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Figure 1 shows the huge increase in world energy consumption that has taken place in roughly the last 200 years. With energy consumption rising as rapidly as shown in Figure 1, it is hard to see what is happening when viewed at the level of the individual. In this post, I provide additional charts showing long-term changes in energy supply, together with some observations regarding implications.
There was a need to find jobs for returning US soldiers, so that the country would not fall back into the recession it was in prior to World War II.
The US had a large oil industry that it wanted to develop, in order to provide jobs and tax revenue. Major infrastructure development projects were put into place during this period, including the Eisenhower Interstate System and substantial improvements to the electrical transmission system.
To facilitate purchases both by companies and by consumers, the government encouraged the use of debt to pay for the new good.
Figure 4 shows that there is a distinct “bend” in the graph about 1950, when population started rising faster, at the same time that energy consumption started rising more quickly.
Figure 5 shows that the first periods a large percentage increases in energy use occurred about the time of World War I.
A person can see that in the most recent decade (2000 to 2010), per capita energy use is again rising rapidly. We can see from Figure 6 that per capita consumption of oil peaked in the 1970 to 1980 time period, and has since been declining. Coal consumption per capita stayed pretty much flat (meaning that coal consumption rose about fast as population growth) until the last decade, namely the period after 2000. If we look at the United States line on Figure 7, we can see that the most recent peak in US per capita consumption of energy was in the year 2000.
A person would expect energy consumption to be correlated with the number of jobs for a couple of reasons.
If changes in international trade caused US wage earners to be more in direct competition with wage earners from other countries, it would not be surprising if a smaller percentage of the US population has jobs, and that median wages dropped in real terms between 2007 and 2010. Figure 10 (below) shows world per capita energy consumption on a year-by-year basis, similar to Figure 7. Figure 10 shows that world per capita energy consumption was increasing until the late 70s, hitting a peak in 1977. These emissions are not on a per-capita basis, but the graph illustrates what happens when the production of goods and services is increasingly outsourced to Asia, where coal is used as the primary fuel.
If we compare the growth of CO2 emissions and the growth of energy use, both on a per capita basis (Figure 12), we see that the CO2 emissions grew more slowly than energy consumption in the 1970 to 1990 period, so the lines increasingly diverged. This divergence appears to result from the changing fuel mix (more nuclear and more natural gas, relative to coal) during the period. Even the period between 1980 and 2000 may be misleading for predicting future patterns because this period occurred before the huge increase in international trade. Another false inference might be that per capita oil consumption has declined in the past (Figure 6), so future declines should not be a problem. The small amounts of new renewables to date should be of concern to economists if they are counting on these for the future. The fact that things haven’t fallen apart so far doesn’t give the assurance that things never will fall apart. The opinions of the contributors to Financial Sense® do not necessarily reflect those of Financial Sense, its staff, or its parent company, PFS Group. If we want to crack down on all that plastic, knowing where it all comes from could be as important as knowing how much there is. The last step is to estimate how much of the mismanaged coastal plastic waste actually washes into the sea. The chart below shows the worst offenders, in terms of total plastic pollution in the ocean in 2010, using data from the study.
That's right: China alone dumped nearly 5 billion pounds of plastic waste into the ocean in 2010. Mother Jones encourages readers to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Disqus, or OpenID to comment.
Their case stems from the “irregular” purchase of 445,337 shares of stock in Express Savings Bank Inc. The two-story townhouse owned by Sebastian was bought sometime in 2000, when he was only 13 years old. It has yet to be established if Bangayan is related to suspected rice smuggler David Bangayan, whom Duterte identified as David Tan, a key player in the P7-billion-a-year rice smuggling racket. A CCTV may provide a clue to the Quezon City break-in and robbery at a home near Camp Crame on Apr. Police have not identified the suspect who robbed on Friday afternoon businessman Daniel Sy’s residence at the corner of North Road and 1st Avenue in Barangay Bagong Lipunan ng Crame.
The case investigator, PO3 Alvin Quisumbing, of the Quezon City Police District’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, said that before Sy and his family left their house on Friday afternoon, they made sure that its doors were locked.
MANILA — Four people were arrested in Las Pinas on Friday night, after they sold fake anti-tetanus vaccines worth almost P400,000 in a mall parking lot.
Flores told the police his company was the sole distributor of the product, with each glass ampoule supposedly worth around P100 each. According to the report, the four were arrested after they sold Flores three boxes of Antitet containing 3,470 glass vials all in all. BURLINGAME, California — The Republican Party in California has been riven for decades between those who want to tack to the ideological center to expand its diminishing appeal and those who want it to enforce conservative purity. The state’s Republican presidential primaries are usually low-profile affairs, occurring after the nomination has been clinched. California, the home turf of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, was once a reliable Republican state in presidential elections. The party has continued to shrivel — Republican registration accounts for just 28 percent of the state total. The upcoming primary has triggered a surge in new voter registrations and they are overwhelmingly young, Democratic and Latino, according to Paul Mitchell, who runs a political data firm in Sacramento. Ose, a former congressman viewed as a moderate, said that’s why people of all ideological stripes are coalescing around Trump. Trump’s campaign hopes his dominance of the airwaves will let him run the table in a state where ground-level campaigning is often eclipsed by television ads and the media. Even those skeptical of Trump see why his appeal is broad in a party that is powerless in California.
IF elected, Vice President Jejomar Binay promised on Sunday that he would create two million jobs each year during his administration, or a total of 12 million jobs by 2022.
In a statement issued on Labor Day, Binay said that the creation of the 12 million jobs can be done by earmarking seven percent of the country’s gross domestic product for infrastructure development. The Vice President said that the P1 trillion set aside every year would be spent for infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, airports, railways, seaports and other necessary infrastructure. Binay’s rivals Senator Grace Poe and administration standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas II earlier promised to create 1 million jobs every year should they win the presidency. The United Nationalist Alliance’s (UNA) presidential candidate said that he will bank on his experience as a long-time mayor of Makati City to implement his plan. Binay said in his 21-year rule of Makati City as mayor, he implemented programs that made the country’s premier financial center more attractive to investors.
Aside from his grand job creation plan, the Vice President also promised to relax economic restrictions in the Constitution and shun underspending. However, independent think-tank Ibon Foundation noted that under the current administration, fewer jobs were created. Ibon said that from 2011 to 2015, only an average of 692,000 new jobs was created annually, which is much smaller than the 858,000 jobs created annually from 2001 to 2010.
Multi-awarded singer-composer Ogie Alcasid pours his heart out to the Gobyernong May Puso of Sen. Poe said support for her presidential quest is growing – from politicians to showbiz personalities, to civil society groups, business leaders and ordinary folks.
Multi-awarded singer and composer Ogie Alcasid was the latest in a roster of supporters to add star power to Poe’s campaign. He rallied the audience to vote for Poe, saying she is the candidate who has a heart for the children and the youth. After Alcasid belted out the “Gobyerno na may Puso” song, the sky lit up with a fireworks display from participants in the  competition.
An adopted daughter of movie stars Susan Roces and the late Fernando Poe Jr., Poe’s hordes of supporters from the entertainment industry were on hand to give their candidate a moral boost, among them were Dingdong Dantes, Coco Martin, and Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna-Sotto. Beyond words of encouragement, Martin has joined some of Poe’s sorties to personally urge the people to vote for her. Earlier, local executives from the Bicol region, led by Albay Governor Joey Salceda,  also joined Poe’s campaign, pledging to deliver votes for her. Poe also gained new allies from the province of Zambales after several Liberal Party candidates for mayor and provincial board members shifted loyalty to her. In Nueva Vizcaya, the senator got the endorsements of Deputy Speaker Carlos Padilla, wife Governor Ruth Padilla and Vice Governor Lambert Galima and his slate.
Women leaders are also making their voices heard for Poe with the recent launch of “Kababaihan para kay Grace Poe” in Quezon City.
During the event in Marikina, Poe vowed to put focus on programs that would ensure the youth’s welfare, such as the free lunch program, which she said she wants expanded to cover more students, including those in day care. Citing the tragedy that struck the city when Ondoy hit the country in 2009, the senator batted for a comprehensive flood control program to give Marikina residents peace of mind that they would not be inundated again when heavy rains come. Poe also reiterated her commitment to curb labor contractualization scheme, which she said does not give security to the employment tenure of workers. BRUSSELS — The Brussels Airport is reopening its departure hall for the first time since deadly Islamic extremist attacks on March 22. The airport had already resumed some flights but passengers had been using a temporary check-in tent because of extensive damage to the departure hall from the twin suicide bombings that killed 16 people. Passengers on select flights will start using the newly repaired departure hall Sunday after a special ceremony.
BULUAN, Maguindanao – Sulu Vice-Governor Abdusakur Tan boasts of  gaining support in a region-wide campaign to wrestle the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao’s top post from incumbent Governor Mujiv Hataman. But his visit in Maguindanao last Friday came almost unannounced even to local reporters covering the 2016 election campaign. Tan was met by Maguindanao Governor Esmael Mangudadatu and his siblings, Second District Representative Zajid Mangudadatu, ARMM Assemblyman Khadafe Mangudadatu and former Buluan town Mayor Ibrahim Mangudadatu.
Governor Mangudadatu confirmed to reporters that he and his brothers had hosted Tan but that they hardly committed support for Tan’s ARMM gubernatorial bid against Hataman, their fellow Liberal Party member. Tan’s supporters said Moro officials, including the Adiongs of Lanao and the Sahalis of Tawi-Tawi, were cordial to him, as shown in photos they  uploaded on Tan’s campaign Facebook account which were taken in political sorties around ARMM’s five provinces and two cities. But commenting on Tan’s campaign photos on FB, Executive Director Amir Mawallil of the Bureau of Public Information (BPI-ARMM) said welcoming guests with traditional hospitality was nothing new to Moro communities and families. Tan is also a member of the LP but he has been silent on whether he has bolted from the administration party as he has been rarely heard openly endorsing LP standard bearer Mar Roxas and his running-mate, former Naga City Rep. One picture showed Tan with former Tawi-Tawi Governor Sadicul Sahali, and his children—incumbent Governor Nurjay Sahali; Panglima Sugala Mayor Reggie Sahali, and Rep.
Ompia is the Moro political party founded by the late Lanao Sur Governor Mahid Mutilan, which also became the political vehicle of his successor, then Governor Manalao. Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that he is willing to make public the transaction history of his bank accounts up to 20 years but he would only do so if his rivals would open theirs first. In an interview with reporters in Sorsogon City on Saturday, Duterte said: “Gawin na niyang 20 years…Bakit ako lang? The presidential race front-runner also said that he was just fooling his accuser, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, when he said that he has “a little less than P211 million” in his bank accounts. Duterte  earlier made public his transaction history in the BPI Julia Vargas branch which showed that it only has P17,000.
A press statement sent by Duterte’s camp said that the tough-talking mayor would donate the P17,000 in his bank account to Caritas Philippines. ANKARA, Turkey — An explosion Sunday near a police station in the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep has killed a policeman and injured 13 other people, an official said.
Turkey, which is facing growing blowback from the conflict in Syria and renewed conflict with Kurdish militants, has recently seen an uptick of such attacks. Though April be, as the poet said, the cruelest month, in these parts it was also “Buwan ng Panitikang Filipino” or National Literature Month, when readers and writers gathered and took part in various activities to celebrate the Word. Led by the National Book Development Board (NBDB), Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, and National Commission for Culture and the Arts, National Literature Month kicked off with the celebration of Balagtas Day in the poet’s hometown of Orion in Bataan; the activities included the aptly named writing camp “Kampo Balagtas,” forums, workshops, even a tertulya and a Pinoy Bookstore Tour. During the month, leading educational institutions hosted their respective events in the provinces of Pampanga and Camarines Sur and the cities of Dapitan, Cebu and Bacolod.
On April 28-29, the 7th Philippine International Literary Festival, with the theme “Against Forgetting,” was held at the QCX in Quezon Memorial Circle. Poetry, drama, fiction and nonfiction in all our languages: It is then about the necessity of writing, not merely to compose beautiful lines, but more importantly to reflect the society in which we live. The keynote speeches were delivered by Jo-Ann Maglipon, editor of the book “Not On Our Watch: Martial Law Really Happened. The most recent surveys of Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations (SWS) show Digong Duterte (DD) and Bongbong Marcos (BM) as the candidates to beat.
Parenthetically, in the United States, with their sweep of the recent primaries in the vote-rich Northeast, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton will probably face off in the US presidential election in November.
On foreign relations, DD:  “We cannot afford to war with China… I will sit down with [China] and talk. GP:  “…[D]apat mas maraming mga babae … ang bigyan ng pagkakataon sa gobyerno, sapagkat tayo ay nakakaramdam. The story is told about a mother who instructed her children that when she dies, she should be cremated and her ashes scattered in the mall nearby.
The Holy Spirit is often called the “Paraclete,” the Comforter, in contrast to the evil one who is called the “great accuser,” the prince of darkness and the master of lies and deceit.
Speaking of prayers, I am inviting you to join us in the “Walk with God to Manaoag” on May 7, Saturday, starting at 5 a.m. I am inviting candidates running for public office to join this walk, not to campaign for votes, but to campaign for God’s blessing, grace and protection. Think about this: “When the heavenly Father stands with us, it doesn’t matter who stands against us. At the end of his rambling speeches before mesmerized crowds, presidential candidate and preelection poll frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte touches the Philippine flag that is brought to him on cue. No other presidential candidate in Philippine political history has used the nation’s highest symbol so deliberately and to such effect. But more than this, he unleashes a torrent of aggressive and resentful impulses not previously seen in our society, except perhaps in social media. Never going into specifics, Duterte promises just one thing: the will and leadership to do what needs to be done—to the point of killing and putting one’s own life on the line. This is pure theater—a sensual experience rather than the rational application of ideas to society’s problems. It would probably be appropriate to call its Philippine incarnation “Dutertismo.” Calling Duterte a fascist would probably not mean anything to the average Filipino. It would be instructive for all of us, in this election season, to take a moment to step back from the political personalities that today occupy center stage, and view the broader picture that seems to be upon us in the light of the history of other countries. It draws its base from all social classes, from the cities as well as the countryside, attracting support from businessmen as well as former soldiers, workers and peasants, intellectuals and artists, statesmen and shopkeepers. As puzzling as it might appear, this complex phenomenon can be explained, Paxton writes.  “Fascism rested not upon the truth of its doctrine but upon the leader’s mystical union with the historic destiny of his people…. Fascists dismissed modern liberal politicians as “culpably incompetent guardians” against the enemies of the state. Reading Paxton’s book while watching Digong Duterte speak before the Makati Business Club gave me goose pimples.
It rained on Friday afternoon, just as different women’s (and men’s) groups assembled in front of the Commission on Elections offices to mark the 79th anniversary (on April 30) of Filipino women’s right to vote.
Huddled under umbrellas or braving the raindrops, women spoke out—with their presence, their voices, their sisterhood—to celebrate the grant, 79 years ago, of the final recognition of our full citizenship in this country.
Standing out amid the crowd were three women in baro’t saya, who came to the gathering to represent their grandmothers who had been among the early suffragists, the women who campaigned for all of 30 years so that women could win the right to vote. Lyca Benitez Brown represented her grandmother Francisca Tirona Benitez, while Nina Lim Yuson spoke on behalf of her grandmother Pilar Hidalgo Lim.
Later, inside the Comelec building where a small delegation presented a proposed “Gender Sensitive Code of Conduct for Candidates and Political Parties,” the women met another descendant of a suffragist. Commissioner Guanzon received the document in her capacity as chair of the Comelec committee on gender relations, promising to consider the provisions of the proposed Code in the preparation of the poll body’s own Code of Conduct.
The proposed “Gender-Sensitive Code of Conduct” addressed candidates, political parties, the Comelec, and the Commission on Human Rights.
Adhering to a “law and order” agenda is all right, but not if that “lawlessness and disorder” is imposed by bullying, berating and beating (or killing) the helpless who just happen to disagree with their mob rule.
TOKYO—Donald Trump’s loutish campaign for the US presidency has left the world—excluding, perhaps, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his European populist allies, like France’s Marine Le Pen—confused and aghast.
Japan has particular reason to be unsettled by Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, which has the potential to do lasting damage. Under ordinary circumstances, the world could dismiss the ignorant rabble-rousing of a populist like Trump, whose campaign would remain a fringe affair. Republicans—indeed, all Americans—must understand the risks to global stability, and even peace, that could accompany a presidential campaign that becomes a Trump-produced spectacle of incendiary demagogy.
The impact in Japan, and across Asia, of Trump’s vision of a nuclear-armed Japan is a striking example of how his muddled jingoism can unsettle political discourse. Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric has helped to take these fears to the next level, with some opponents of Abe’s defense reforms detecting, they believe, the germ of some secret conspiracy with America to turn Japan into a nuclear-weapon state.
Beyond undermining core political alliances, Trump seems prepared to undo much of the progress made in deepening America’s economic relationships, with Japan and with the rest of the world. Of course, the real question is how deeply held Trump’s ideas are among ordinary Americans. America’s friends and allies worldwide need to declare clearly, as Obama has done to the British people, that isolationist policy characterized by contempt for others will only make peace and prosperity harder to achieve. Yuriko Koike, Japan’s former defense minister and national security adviser, was chair of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s General Council and currently is a member of the National Diet. He is one of the most prolific and remarkable artists of all time, using bold strokes and energetic colors in his masterpieces.

Writing and staying in my university paper were a struggle as I had constant bouts with self-doubt and insecurities. I couldn’t help but break down, crushed, as my dreams passed before my eyes—dreams of writing a novel or two one day, of playing roles in dramas or comedies, of writing stories that would change the world, of being somebody, dreams all shrunk into me just wanting to be happy again. Maybe the culprit was the daily rapid fire of discouraging words and bullying I received in grade school. But just when quitting on my dreams became the only practical and viable solution, I am reminded of Vincent van Gogh: He continued to paint despite his misery.
Patsy Leuterio is studying development communication at Central Luzon State University, and is the head photojournalist of its official publication. 2013 ELECTIONS A teacher helps a disabled from Tahanan ng Walang Hagdan put his ballot sheet in a vote-counting machine at Marick Elementary School in Cainta, Rizal.
THE JOKE has been told often enough that in the Philippines no election candidate loses and those who don’t win must have been cheated. When Philippine elections were still manual, protests would be filed by losing candidates after the elections for various reasons. Padding and shaving of votes, or the very infamous “dagdag-bawas” in which votes for some candidates would be reduced and the sum of which would then be added to the votes of the favored candidate.
If it takes years before protests at the local level are resolved, it takes even longer for those at the congressional, senatorial and presidential contests. The move held the promise of not only cutting down the process by weeks but also eliminating cheating. The Commission on Elections (Comelec), some congressmen and leaders of a citizens’ arm, who all sounded like they were salesmen of the winning bidder, explained that there would no longer be misreading of ballots, no more miscounting, no more ballot-box stuffing and snatching, and no more dagdag-bawas. The automation covered two separate processes—the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) for the precinct counting, and laptops and PC servers for the canvassing and consolidation. Canvassing and consolidation, on the other hand, used to take some five weeks, but it cost the country only P300 million to cut down the time to five days or less. But except for saving on time, the pronouncements of the proponents of automation were so wrong!
Through malicious software, the marks on the ballots can be read and then interpreted incorrectly to favor some candidates. The VVPAT (voter verifiable paper audit trail), more popularly referred to as “receipt,” is an effective way of mitigating the impact of this weakness. The way it’s done now is like handing over the ballots to Smartmatic and asking it to do the counting—instead of the teachers—inside a locked room. This weakness is partly mitigated by the source code review—restricted as it was—and the random manual audit (RMA).
The ERs viewed from the website can be compared with the printed ERs distributed to the political parties at the precincts. All the ERs on the website can be downloaded and independent tabulations can then be done by anybody in order that he can check the accuracy of canvassing at the municipal, provincial and national levels. Attempts to tamper with the data during transmission and to rig the canvassing and consolidation would therefore be detected.
But during the March 23 hearing, Comelec Commissioner Christian Robert Lim said that the data to be posted on the public website would come from the central server. 9 percent and 23 percent of the PCOS machines failed to transmit the ERs in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Another disturbing news is that what the Comelec plans to post on the website are not precinct-level results, which means the figures would already be the result of consolidation, not raw data.
For the sake of credible and transparent elections, and for the sake of our democracy, the Comelec must implement this step and implement it properly. A worker labors on the assembly line of minivans at a SAIC-GM joint venture in Qingdao in eastern China’s Shandong province Tuesday March 1, 2016.
BEIJING, China — China’s manufacturing activity was weaker than expected in April, according to a survey by an industry group. The federation cited analyst Zhang Liqun as saying that the index fell back but still showed activity expanding. The country’s “six-year journey on daang matuwid” showed how government and the people can work together to achieve the administration’s development agenda, the President said, adding that labor organizations have engaged in an honest dialogue with government. The Filipino workforce accepted the challenges brought about by the changing face of technology and proved that, indeed, the Filipino can compete in the global market, he added.
President Aquino also paid tribute to overseas Filipino workers, as well as the police and military who help in keeping communities safe.
In his recent speeches, whether on the campaign trail or speaking at official events, the President would always note that in the past six years of his administration, there had been only 17 labor strikes.
The President also stressed the need to continue the reforms started by his administration. Members of Filipino Nurses United march to Philippine General Hospital on Taft Avenue in Manila to call on government to stop contractualization of nurses and standardize their starting pay at P25,000. After five years of working as a sales merchandiser in one of the country’s biggest shopping malls, Alvin, 29, still has to enjoy health insurance, social security and the other benefits that come with regular employment.
Alvin’s employer, a subcontractor of the shopping mall, tells him of his “good performance” and rehires him every five months. The five-month contract is also known as contractualization, 5-5-5 or “endo” (end of contract), a rampant practice mostly in the shopping mall, hotel, restaurant and construction sectors.  Under the scheme, a worker is hired for five months, fired, and rehired for another five months by a subcontractor, who then avoids paying the social and health benefits that regular employees are entitled to.
The practice violates the labor law that requires employers to regularize workers after six months of continuous service and give them full benefits such as  Philhealth and Social Security System (SSS) coverage and housing through the government housing agency Pag-Ibig.
According to estimates by the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), there are around 25 million contractual workers in the country.  The Labor department itself acknowledged that a third of the country’s total workforce in small and medium enterprises are nonregular laborers.
The 5-5-5 contractualization is modern day slavery as workers bear precarious working conditions and are made to shoulder health expenses when they get sick or injured at work, said TUCP spokesperson Alan Tanjusay. His meager wage does not allow for emergency expenses that come with getting sick.  Nor is there elbow room for saving up for future needs like housing. The 5-5-5 contract also contradicts the central message of Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz when she met with labor unions representing youth, migrants, women, public, informal and formal sectors at the National Labor Day Forum held at the Occupational Health and Safety Center (OSHC) in Quezon City on Saturday. In that forum, Baldoz defined having a decent job  “as a condition when the rights of workers are fully recognized and respected, and they have access to adequate salary and full benefits prescribed by law,” including emergency assistance and benefits in times of emergency and natural calamities. The labor official said the right of workers to form unions to redress their grievances should be recognized and respected by employers as well. But attempts by labor groups Kilusang Mayo Uno, TUCP and the Federation of Free Workers (FFW) to form unions among ranks of contractual workers in shopping malls have failed because of strong union busting mechanisms by management. Despite such mechanisms, FFW chair Sonny Matula said trade unions continue to organize workers to fight precarious work conditions and the massive practice of contractualization in the Philippines. Pimentel’s bill seeks to strengthen security of tenure and social protection for workers by imposing stiffer sanctions on private companies and subcontractors who violate the Labor Code. But Baldoz, in a a letter reply to the Inquirer, maintained that “Philippine labor laws are sufficient in affording protection and ensuring workers’ rights.  Security of work is a basic right that is enshrined in the Constitution and is one of the pillars of the Labor Code,” she said. According to the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), agency-hired workers have increased over the last five years, from 364,610 in 2010, to 518,101 in 2015. International Labor Organization (ILO) country director Khalid Hassan said the rampant problem of contractualization in the Philippines can be addressed through a strong tripartite system, with the government, private firms and workers finding common solutions. Poverty and the lack of job opportunities in rural areas have forced thousands of young people like Alvin to seek work as contractuals in the city,  while many others leave for jobs abroad.  With workers mostly unaware of their rights, and big companies engaged in union-busting to prevent these workers from asserting their rights, Alvin and others like him continue to face an uncertain future. That view hardly helps Alvin feel any better.  “I get tired being transferred from one mall to another every five months. NEW YORK — Nearly 4 million Nissan cars are being recalled due to major safety problems where passenger air bags or seat belts could fail in a crash, leading to serious injuries or fatalities. The two recalls are just the latest in a string of safety problems to hit automakers in the past year with Acura, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota and other manufactures having to recall cars over air bag problems.
The recall applies to certain cars of the following models: the 2016-2017 Nissan Maxima, 2013-2016 Nissan Altima, NV200, LEAF and Sentra, 2013-2017 Nissan Pathfinder, 2014-2016 Nissan NV200 Taxi, Infiniti QX60 and Q50, 2014-2017 Nissan Rogue, 2015-2016 Nissan Murano, Chevrolet City Express and 2013 Infiniti JX35 vehicles. Nissan will notify owners of the problem and offer to fix it for free, however no schedule has yet been provided for when these notices will go out or how quickly the repairs can be made.
Nissan has not yet figured out how to fix the problem and is warning owners not to install child restraint systems in the front seats. After seeing the visual of starving children in Ethiopia, Isis Johnson, an American child aged 4, felt the desire, even at her tender age, to help. When she found out there were, she went door to door in their neighborhood asking for food donations for the hungry children. Soon, people started bringing food to Isis Johnson and their home became full of donated food and supplies. With the help of her grandmother, Isis was then able to contact the Salvation Army, which helped deliver over one thousand items of food collected to hundreds of people. Isis made the NBC Nightly News, among other shows, and suddenly, she was getting calls from New Orleans. When Hurricane Andrew hit Louisiana, she was able to promptly collect over 1,600 pieces of clothing for the Red Cross to distribute to needy families.
To get a different view, Figure 2 shows average consumption per person, using world population estimates by Angus Maddison.
Per capita world energy consumption, calculated by dividing world energy consumption shown in Figure 1 by population estimates, based on Angus Maddison data. There is also a small spurt about the time of World War I, and a new spurt in growth recently, as a result of growing coal usage in Asia.
One such implication is how economists can be misled by past patterns, if they do not realize that past patterns reflect very different energy growth patterns than we will likely see in the future.
Prior to 1900, energy per capita did not rise very much with the addition of coal energy, suggesting that the early use of coal mostly offset other fuel uses, or permitted larger families. US Non-Governmental Debt, Divided by GDP, based on US Federal Reserve and US Bureau of Economic Analysis data.
Decade percentage increases in energy use compared to population growth, using amounts from Figures 2 and 4. It is easier to see what is happening with individual fuels if we look at them separately, as in Figure 6, below. The fuel that has primarily risen to take its place is natural gas, and to a lesser extent, nuclear.
In the period since 2000, there has been a huge rise in coal consumption in China and in other developing nations, particularly in Asia.
Per capita energy consumption for selected countries, based on BP Statistical Data energy consumption and Angus Maddison population estimates. It is striking that the percentage of the US population with jobs also peaked in 2000 (Figure 8).
First, jobs often involve using vehicles or machines that require fuels of some sort, so the jobs themselves require energy. Year by year per capita energy consumption, based on BP statistical data, converted to joules. There was a fairly long period until about 2000 where per-capita energy consumption was on a plateau.
Since 2000, the two lines are approximately parallel, indicating no further CO2 savings given the greater use of coal again. Once international trade with less developed nations increases, we can expect these nations will want to increase their energy consumption in any way that is possible, including using more coal. For one thing, the past drop in oil availability may very well have contributed to the employment issues noted above during the 2000 to 2010 period in the United States.
For one thing, ramping up new renewables to amounts which can be expected to make a significant contribution is likely to take many years. The top-ranks belong to middle-income countries with rapidly growing coastal populations that lack the resources to keep pace with waste management infrastructure. But what's even worse is just how much the study projects these numbers will grow in the future, based on predictions of population growth in each country by 2025. Help hold the powerful accountable by funding our reporting with a tax-deductible donation today.
Bangayan, a former trustee of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), was charged in April 2015, together with six other officials of the agency, including former Surigao del Sur Rep. However, a closed-circuit television camera footage obtained near Sy’s house caught on tape a suspect wearing a black hooded jacket and pants.
Once inside, the robber destroyed the vault located at the master bedroom and took its contents. Jenny Tecson, the SPD spokesperson, said the operation was organized after Felix Flores, operations manager of 2 World Traders Inc., went to the police station and complained about the four for selling fake Antitet, a tetanus anti-toxin. But the prospect of Donald Trump clinching the nomination in the Golden State has scrambled the party’s political fault lines in advance of its pivotal June primary, forging unexpected alliances that blur those longstanding divisions. It will be the first time in memory that the state’s unusual system could decide a presidential nomination. All sides agree that makes it very hard to predict how this race, expected to draw millions to the polls, will go. That was made clear at the state party convention in Burlingame, a suburb just outside San Francisco airport. The Cruz campaign hopes its long time organizing in the state will let it capture enough delegates in individual districts to block Trump.
Chuck Page is mayor of the Silicon Valley suburb of Saratoga and talks of his friendship with Democratic politicians.
We were able to do so because we collected taxes, used it for the welfare of the people, and moved Makati forward,” he said. We will finish this fight to the end and will hand victory to the Filipino people,” Poe said. The group counts among its members former Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani, former Senator Santanina Rasul, lawyer Katrina Legarda, Sister Mary John Mananzan, film director Bibeth Orteza, leaders of various women’s groups, and students, among others.
Kasi paano tayo makakapagplano bumili ng motor, paano tayo makakapagplano na bumili ng bahay na matitirhan ng ating pamilya kung wala tayong kasiguruhan sa ating trabaho,” she said. But I reminded him also that I am a member of the Liberal Party, which is supporting the candidates of the administration. In all his campaign sorties, however, it was only in Lanao Sur that Tan was conspicuously endorsed by a potential political ally— Ompia’s former Lanao Sur Governor Aleem Bashier Manalao, who raised Tan’s arm.
The bank statement, however, only showed transactions from December 2015 to April 28, 2016.
Ali Yerlikaya of Gaziantep province said those injured in the blast at the entrance of the police station include at least nine policemen. In the past year, more than 200 people across the country have been killed in seven suicide bombings, including an attack this week in the city of Bursa, northwest Turkey, which killed the bomber and wounded 13 people. It’s a noteworthy endeavor, and the organizers as much as the participants deserve wide support, particularly in these times when the noble acts of reading and writing literature are taking a beating and books are in clear danger of extinction. On April 23, World Book and Copyright Day was included in Instituto Cervantes’ Dia del Libro at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Books are troves for them to discover and mine, and thereafter to go back to for comfort, for more information, for validation, even for argument: When one measures personal experience against a book’s creed, it makes for a dynamic process of learning and praxis. Given that Election Day is just a week away, it would seem that only the closest candidates, Grace Poe (GP) and Leni Robredo (LR), have a credible chance to overtake them. Interestingly, the two men, especially DD, are strong-willed, hyperbolic, magnetic, unorthodox and brash in their language and focus, while the women are polished, compassionate, motherly, loving and humble. Yan ang puno’t dulo ng problema natin sa ating bayan.” (If I become president, my priority is to alleviate poverty. Inaalagaan natin ang ating pamilya…” (There should be more women given an opportunity to serve in government because we have empathy.
Sana po ako yung ipa-take charge niya sa pag streamline nang lahat ng anti-poverty programs…” (I hope I am not assigned a Cabinet position [by the president]. 14, 23-29), we hear Jesus saying goodbye to His disciples, but also making sure that they will continue to be one and united through the Holy Spirit, the Advocate whom the Father will send in His name. Again, as we come closer to Election Day, let us choose men and women who will ensure that our rights will be respected, and that our interests will be protected. It has been a long, hot, dry summer not only in our land, but also in our political landscape that has undergone a drought of some sort.
First, let us choose leaders who, like the diaper, are humble and lowly, and who will protect us, serve us and give us comfort.
Blessed Cardinal Clemens von Galen continued to speak the Gospel truth during the Nazi regime in Germany. I remember how, as children, we bathed joyfully in the rain when the “agua de Mayo” finally came.
Whatever we are going through as individuals, and as a family, or as a community, let us hold on to these very assuring and comforting words of our Lord.
One with you in earnest prayer that the coming elections will produce a bountiful breed of good and able leaders. He laments the fact that criminals, drug peddlers, and corrupt public officials have been able to act with impunity by exploiting the weaknesses of the judicial system. For now, the explicit targets are the drug syndicates, criminals, and government functionaries who spend more time making money for themselves than in serving the public. Observing the same phenomenon in Europe in the 1920s, the Marxist critic Walter Benjamin interpreted the events that saw the rise of Hitler and Mussolini as the transformation of politics into aesthetics.
If at all, it might focus inordinate attention on the man himself and the dark charisma he projects, when what is needed is to understand the movement he has given life to and the collective anger and despair it represents.
A book titled “The anatomy of fascism” written by former Columbia University professor Robert O. Paxton quotes an entry from the diary of the novelist Thomas Mann in March 1933, shortly after Hitler became Germany’s chancellor. At the same time, women denounced the misogynist trash talk that has characterized this year’s election campaign.
But Trish, a survivor of childhood rape trauma who spoke at the rally, belied the innocuousness of the mayor’s words.
They exhorted the women gathered—and all other Filipino voters—not to elect the boorish, the reckless, those who hold such a low, hateful view of women that they threaten to undo the decades of progress to which the likes of the “panuelo activists” had devoted their lives. She was Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon, whose forebear Maria Paz Guanzon was likewise an avid campaigner for women’s rights. Have our candidates’ careless views and behavior incited their followers to attack and harass women—including a Catholic nun—who just happen to hold contrary views?
Indeed, it is difficult for anyone to assess not only what Trump would do as president, but also which racial or religious minority, or foreign country, he holds in greatest contempt.
He has called Mexican immigrants to the United States “criminals” and “rapists.” He has proposed banning all Muslims from entering America.

Instead of giving anything like a straight answer about the policies he would pursue were he actually elected, he has stoked and manipulated their inchoate rage, rooted in frustration with stagnant wages and fear of the unknown. At one moment, he treats Japan as a freeloader, unnerving its citizens about the state of our core security alliance with America.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has lately been undertaking modest reforms to Japan’s defense posture, aimed at ensuring that in the event of a regional crisis, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces could come to the aid of our allies—in particular, the United States. Abe has taken enormous political risks at home in embracing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, aimed at building a rules-based order for trade and investment among 12 countries on both sides of the Pacific. Is it possible that a substantial number of them today really want to pull up the drawbridges and embrace isolationism? In America, Republicans like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who care deeply about America’s standing in the world, will have to put aside party loyalty in favor of love of country and refuse to back Trump (and perhaps the equally incendiary Ted Cruz) in a presidential race. Since my bed is a good vantage point on late nights or early mornings, I revel at the magnificent twinkling of enormous balls of gas, appearing as little white dots taken from one of my connect-the-dots books when I was young. In the darkest moment of his life, he painted one of the most beautiful pieces his hands had set themselves to: “Starry Night,” beautiful and magnificent, yet unwanted.
After pouring his heart and soul on the sole thing that kept him alive, it disappeared, leaving him empty.
I lay down on the prickly Bermuda grass which was kept clean and well-trimmed by our tenacious hands. Or it could be the constant pressure of expectations set upon me when I was five years old. I’m 19, and I’ve made several suicide attempts because I couldn’t figure out where my life was going.
Paint and turpentine became his resolve, absinthe and bread and coffee his friends, and the little yellow house his solitude. My battle with existential crisis is far from over: I still have mountains to conquer and rivers to cross, words to write and poems to pierce through my fears. To do what I love, and keep doing it until the day I die, and see how I’ve turned the world around a little—that is the mission. I am reminded of how Vincent would look toward the cities below him, past the iron bars hindering him from a greater view, and how he turned his misery into one of the greatest artworks in history. The first part of this “tongue in cheek” statement is of course untrue because many of them do lose. Even those which succeeded would usually be decided just a few weeks or even just a few days before the end of the term. Chosen was the OMR (optical mark recognition) technology, where names of candidates are preprinted and the voters’ choices indicated by marking the corresponding ovals beside the names. But even if there is no bad intention, there is the possibility that due to some defect in the machine, the votes could be read and interpreted incorrectly. It is not a 100-percent solution but at least the voters would feel that their votes were read correctly. For this reason, countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Australia and about a dozen other countries reverted to manual precinct counting. The RMA was poorly implemented in the last two elections but happily it will now be done by a different group and closely observed by the National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections.
Canvassing and consolidation at the municipal, provincial and national levels, respectively.
All one needs is to convince a small group of insiders, who knows the software, to modify it in order to favor some candidates. If the figures match, then we can be certain that no tampering occurred during transmission. 16 hearing of the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee that the Comelec would implement this recommended step. It is very possible that the central server and transparency server were not updated with those data.
Quezon University last week, President Aquino credited Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz for conducting “marathon sessions” to resolve conflicts between labor and management. So far, he has signed 10 contracts in the last five years.  In January, he moved to another company as sales merchandiser for a home furniture store,  still under a five-month contract.
With a P100 daily allowance which he splits into P70 for meals and P30 for transportation, he has to make sure his body can withstand the eight hours of standing required of him at work, as well as the hours-long “standing-room only” commute in full-packed buses. 18-A issued in November 2011 which, she said, sets standards for legitimate contracting and subcontracting to curb the abuse of workers and ensure compliance with the workers’ right to security of tenure. Problems concerning employment arrangements in security agencies are also being addressed through the formulation of amendments to security agency regulations,” Baldoz told the Inquirer. These workers are mostly in the sectors of gas, steam and conditioning supply, arts and entertainment, financial and insurance, as well as real estate sectors. The automaker said the front passenger seat belt bracket may become deformed if it is used to secure a child restraint system.
It will take Nissan more than a month to notify owners of the problem and then the carmaker will follow up with a second letter once it figures out a solution, which will be free.
There was a small increase in energy consumption per capita during World War I, but a dip during the depression prior to World War II.
Population increased a bit with the first spurt in energy use, but did not really take off until the second spurt.
This increase in coal consumption seems to be related to the increase in manufacturing in Asia following the liberalization of world trade that began with the formation of the World Trade Organization in 1995, and the addition of China to the organization in 2001. The passage of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 may have contribute to rising Asian coal consumption because it encouraged countries to reduce their own CO2 emissions, but did not discourage countries from importing goods made in countries using coal as their primary fuel for electricity. This was a period where consumers were shifting from oil to electricity where possible, a process that was typically more efficient.
Wind and solar contributions are not large enough to make an appreciable difference in CO2 levels. The rapid energy growth allowed much manual work to be performed by machine (for example, using a back hoe instead of digging ditches by hand). For another, oil issues may very well have contributed to the Iraq war, and even to World War II. For another, new renewables require fossil fuels for their creation, so they are very much tied to the current system. While some countries may continue to grow using coal, other countries will flounder when hit by high oil and natural gas prices. The most visible sign of it is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an accumulation of waste (actually spanning several distinct patches) floating in the ocean. A team of scientists led by University of Georgia environmental engineer Jenna Jambeck set out to calculate how much plastic every one of the world's 192 coastal countries dumps into the ocean. By contrast, even though the United States has relatively good waste management, its per-capita waste production is so high that it makes the top 20.
The chart below shows the top-ranked countries in terms of total mismanaged plastic waste (in other words, not all of this plastic is necessarily winding up in the ocean). This represents a 60-percent stake in the bankrupt Cabuyao, Laguna-based bank, owned by the Gatchalian family and Forum Pacific Inc. Guevarra Street, Barangay Maytunas in San Juan City, which Duterte and his daughter Sara used as one of their two addresses in opening a joint account at the Bank of the Philippine Islands’ Julia Vargas branch.
Trump, meanwhile, has snapped up support from stalwarts on California’s right, like conservative activist Ted Costa and former state Sen.
The state will parcel out most of its delegates to the winners of each of its 53 congressional districts, with only 13 going to the statewide winner. On Friday, Trump had to enter the convention hotel from a rear entrance to avoid hundreds of demonstrators who had pushed through police barricades to the front door of the hotel.
Republicans consider it a victory just to win one-third of state legislative races so it can have a say in state budgeting.
Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, but some may be registering to vote against Trump in November. Kasich would be a fit with more technocratic California Republicans but his little-funded campaign may not be enough to capture the coastal areas where he’d play best. I told him I am a party man and so I support ARMM Governor Hataman,” Governor Mangudadatu said in Filipino. The Unyon ng Manunulat sa Pilipinas gathered its members for its national writers congress yesterday at Ateneo de Manila University. Memory spoke in the session of former political prisoners Pete Lacaba and Ericson Acosta with young participants.
This is the root cause of our country’s problems.)  … We will not only continue [the 4Ps], we will strengthen it. We need to pray more, and pray much, that Philippine Elections 2016 will be a victory for the Prince of peace, not for the prince of darkness.
It was a joyful time, but it also meant that the carefree summer is gone and the rainy season was not far behind.
One with you in vigilance and hope that those who will be elected are those who have really been chosen by the people, and, yes, chosen by God Himself. Instead of explaining his political program, Duterte regales his listeners with stories of his frustrating encounters with a dysfunctional national government and how he deals with these to produce tangible results in Davao City. In this manner, he articulates the exasperation and desperation that the people experience in their daily lives. In the future, they can be any group that is perceived to stand in the way of genuine change. Its agenda changes as it moves, rejecting what it regards as the flabbiness of existing moral and political institutions.
The supreme irony is that the typical bearers of these values—the educated middle classes—found themselves cooperating with, if not actively supporting, the movement. Although the most outrageous remarks have been issuing from the potty mouth of the Davao City mayor, there have been other manifestations of the disdain with which male leaders (and even some of their female followers) hold women in general.
Scholastica’s College, who welcomed the participants, said that in the wake of her outspoken stance regarding the insensitive rape remarks, she received threats of being raped herself by online trolls. He has flung sexist invectives at professional women, such as the political pundit Megyn Kelly, who have the temerity to stand up to him, and has called others “dogs” and “fat slobs.” He has sneered at America’s European and Asian allies, and blamed China for many of America’s economic woes. At the next, he says he would not think twice about Japan (and South Korea) becoming a nuclear-weapon state, feeding fears that today’s arms race in Asia might escalate beyond conventional weapons.
And, at this late date in the campaign, it seems highly improbable that the party will find its way back to sanity and produce a reasonable candidate for the November election. Trump’s campaign is now managed by one of the most cynical—and most effective—operatives in the business: Paul Manafort, whose repackaging efforts in 2010 duped Ukrainians into thinking that Viktor Yanukovych, whom they eventually overthrew in a bloody revolution, was a democrat. But some Japanese view the reforms with concern, fearing that the peaceful Japan of the last 70 years will suddenly revert to the militaristic Japan of the 1930s. But given the need to reassure Japan’s citizens that Abe’s reforms are truly what he says they are—that is, modest changes that will allow Japan to deepen its alliance ties—Trump’s intervention is the height of irresponsibility. If a Trump presidency does emerge, it will be a loss for the Republican Party, America as a whole, and its allies. He was an enigmatic man who poured his soul into his work, churning diamonds out of his misery and ill fate.
He had to quit school to work for his uncle who was an art dealer because his family could no longer support his education, but he continued to learn and never ceased from discovering the magnificence around him.
My family constantly asked me: “What would you like to be when you grow up?” I’ve given many answers to that question, but 14 years later, I’ve realized how unanswerable it is. Day by day his sadness was consumed by madness, and his madness devoured by misery, and his misery ended with a pistol shot on his chest by his own hand. It pains me how such an endowed man had to live a life of misery, and in the end, giving up.
I want to see how my words will bring the asleep back to life, the way “Starry Night” revived me. Someday, I’ll see the bigger picture which is set for my life, painted on the same starry night sky.
Precinct counting took only 5 to 12 hours in manual elections, yet we spent P11 billion to automate it, thus cutting down the time to a few minutes.
Unfortunately, except for the few instances that cheating was discovered, it had been difficult to prove its occurrence because of the absence of transparency in the system. In fact, PCOS counting is the weakest point in the entire automated election system because nobody sees it done and there is no way of verifying its accuracy. Many IT practitioners strongly suspect that this might have happened during the 2013 senatorial elections. This, to many analysts, was the best and most significant decision the Comelec has ever made. I invite all of you to join in our movement: Let us take the right path toward a brighter and just tomorrow,” Mr.
Defective sensors might incorrectly think that an adult is a child or classify the seat as empty, thus turning off the air bag.
That deformed seat bracket might then cause the air bag not to shut off when it should be off. Still, not wanting to waste their food, she asked if there were hungry children in their community that they could donate their chicken to. Part of the population rise after World War II may be related to the invention of antibiotics–Penicillin (1942), Streptomycin (1943), and Tetracycline (1955).
Other reasons might include more education for women, and more women entering into the paid work force.
I omit broadly defined biofuels (which would include animal feed and whale oil, among other things) used in Figure 2, and instead show a grouping of modern energy sources from BP statistical data.
Thus, the fact that people in the US have jobs raises the demand for goods and services requiring energy. It was only in the last decade when production goods of many sorts started shifting to Asia and living standards in Asia starting rising that world energy consumption per capita has again begun increasing.
Thus, there appeared to be considerable growth in human efficiency, but such growth is not likely to be repeated in the future. Furthermore, there may be Liebig’s Law of the Minimum issues, because most vehicles use gasoline or diesel for fuel and cannot run without it.
It is quite possible that some countries will encounter major difficulties in the years ahead, even though they have so far been untouched.
The previous night, after the front-runner’s rally in Orange County, protesters damaged police cars and struggled with police. It was the birth month of the Philippines’ most important poet, Francisco Balagtas, whose masterpiece “Florante at Laura” is a mainstay of high school classes, and for whom a campaign is being waged toward his being declared a national hero. Filipino writers from all colors of the political spectrum as well as foreign guests discussed and shared. No matter what we go through in life, let us not forget the heart and matters of the heart.
He himself admits he has no program of his own to offer, and that he intends to copy some of the good plans of his rivals. Unable to appreciate the complexity of the problems facing modern society, and seeing only the unpalatable choices before them, they primed themselves for a “brutal anti-intellectualism” that reduced everything to the “will and leadership” of the strongman. He then put these notes aside and used up the time telling them about how he dealt with criminals, and how he was more honest about his libido than any of them in the room. It’s no accident, I think, that the dirty-mouthed Du-dirty has been shown in TV ads holding up the hand of the impresario of twerking. Yet Trump seems willing to oppose that stance, in order to stoke voters’ anger and maintain their support.
Perhaps this is what love does, in whatever shape or form:  We can never quit it—it’s kind of like drugs, but better. Poetry and laughter used to paint my seemingly eternally jubilant disposition, but when I tripped and fell down a rabbit hole too dark, deep and empty, all that seemed to color my life was the chaos of trouble. While gazing at the deep blue, semi-black sky, I lifted my hands up and tried to reach the stars. How I wish he had lived more than 37 years so he could have seen the enchantment with his paintings. Aquilino Pimentel III in December last year to ban contractualization and the 5-5-5 hiring practice could help their organizing efforts, he added.
Use of energy to upgrade water and sewer services, and to sterilize milk and to refrigerate meat, may have made a difference as well.
What I show as “BP-Other” includes ethanol and other modern biofuels, wind, geothermal, and solar.
Figure 2 also illustrates that a transition from one fuel to another takes many, many years–we have not at this point transitioned from away coal, and nuclear is still only a small percentage of world energy consumption.
The precarious debt situations of a number of countries leave them vulnerable to disruptions. Braving the heat and humidity, students and lovers of the Word, young people often insulted by the pejorative description, “a generation that doesn’t read,” came and listened, sought autographs, posed for pictures, and engaged in brief conversations with the authors they admire. Our very special intention in this walk of sacrifice and love is for clean, honest and peaceful elections that will produce good, able and deserving leaders in our land. The naughty dance took place very early in the race, but it now seems quaintly anachronistic compared to what has since transpired.
Lifting my head toward the sky was the only hopeful act I could do in the midst of the stillness around me. Life expectancy in the US grew from 49 in 1900 to 70 in 1960, contributing to population growth.
We want the people, especially the government, to recognize how important culture is, how important literature is.
Tell that to survivors whose trauma is recklessly stripped bare with every joke, every titter, every expression of disdain. Even the reassuring words of friends and my guidance counselor weren’t enough to set my soul on fire and my heart beating again. And the really bad thing is that we won’t even know unlike manual precinct counting where the counting is done in front of us.

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