plates are trying to demonstrate some kind of advantage beyond the bare foot.
The marketing is the marketing and the ball test is trying to make a point in a simple fashion, to sell shoes to lots of people. I now spend my days chasing around my three little kids, annoying my wife with endless talk about running, and writing this website. Like the smartphone category, there’s a nearly obsessive focus on differentiating technology.
In the heat, in the cold and after countless kilometers, it performs more consistently and doesn’t lose its cushioning properties like standard EVA foam.
Amby and I share an interest in the science of running, and we exchange emails frequently on topics such as this (and as revealed in his article, we also apparently share a fear of our wives’ reactions to excessive running shoe purchases).
Does it disappear, does it work with your stride, or do you feel like you fight the shoe with every step?
In addition to writing and editing this site, he is co-author of the book Tread Lightly, and writes a personal blog called The Blogologist.
The big innovation of late ,and a significant one that has given my old legs less pain, is lighter and lower drop shoes.
I think with lower back issues you want to attempt to attenuate shock as much as possible before it reaches the level of the lower back.
What’s the point of posting speculation about what a new material may or may not bring to the table? On the side I also coach runners and perform running gait analysis at Performance Health Spine and Sport Therapy in Concord, NH. The competitive position for Adidas’ new shoe is best-in-class return of energy after impact compressing. It turns out that he shared my skepticism about whether Boost would actually work as well on a runner as it apparently does for a metal ball. The alternative is to be more transparent in marketing products and avoid potentially deceptive marketing.
Interestingly not only lighter materials but a lower drop means less material in the heel so lighter shoes. So, yeah, take the claims with a pinch of salt but don’t dismiss it out of hand because the percentage gain is seemingly pretty small. The latter point is important because if the shoe was the Energy Boost model which is reported at about 9-10oz, then simply wearing a lighter shoe that doesn’t cost $150 would seem to accomplish the same benefit. We know from existing research that we gain about 1% in economy from every three or so ounces we drop in shoe weight, so a six ounce flat might provide the same benefit. Haven’t run any races longer than 16K in the last decade, though did run 3 marathons in my younger days).

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