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Qigong is therapeutic movement that releases tension, restores vital energy and heals your body.
He has found intelligent and efficient ways to address whatever discomforts I showed up with. I was happy to recommend Blaise to friends, students and patients in need of efficient treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine is the oldest known intact medical system, which has evolved and grown in popularity for over 3,000 years. Hundreds of scientific studies and reports confirm it's effectiveness with pain, a variety of chronic and acute health problems, as well as for maintenance and prevention.
New patients start with a full TCM health evaluation to determine the health of the organ systems and reach a TCM diagnosis and treatment plan. The most commonly used treatment methods are acupuncture, herbs, qigong, tuina and food healing.
If you have a concern, simply ask your practitioner if the herbs are tested and safe to consume.
Chinese herbs are most often used in combination to make a formula, as there is a synergy to using them together than cannot be achieved when used alone.
There are many forms Chinese herbs can be taken in, including raw, powder, pill or tincture. The herbs I use in my clinic are tinctures from Herbalogic, as I find them to be very fast acting and effective. Pharmaceuticals tell the body what to do in a very forceful way, hence all of the side effects that come with most drugs. Any interaction between a pharmaceutical and a Chinese herb is well known by your practitioner.
The only experience I have with Chinese herbs are the ones that I would boil in water and they would make my whole house smell like a wet dog. In Chinese Medicine, when illness arises in our body, our whole body is treated and not just the signs and symptoms.
Our faces are an extension of our body, so when we read faces, Tradition Chinese Medicine believes that the face can tell a lot about a person’s health, past and future life experiences. Face reading is used to evaluate a person’s overall health, it can help determine when a person may be likely to fall ill or any pre-dispositions towards a particular type of illness such as increased risk of heart attacks or stomach related problems. The skin is also one of the largest organs in our bodies, so when it starts acting up, this is an indication of something going on inside the body that is out of balance that we may be unaware of and this can show up on our face as well.
Chinese medicine have mapped out that each part of our face indicates what is going on with certain organs inside our body, and when imbalances occur in those areas such as the forehead or cheeks, this is a sign that we need to address those issues associated with that organ or imbalance.
Therefore when we notice rashes, pimples, pigmentation and redness we should look at what is going on internally within our body.
Cardiovascular Problems: this is indicated by a light blue ring around the pupils and accompanied by a line on either or both earlobes, eyes can look dull and withdrawn in problem is more serious. Your face can and will change over time, if a person tries hard to manage their health, diet and lifestyle their face will start to show signs of improvement, if a person neglects their health it will show the reverse and signs of poor health will appear on the face. When you see a change, markings, lines in this area it can indicate a weakness or imbalance in your digestive system and bladder function. When we do not eat properly, skip meals, eat too much fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol or eat too much sugar in our diets this can cause the digestive system to not function properly. Therefore get at plenty of good quality sleep, drink at least 2 L of water daily, reduce alcohol intake and eat fresh healthy foods.
Therefore you need to treat your liver, de-stress with yoga, meditation and reduce alcohol and too much red meat and protein.

Too many late nights, insomnia, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, too much coffee, poor circulation, adrenal fatigue can indicate the Kidneys are out of balance.
Therefore to improve your Kidneys, drink more warm water, reduce coffee intake, salt, sugar and alcohol. Poor digestive system, constipation and sluggish bowels, digestive complaints, poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, impending heart attack can show up with dark purplish red discolouration on the tip of the nose. If you have high blood pressure, make sure to get your blood pressure to within the normal limits. Bad diet and not enough water will cause problems in the stomach and intestines to block up. Make sure you clean out the digestive system by eating more vegetables and drinking more water. Smoking, bad diet, too much spicy food, asthma, pollution, food allergies which affect the lungs can be shown up in this reflex. Make sure to get fresh air, reduce spicy food, treat your food allergies and stop smoking to help the lungs recover. At Acupuncture and Beauty Centre, Eli who specialises in Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture is able to help you treat your health concerns as well as the face and get you looking younger and feeling healthier today. About UsEli Huang graduated with a High Distinction average from the Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). With a history of 2000 to 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness. Evaluation of a syndrome not only includes the cause, mechanism, location, and nature of the disease, but also the confrontation between the pathogenic factor and body resistance. The clinical diagnosis and treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine are mainly based on the yin-yang and five elements theories. TRADITIONAL CHINESE CULTURE Professor Zhang Qizhi was born on November 12, 1927 in Nantong City, Zhejiang Province.
Practical Traditional Chinese MedicineThe book is reader-friendly, explaining profound concepts in simple terms. Ryan made it very easy and I would recommend his services to anyone curious about acupuncture. His combined knowledge of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Herbal Supplementation is remarkable and it support the body at all levels: muscular, skeletal, glandular, neural, and digestive. This makes me happy because it get’s the conversation going around a 4000 year old medicine that is amazingly effective!
I don’t know of any practitioner who is not conscious of the safety of the herbs they offer. There are climates and terrains in China that are conducive to the growth of certain herbs, which cannot grow in other places and produce the same medicinal properties. You can’t tell your body to do one thing with that much force and not get another equal reaction (usually an undesired one).
If they look gloomy, tired, without spirit or brightness this can indicate depression in the future.
However, medication, allergies, genetic predisposition, diet and lifestyle can all affect one’s health. Tissue and organs are connected through a network of channels and blood vessels inside human body.
These theories apply the phenomena and laws of nature to the study of the physiological activities and pathological changes of the human body and its interrelationships.
I have had constant neck and shoulder pain for months and tried a chiropractor and massage therapy, but would only get a few moments of relief that were short lived.

Much like the herbs I use in my clinic, which are from a fantastic company called Herbalogic. Most Chinese herbs need to be prescribed by a licensed practitioner, other than a few formulas you can find at your local health food store for common ailments.
There are, however, many more common herbs that are grown all over the world that we often use in Chinese herbology, like ginger, cinnamon and peppermint. It’s like pharmacy school in many ways, as we learn the properties, temperature, indications, dosages, interactions, etc for each herb.
Raw herbs are the raw form of each herb cooked together in water for a certain amount of time, with the water from the boilings being the medicine. Chinese herbs don’t force your body into a reaction like drugs do, they have a gentle effect and can therefore take longer than a drug to produce a result.
Herbs are great because they work with your body and gently nudge it in the direction of balance. The more information out there about this fantastic natural medicine, the more trust we can develop around it and the faster we can all get well!
Therefore see a Chinese Medicine practitioner or Acupuncturist to help your further understand the cause of your disease and treat the problems before it gets worse. In TCM, the understanding of the human body is based on the holistic understanding of the universe as described in Daoism, and the treatment of illness is based primarily on the diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes. Qi (or Chi) acts as some kind of carrier of information that is expressed externally through jingluo system. Therefore, those with an identical disease may be treated in different ways, and on the other hand, different diseases may result in the same syndrome and are treated in similar ways.
There’s been enough bad press for Chinese made goods and products in the last few years to last a lifetime.
Powder herbs are the liquid from raw herb preparation powdered and then dissolved in water. Of course, when used improperly, they too can cause unwanted effects, but when prescribed by a licensed practitioner, Chinese herbs are very safe and effective, with no nasty side effects. Pathologically, a dysfunction of the zang-fu organs may be reflected on the body surface through the network, and meanwhile, diseases of body surface tissues may also affect their related zang or fu organs.
With acupuncture, treatment is accomplished by stimulating certain areas of the external body. However, A LOT of things you consume come from China (and are safe) and therefore cannot be automatically discredited for this reason alone!
Like I said before, it’s 4000 years old, so the Chinese have had LOTS of time to figure it all out. Pills are the herbs compressed into pill form and tinctures are a liquid form that also comes from the raw preparation with a bit of added alcohol for preservation.
Herbal medicine acts on zang-fu organs internally, while qigong tries to restore the orderly information flow inside the network through the regulation of Qi. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment starts with the analysis of the entire system, then focuses on the correction of pathological changes through readjusting the functions of the zang-fu organs.
These therapies appear very different in approach yet they all share the same underlying sets of assumptions and insights in the nature of the human body and its place in the universe. A trained and licensed Chinese Medical Practitioner will give you the formula that’s right for you, and will make sure they are safe for you to take.

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