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Dip a Qtip in Campho Phenique and touch canker sore andit will be gone in less than two days.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. IMPORTANT: These testimonials come from a large-scale epidemiological study done by us on a population of more than 10,000 people suffering from recurring canker sores.
I also have a large ulcer (or fibrous mass) on the side of my tongue which never goes away, it only varies in the amount of pain I have. I don't rate any of the medications available, the gels are uncomfortable & the liquids are more painful than they are worth.
I have suffered from recurring mouth ulcers ever since I can remember, and no doctor or dentist has ever been able to offer me any explanation or treatment, despite repeated visits and blood tests. They sound like such a pathetic ailment, but they can be completely debilitating, and the pain has often prevented me from eating, drinking, sleeping and speaking - the latter being a pretty essential part of my job as a journalist. I have suffered for years and they seem to happen if i let myself get a little run down or a period of not enough sleep. I have suffered with these nasty things since I was a child and find citric acid tends to start them off!! Sometimes, instead of a mouth ulcer, I get a very sore tongue blister that bursts and stings and then becomes a very sore and large ulcer on the tongue.
It becomes almost unbearable for a few days and I find it difficult to eat because of the pain. I find that I'm more likely to develop mouth ulcers during periods of stress - on this occasion I lost my job so a combination of stress and unhealthy diet during this period probably to blame.
I would be very interested in finding out if a healthier diet is best preventative measure and also if these are likely to be hereditary - I wouldn't like to think my 2 year old would go through the pain I've endured with them for a lot of my adult life. I have had them investigated all tests where negative and i have been advised that they are commonly referred to atheros ulcers.
I have suffered from burning mouth syndrome and ulcers for 11 years, to date and although Professors and Drs.
I feel it may be to do with change of life, bt they say thats hard to detect, Ive had plenty of test ,potions ect.. I did suffer alot with my bowels first they thought it was celiac but that came up negative. I have a medical condition known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and this can cause weakening of mucosal tissue. I was once told that my ulcers where caused by not having enough folic acid in my diet - so I ate loads of bananas to absolutely no avail. So far the only help has been salt water, but no treatment has stopped an ulcer in its tracks, they have always continued to grow and become more painful lasting a week or two before they finally go away. I have LICHEN PLANUS and I might still also have CANDIDA which I have had over three years now. Furthermore I have now got rid of the candida through eating no yeast, no wheat and no sugar for a few months plus taken various vitamines described by the nutr. I still have mouth ulcers though and a sore mouth through Lichen Planus - some-thing irritates my tender tongue!!! In the last 6 months I constantly have mouth ulcers on the cheek roof and tongue, anywhere I can have between 2-6 at one time all different sizes, up until now no treatments works well. I used to have ulcers far more often (once or twice a month) before I started taking vitamin suppliment.
Was told in july 2009 that I was gluten intolerent although the blood test came back negative! I cant find a straightforward answer as to why i get the ulcers on my tongue they are always painful and usualy on the tip and occassionally underneath. Appear in largest numbers and size when I work more than 50 hours in a week and dont eat properly or regulary over numbers of days.
I have had a test for mouth cancer which proved negative and many blood tests which have all proved to be withinin normal limits,however I have in the past had high levels of uric acid due to gout which is now under control with allopurinol (I did have the ulcers long before the gout occurred). Short to medium term pain relief comes from mouth wash of high concentration dispersible ASPIRIN, also a mouth wash of dispersible STEROIDS seems to help with healing but with little pain relief.

I would be interested in receiving any scientific data related to this study and any published results of the study. I've tried everything, but only using the steroid paste types actually help when I catch the ulcer early enough. I really hope you can find a cure for this as they have been the bane of my life for many years now.
Could I ask my hospital consultant at King's Dental Institute if there are hospital allergy tests I could have to see if there is anything I am intolerant to?
I take a cod liver oil supplement, zinc supplement, a vitamin B complex and an iron supplement everyday. This normally seems to occurr if I am stressed or have had late nights and have been drinking.
I've suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember but I'm the only one in my family who does.
If there is any treatment available that I have not tried already please forward info to me.Have tried all ointments,mouth washes and various alternative medicines to no avail.I wonder if it is allergy to something? My mouth is never without some kind of mouth ulcer, they are on my tongue, roof of my mouth, gums under my tongue, it is hard to eat anything without pain. I am interested in any suggestions as I have over several years tried to modify my diet, take vit and minerals but nothing seems to work. I have not answered question 3, as this varies with each lot of ulcers, how many I have, where they are in my mouth etc. Ihave been suffering from persistant mouth and tongue ulcers for about the last three years. I suffer greatly from mouth ulcers, there was only one brand of paste which would clear them, this company is now no longer making the product. I have been getting very sore ulcers on my lips and use bonjela and salt water to swish but neither help. On several occassions especially if i am sick i get what feels like hundreds of little blisters in my mouth. I often get them on my tonsils which left them scarred, this has resulted in re-occuring ulsers, swollen glads and I am waiting to have my tonsils removed. I suffer with mouth ulcers on a continuous basis but they were very bad as I had braces which made them verly large and painful.
I AM ALSO ON IRON TABLETS, DUE TO IRON DEFICIENCY BUT DONT KNOW THE CAUSE, RECURRING TONSILITUS, (DOCTOR ADVISED TO HAVE TONSILS REMOVED AS THEY ARE QUITE LARGE SO GETTING RECURRENT INFECTIONS, I HAVE DECIDED AGAINST THIS FOR THE MOMENT)SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES EVERY MONTH OR TWICE A MONTH, YELLOW TONGUE, AT THE MOMENT DEALING WITH HUGE STRESS WHICH HOPEFULLY IS THE CAUSE OF ALL THE SYMPTOMS AND AS SOON AS I GET RID OF THE STRESS HOPEFULLY I WILL FEEL WELL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A YEAR, (FINGERS CROSSED). I have had continuously had mouth ulcers for the past 2 years they are always on my tongue and never on my gum's, i have also a swolen tongue, i have been to the dentist and he is sending me for some blood tests but may take months to get the appointment. On the programme Embarassing Bodies on Channel 4 on February 10th, a girl was saying she had them, the doctor took a mouth swab and blood tests, all came back clear but she was prescirbed anti-inflammatories and a few weeks later she was saying how much better she was and didn't get the mouth ulcers so often and were less painful when she did get them. I don't usually suffer from mouth ulcers but i quit smoking 2 weeks ago and feel it has something to do with that. I was advised some years ago that I have an intolerance to some foods causing mouth ulcers.
I have really bad episodes once i was sent to a London Hospital by a dentist and they used nasal spay and it help clear them. Have found after three years that if I dont eat wheat based foods that I have reduced the incidence of mouth ulcers.
Sometimes my ulcers are so sore or in the most annoying part of my mouth that they hurt alot while speaking. I seem to get a spate of them for no obvious reason and then have 2 to 3 months free of them. We chose those who seemed representative of different questions which people suffering from canker sores might ask themselves.Texts are original and we didn't correct them. Currently on a course of medication which is due to cease in approximate another week when I will return for further blood tests.
In the last year they have become bad again usually when i am tired or overdoing it.I am healthy otherwise and eat a good varied healthy diet.
There have, however, been occasions when I've had fifteen at once, on my uvula, tonsils, lips, gums - though they are usually appear the sides and tips of my tongue.
I am tired of being told I am stressed or deficient in a vitamin, I can not understand how I could possibly be stressed for this time frame and I have had all my bloods checked to see if I am deficient in anything.

Pharmacy advised on a mouthwash & gel which were ok, but ulcers still lasted another few days. I have tried numerous treatments with very little effect and would really appreciate any new treatments and new information that you find as i have had to deal with them for years.
I s there any one that could answer some questions on my background of this painful case of both properties. When I was pregnant I never had a single one, it was great but I can't stay pregnant for ever!
They started on one side, and have travelled all around the edge to the other side, and are now making their way back. If i do get any temporary relief from anything it is very short lived about 2-3 days then they are back. Doctors say that they can find no organic cause for the ulcers and now say that I have Recurrent Major Aphthous Ulcers and that the is no cure so I am now reduced to continuous pain management which is a very, very depressing prospect indeed.
The ulcers have been more continuous over the last few years and I am looking to find some remedy. My diet is quite good, a lot of protein, complex carbohydrates and green leaf especially spinach.
I have recently started using Teatree oil mouthwash and have found that I haven't had a severe breakout in almost a month which is significant for me. The ulcers that occur on the tongue are much more painful than the ones that occur on the gums. I recently had a few days in cornwall and had a brief relief from mouth ulcers, im now considering whether it is the tap water in my area (northumbria water) and using bottled water to brush my teeth to see if this makes any difference. My mum gets them quite a lot, and I gather there's a genetic component, and yes, we're both pretty nervous, highly strung types. I suffered from canker sores from childhood, but around the same age, my canker sores increased. However if I run out of tcp or stop using it for a couple of days a mouth ulcer will usually occur again. The one at the moment is on this inside top lip he can't even talk properly, let alone eat or drink. I've seen a specialist and both my dentist and the the specialist thought that stress was the major factor. I do also suffer from some hair loss, but any bloods I ever had done come back fine, perfect in fact. I have even resorted to taking anti-inflammatory medication to try and deal with the ulcers that occur on the tongue otherwise I would not be able to talk.
It was also suggested it could be linked to joint pain, I suffer with sciatica, do you think there could be a link?
However there is certainly a link with acidic foods, fruits and vegetables , some sugars, some starches ie potatoes most processed foods. The most recent product that worked up until recently is Betnesol, however I have nine ulcers now and have had them for two weeks. I rarely use any treatment on them these days, just salty water if the pain is too intense. They would last for 2 weeks+ and be so large or so many that I would fake "no voice" so I wouldn't have to speak, because it would be so painful. My mum thinks she has had them less since she started drinking aloe vera, and that they last shorter periods of time. Yesterday I resorted to seeing my GP, only to come away empty handed because the pellets he perscribed are no longer available - I am waiting for him to find an alternative medication.
Finally at age 34, I decided to eliminate sugar from my diet and my tea drinking ceased, as did my canker sores. It took several times back and forth before I realized that it might be the bergamont oil in the tea that might be an irritant. I can still get a canker sore from trauma, if I bite my lip, but it only lasts a few days and does not cause as much pain.

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