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Debbie Carson established Carson Acupuncture in 2005 with a commitment to provide quality healthcare while working in partnership with patients. Debbie’s interest in Chinese Medicine began after receiving regular acupuncture treatments nearly 15 years ago.
Debbie is licensed by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
With the intention of holistic healing, I do acupuncture, I incorporate massage into their treatment, and I discuss lifestyle changes to facilitate movement in their lives. In the process of healing, I work with each patient to find the best approaches to promote vitality, physical health, flexibility, strength, personal integrity and self awareness.
If you have questions about whether or not acupuncture may be able to help you, please feel free to call or email me. Amanda Lawson is a deep tissue massage therapist with over 12 years of bodywork experience. In her free time, she enjoys dance, music, travel, food, exercise, the outdoors and animals, to name a few. Please visit our testimonial page for accounts from patients and colleagues about the benefits they have had with this medicine. Tracy Andersen is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Shiatsu Practitioner in Portland, Oregon. Bamboo Grove was created by Gabriel Weiss who, like the space, has a very varied background. While the events and art gallery portion of Bamboo Grove Salon (including a letter press business called Zhu Lin) have been around a while, the tea house is a brand new addition. Weiss is extremely talented at serving tea and he presents tea ordered in Gung-Fu style (a small clay pot and cups). In addition to good tea served well, the space is warm, inviting and provides a nice oasis from the industrial neighborhood which surrounds it.
Valerian root has been traditionally used as a sleep aid and as a natural and healthy alternative to sleeping pills. Valerian root in dried herb form is best stored away in a glass container, to prevent the strong smell from escaping.
In addition to the sedative and calming effects described above, valerian has also been reported to be an effective, though mild pain killer. Valerian has also been used to help with mild tremors, psychological stress, nervous asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, hot flashes, menopause, dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), rheumatic pain, emotional stress, exhaustion, general stress, etc. According to the Savvy Teas and Herbs -website, valerian root is also very effective in treating heart palpitations. The same website also points out that from a nutritional point of view, valerian is a good source of calcium and magnesium. In my personal experience valerian worked quite quickly to calm anxiety, to lessen anxiety-related heart palpitations, and to help me fall asleep. Taken in reasonable quantities, valerian can be used for mild anxiety relief during the day as well since it doesn't induce continual drowsiness or sleepiness during the day, as many drugs would.
Johann KA?nzle, a famous herbalist of the 19th Century (born in 1857), developed a series of teas which are still sold under the Swiss company, KrA¤uterpfarrer KA?nzle AG. His Tea for Mood has the following mood-enhancing ingredients and its effects are anti-depressant, sedative, anxiolytic and digestive aid.
I would recommend that you research each of these herbs separately before making your teas, because if you want it to have medicinal and healing effects, you will need to ensure the correct dosages of each carefully.
Some reports state that continuous use of two weeks is required before the positive effects of valerian root can be felt.

The recommended dosage on the label of Nature's Aid SleepEezy valerian root extract is 1-2 capsules an hour before bedtime for adults.
However, other reports state that the general calming effect of valerian root can be too much for some people and cause depression. With valerian, as generally with any supplement or herb, it is best to ensure a high-quality source to avoid any possible contaminants and toxins that may be present in the cheaper and lower quality supplements and herbs. Same restrictions as with other sedatives apply: Valerian should not be taken when driving or performing tasks that require good motor skills or fast reflexes. Some reported withdrawal symptoms after long-term use of valerian have included heart problems and delirium. It may also cause damage to the liver and a nutritionist I consulted with warned against long-term use for this reason. The Institute of Traditional Medicine in Portland, Oregon, reports that valerian may increase the effects of certain anti-seizure medications or prolong the effects of certain anaesthetic agents.
There are numerous species of valerian - approximately 150 different species worldwide, of which 20% have been recorded as used for medicinal purposes. Other herbs that may help with insomnia and make you sleep better are: kava kava, hops, passion flower, lemon balm and catnip. For natural pain-killer effects, look to grounding, eating lots of fruit and deep breathing. In conclusion, valerian is an effective sleep aid and can ease mild anxiety and heart palpitations, as well as induce general calmness. To be safe, please consult your health-care provider before attempting self-treatment for health issues. Ulla Tervo is the Editor of Cheap Health Revolution, covering natural remedies and health solutions. With the best interests of her patients at heart, she prides herself on working with varying styles of medicine, both Eastern and Western, to give patients the most effective, integrated health care for their specific needs. In addition to a patient's primary health concern, I treat for stress relief and for illness prevention. Although health issues and concerns may change quickly with just a few sessions, I wish to establish a continuity of care which could establish a focus of optimal health through the stresses of aging and illness. She attended and graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts and specializes in deep tissue and myo-facial release. She has considerable experience working with injuries of all kinds that are appropriate for massage, and believes in working in conjunction with her patients to reach any treatment goals that are set for their healing.
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More and more people are choosing this form of healthcare because it works so well and is so wonderfully relaxing.
Rather than focusing on a menu filled with dozens of varieties of tea, Weiss opts for a very focused selection. This is how tea is traditionally served and the experience is light years beyond anything you can experience from a tea bag. Tea is served Monday through Thursday from 1-9pm with other special tea events (Like GO and Tea Wednesday nights 7-10pm).
In my experience it can help with insomnia, it can calm anxiety and stop heart palpitations. Valerian does not have the dangers of dependency or rebound restlessness associated with it, as do some other sleep aids. It is said to be useful for headaches, migranes, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, arthritis and other pains.

They explain that a combination of hot valerian and cayenne pepper has been used by some to treat hysteria, convulsions and colic. Each capsule has 150mg of the extract, which according to the company is equivalent to 750mg-900mg of the actual root. Too large doses of valerian in general have been associated with different negative effects. It is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or for those with a compromised liver. Also, a good quality angelica essential oil (two drops on forehead) can help you sleep better. Detoxification and strengthening of the body by nutritional means can in general provide longer-term help for pain issues. I don't seem to suffer from drowsiness in the mornings from using it - not too badly anyway. It also addresses many different issues all at once by focusing on the root of the problem. This creates opportunities for some great parings: unwind after some Tai Chi with an oolong , sip some green tea while you learn Go from local Go Masters, or savor a nice herbal as you wait for your turn on group acupuncture night.
He worked at the Tao of Tea doing all the stone work for their former store on NW 21st and Hoyt. The root of the valerian plant (valeriana officinalis) has sedative properties and can help with both: getting to sleep quicker and improving the quality of sleep.
It can also provide relief of stress-related digestive disorders, including flatulence, bloating, stomach upset, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), etc.
The latter is an amino acid which, in turn, promotes relaxation, lowers stress levels, improves moods and tranquillizes the nervous system. Two capsules effectively helped me to relax and sleep when I was feeling anxious, and 5ml of the tincture as shown below was almost equally effective. Many, though not all, health food stores carry higher-quality organic herbal supplements but even then check the labels and discuss the product with the staff. The name of the plant is believed to originate from Latin 'valere' = 'to be in health' or 'valero' = 'strong'.
Also, I have heard that large doses of Vitamin D can work as a pain killer, but research these topics further before trying them yourself. He's got a fantastic source for tea as Bamboo Grove sits one story above the tea warehouse for the Tao of Tea, home to literally thousands of pounds of tea.
It has a natural, open feel to it, and it was perfect for us to serve snacks and tea, as well as open presents and have a henna artist come in.
Valerian can fight nervousness, nervous excitability, lower heart rate and relieve hypertension (high blood pressure). Keep in mind that valerian has a very strong smell and taste so if you are sensitive to strong tastes and smells, you may prefer to take the capsule instead of the herb or the tincture. You can also add a large glass of magnesium flakes in your bath for relaxation, although the effect, in my experience, is less intense than that of magnesium oil's. Its nervous system tranquillizing properties can also help for panic attacks and even depression in some.
It is also said to help to relax tense muscles via its effect on the autonomic nervous system.

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