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According to a new report from the World Health Organisation, 67% of people are infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).
If these findings are correct, that means that a staggering 3.7 billion people worldwide are suffering with the virus.
To make matters worse, the WHO also landed us with the bombshell that HSV-1 is not just oral herpes as we know it. In fact, it can also cause genital herpes, when it is transmitted through oral-to-genital contact.
Alarmingly, half of the HSV-1 cases in people aged 15–49 are estimated to be genital infections.
The report, which was published yesterday in the journal PLOS ONE, is the first statement of its kind to globally estimate the rate of HSV-1. Having used population data from 2012 for the basis of their investigation, they looked closely at the infection rate in people under the age of 50. As it turns out, the worst effected counties are Africa, Southeast Asia and Western Pacific. The fact that herpes is incurable, means that once you contract it, you are stuck with it for life. If you do catch the virus, there is medication that can help with symptoms and make it less likely that you’ll pass it along to a partner. So, to reduce the risk of infection, avoid oral-to-oral or oral-to-genital contact when you are aware of someone with an outbreak, and don’t share things like drinks, towels, utensils, lip balm, etc. Evil Scientist and possible Cobra weapon designer Colin Furze built a fully functioning hoverbike.

Paula Martinac holds a Master of Science in health and nutrition education from Hawthorn University, with an emphasis on healthy aging, cancer prevention, weight control and stress management.
Although there’s no cure for herpes once you contract the virus, you may be able to manage outbreaks with lifestyle and dietary changes.
The amino acid arginine feeds the herpes virus while lysine impedes it, according to integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Plain yogurt has almost three times as much lysine as arginine and is an excellent choice for your breakfast diet for herpes. For days when you’re in a hurry or need a quick, to-go meal, make a smoothie with a base of skim or low-fat milk, for a ratio of lysine to arginine of about 2-to-1. Eggs have about a 1-1 ratio of lysine to arginine, and some of the foods you add to your egg dishes will boost the lysine and vitamin content further.
Stress, for example, can trigger a flare-up of cold sores or genital blisters, and learning stress-management techniques may help with prevention. Many fruits -- especially the tropical kind -- are also low in arginine, so enjoy a cup of yogurt mixed with chopped papaya or pineapple. For example, make an omelet or frittata with an ounce of shredded Swiss, mozzarella or Cheddar cheese and a generous helping of your favorite veggies, like peppers, mushrooms and spinach. Martinac runs a holistic health counseling practice and has written extensively on nutrition for various websites.
Food choices, too, can work in your favor, so start your day with a healthful breakfast with a good ratio of essential amino acids to help manage herpes. The two compete for absorption, so keeping them in balance or choosing foods with more lysine than arginine can help your body resist the virus, says Gordon.

Greens like chard and kale supply B vitamins, which help you manage stress, so toss some of these veggies into your smoothies, too.
If you eat meat, add some chopped ham to the eggs, or have a slice of Canadian bacon on the side. Talk to your doctor about the best ways to deal with your condition -- don't attempt to self-treat through diet.
Many favorite breakfast foods -- such as cooked and ready-to-eat cereals, orange juice and nut butters -- are high in arginine while simultaneously being low in lysine, so your morning meal will take some rethinking. Steer clear of adding granola or nuts to the top of your yogurt, though, because those foods are higher in arginine. In fact, most vegetables are naturally high in lysine, so think outside the breakfast box and smear some celery or bell pepper sticks with goat cheese.
Gordon advises you to avoid cereal, cream of wheat, oatmeal, white or whole-wheat toast and sugary breakfast items like muffins and pastries. If you aren’t a yogurt fan, substitute cottage or ricotta cheese and use the same types of fruits. When you’re really rushed, bring an apple to munch on in the car, or a handful of dried fruit like apricots or figs.

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