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If you or a loved one has cancer, do not continue to feed and encourage the tumor growth!
This web page contains medical information about Protocel such as pharmacology, side effects, effectiveness (a study with all the case histories not just the successes), updated compatibility lists, and distributor contact information.
Contact information for distributors is provided on a different page in order to encourage people to completely read this page to make sure they are willing to perform the Protocel protocols fully and correctly. You cannot pick an alternative cancer treatment the same way you pick your other medications. A person's unique body chemistry seems to be the most important consideration in selecting an alternative cancer treatment. The treatment indicated by energy medicine testing using the Alternative Cancer Treatments Test Kit*. Read this current page which provides critical information such as compatibility, difficulty of use, and response time. Protocel is a safe alternative cancer treatment which has successfully treated people and animals for a wide array of diseases for more than thirty years without dangerous side effects.
Want to make sure that Protocel is the right alternative cancer treatment for you, read the Treatments Selection Methods* section on the top of the Home page of this web site. Want accurate information about taking Protocel especially the things to avoid while taking Protocel (30% of people polled took conflicting substances), read the information on this page.
Want to order Protocel, order online from the Vitamin Depot**, or call (330) 634-0008 in the States or overseas. We receive no compensation from the sale of any of the alternative cancer treatments on and we do not sell any supporting supplements.
Protocel has been an effective tool against viruses including AIDS, Herpes (see below), colds, flu, and Chronic Fatigue syndrome (when due to viruses). When Protocel is given to an AIDS patient, it breaks down the cell that the virus has invaded.
Protocel has demonstrated strong anti-viral abilities against most viruses including colds and flu.
The book the Cancell Controversy by Louise Trull reports that 15 cases of herpes were treated with Cancell by physicians with positive cures in every case within 3 to 6 days.
Some people who have taken Protocel for cancer also had high blood pressure and clogged arteries. The first Cancell-like formula was called Entelev and was developed by a chemist, James Sheridan of Rosell, Michigan. Currently, the brand names Cantron and Protocel are the only Cancell-like products available.
When Sheridan attempted to appeal the original court decision, the court claimed to have lost the transcript. Although the ratio of ingredients of Cancell-like products has changed slightly over the years, the ingredients listed on the labels of Cantron and Protocel are: tetrahydroxyquinone, rhodizonic acid, sodium, potassium, croconic acid, catechol (or pyrocatechol), triquinoyl, leuconic acid, inositol, and copper.
The developer, James Sheridan felt that his formula was 50% effective (higher for brain tumors).
It has been reported that Protocel is as effective on benign tumors as it is on cancerous tumors.
One of the reasons for Protocel's apparent slow action is due to the time it takes a person's system to convert the tumors to waste matter and longer to recover from the damage the tumor produced. No studies on Protocel have been published in standard scientific journals, and no clinical trials (research studies with people) of Protocel have been done. You can take Protocel with Paw Paw, but don't forget to read all the Paw Paw protocols besides these. Since Paw Paw is fat soluble it will work better after a person has started eating for the day. People who change their eating habits greatly increase the effectiveness of the supplements they take. Protocel 23 every 4 hours throughout the day, plus a double amount at bedtime if you feel you must sleep through the next 4 hour dose.
Although Sheridan was unable to get a lab to perform a toxicity test on Entelev, one interested group succeeded in getting the test performed by changing the name.
The test lab started the test in the normal way (see above paragraph) and eventually tested levels of hundreds of milligrams per kilo of body weight and no mice died. Entelev), James Sheridan knew the danger of taking multiple vitamins, people will confuse things such as milligrams (mg) and micrograms (cmg).
Potassium may cause a problem, but more study is needed before these are definite substances to avoid.

If you are currently taking supplements that contain any of the above, you must decide if you are willing to stop taking them in order to use Protocel most effectively.
Do not use any information from the Renewal & Wellness web site it is full of dead ends and they do not correct their mistakes. The combination of Protocel and bloodroot or neoplasene (bloodroot extract) may be too taxing on the body. The above lists were compiled with the assistance of the Protocel consulting chemist, Tanya Pierce author of Outsmart Your Cancer**, and Dr. Although chemo prevents Protocel from working, taking Protocel while taking chemo reduces the side effects of chemo, but does not reduce the effectiveness of chemo. Warning: If a cancer patient uses Protocel during a course of chemo, the reduced side effects caused by Protocel may encourage the oncologist to increase the dose of chemo. FREE Report: What You Need to Know About Brain Tumors provided by the National Cancer Insitute.
Their primary cancers were located in the breast, brain, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, esophagus, stomach, colon, prostate, ovaries and skin. It also contains the details that support the ratings on the Comparison table row for Protocel. An important conclusion of the effectiveness study was that one third of the cancer patients took conflicting substances which reduced the effect of Protocel. It has also been reported to be effectiveness against lupus, endimetriosis, Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, almost all auto-immune disease, and has some success treating: ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Scleroderma. At that point, the virus loses its protection allowing the immune system to attack the virus. It can be exceptionally helpful for people like myself who take a long time to get rid of these common illnesses. Since the cancer was more of a threat, these people ignored their heart conditions to concentrate on their cancer. Although Sheridan was a researcher at the Michigan Cancer Center, Sheridan was not a medical doctor. Eventually, Sheridan passed away and his children were not interested in pursuing this direction although they did eventually get production started for Protocel. Often the waste matter around a tumor is misread by a doctor as tumor growth and a person stops taking Protocel before it is finished working. When the malignant cells, self-digest, they change from cancer to waste material, composed of two amino acids that have the appearance of raw egg whites, which are mostly excreted through normal body waste disposal or in the case of lung cancer, this material is coughed up. The only case history type documentation available this on the Cancell Effectiveness Study* page. For the results of their study and a critical analysis of those results see the Comments on the NCI Testing of Cancell page presented on this web site.
However, the antioxidant test performed in 2003 verified the tremendous antioxidant ability of Protocel.
Recommended dose for Paw Paw is 1 capsule four times a day at the same time as Protocel or Cantron. CAT scans sometimes can't distinguish between growing tumors and tumors that are breaking down, but a PET scan** can verify the breakdown of tumors. I know of one person who continues to take Protocel five years after his remission; no side effects have been observed. This group fears reprisals from the FDA and have requested that I not include the cover-name they used and the date of the test. The level is expressed in terms of milligrams per kilogram of the animal’s body weight. If you are not willing to stop taking those things, ordering Protocel might be a waste of money. Some people say that you can take up to certain levels of these vitamins, but this information is often confused . Just use the 800 order number which you will find after reading the Ordering Preliminaries page and the final ordering page on this web site. It is mearly a list of things that are known not to increase ATP energy (adenosine triphosphate).
If the patient then decides to stop the Protocel, for whatever reason, the side effects of chemo can increase and greatly threaten the patients life. Ordering information is not presented until you have had time to read the following critical sections to make sure that Protocel is correct for you.
These forums seem to be associated with people who have demonstrated carelessness about the information they present and who sell or profit from the sale of Protocel.

I am the only person to post a study of users including all results not just the successes.
So clicking a rating number on that table on the Protocel row will bring you to the related section on this page.
Manufacturer and distributor for Protocel websites are prohibited by the FDA from supplying most medical information about their products. Regardless of the treatment you select, visit the Essentials* page and the Sleep section*of the Energy Medicine page to increase the effectiveness of your approach. After Protocel had corrected their cancer, they were surprised to learn that their blood pressure had gone back to normal. However, it can take as much as three months for some cancer sufferers to notice improvement especially for Lymphomas.
This can prevent Protocel from making obvious improvement for months, perhaps as much as six months. The results of two independent laboratories are in: Protocel is by far the most powerful antioxidants thus far teste.
Since the recommended dose for Cantron or Protocel is six times a day, you would skip taking Paw Paw for two of the Cantron or Protocel doses. They jumped the level to 11,000 mg per kilo of body weight and finally 70% of the mice died.
That is not to say that all are in agreement as some items on the list have some minor controversy. I do not profit from the sale of any of the alternative cancer treatments presented on this web site. Since we do not sell any alternative cancer treatment, we can supply all the information you might need and then some.
The number of viruses has not increased, they are just more detectable due to the removal of the protective layer.
Now that I use Protocel, neither of these conditions remain for more than three days and my symptoms are reduced by about 70% soon after taking my first dose. However, there is some chance that a long course of treatment, about four months, may make it very difficult for the virus to launch another episodes or can greatly reduce the frequency of episodes. Some of these people had angiograms performed and found that the plaque in their arteries had been dissolved. However, if Protocel is working, there should not be any increase in the progress of the cancer.
The test procedure for new compounds is to slowly increase the level of the compound until half the mice die. This also assures you of our complete impartiality when comparing these treatments on our Comparison table*. The Cantron manufacturer is more accurate and cooperative than the Protocel manufacturer and has a more reasonable return policy. For more information or or to take Protocel for AIDS, go to the Ordering Preliminaries for Cantron and Protocel page* and click on AIDS in the bulleted list.
For this reason the Protocel manufacturers recently (March 2003) performed tests on Protocel to determine its antioxidant abilities.
However, Protocel is a most powerful antioxidant and can be taken once or twice a day for its antioxidant benefit. In the two day NCI test of Cancell (the previous name) it reduced most of the 60 tumor masses by 80% or more. The results of the tests indicated that Protocel is the most powerful antioxidant available. Another reason for this resistance may be due to the fact that Cancell is not only anticancer it is also antiviral. If you want to order the DVD, your Back button will always get you back here unless you leave this web site. For this reason Protocel is a life saver for people with high blood pressure because the current high blood pressure medication has a terrible list of side affects.

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