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If you have an otherwise healthy horse and suspect dust to be the cause, this can often be cleared up by flushing the eye 2-4 times a day with an equine eye wash. I highly recommend that you keep a bottle of 'Clear Eyes' Sterile eye-care solution for horses and ponies in your horse first aid kit. Find out what items you need to build a well rounded horse first aid kit for your barn, your truck and on the trail.
Equestrian Safety - This is a straight forward practical guide to keeping you and your horse safe from injury. This information is written for the horseman to better understand and cope with the variety of disease and injury that can occur during the course of horse ownership.

Gaited Horses and MulesFun informative interview on gaited horses with long time trainer and author Burl Brooks aka Moose. If the eye(s) dona€™t clear within a couple of days or worsen or you suspect something more serious, get your horse to the vet.

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