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There are a several approaches available to treat ED: drug therapy, psychotherapy, self-injection therapy, and penile prosthesis implantation. Risk factors that can contribute to ED include: smoking, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
Erections are a complex process involving neurophysiology (somatic and autonomic – sympathetic, parasympathetic), psychological, vascular, and hormonal factors.
The amino acid L-arginine is often used due to its ability to make nitric oxide, the principal mediator of penile erection.
Like L-arginine, pycnogenol (derived from the plant Pinus pinaster) works by increasing the amounts of nitric oxide [9]. Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is commonly used in the treatment of ED due to its action on the cardiovascular system.
Yohimbe has long been known to have an affinity for males, often used as an aphrodisiac to increase libido. Erectile dysfunction can be either a full condition caused by dampness, blood stasis, and phlegm, or an empty condition caused by heart-blood deficiency, heart and gall-bladder Qi deficiency, kidney-yin deficiency, liver-blood deficiency or kidney-yang deficiencies.
Seeing as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dyslipidemia, depression, anxiety, and hypertension are all risk factors for ED, lifestyle counseling and modifications can improve erectile function.
Erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more common, not only seen in middle-aged and elderly men, but also in younger men. Natural therapies for the treatment of ED are available and not only do they tend to have fewer side effects, they also increase overall health through other actions. Acupuncture in LondonCamden, Kentish TownBelsize Park, Tufnell Park Experienced, Accredited Acupuncture Therapist for a wide range of issues. The stereotype of the strong man providing the shoulder for women to relieve their sadness, anxiety and neurosis can mean that men often keep their feelings hidden inside where they accumulate. Men's health concerns are often less visible but nonetheless troubling especially due to a reluctance in talking about and asking for help with problems. Sexual issues such as low, high libido, premature ejaculation, and erection dysfunctions are skilfully treated through acupuncture by helping to release the flow of liver qi, eliminate toxins and re-balance the energy of the kidneys which govern growth, sexual functions. Acupuncture is an effective tool in helping to release stress, tension, anxiety and off-load the burden of responsibility without having to necessarily to talk too much about your emotional state.
During my recent training in China, I was surprised to see many Chinese women going for acupuncture in order to lose weight.
In our country where we have abundant choices of where to eat and how to cook, paying attention to what and how much we eat is a significant aspect of weight loss. My approach to weight loss includes focusing on healthy lifestyle as well as exploring whether or not non-hunger eating is an issue. Regardless of your relationship to food right now, acupuncture can help work on your digestion, metabolism and especially your stress. Increased risk for eye complications including glaucoma, disorder of the retina, retinopathy, etc. Although the above information is not very encouraging, the good news is that with the correct stem cell therapy treatment and recommended lifestyle changes, many people with diabetes are now able to prevent, delay, and in some cases, reverse the onset of diabetes complications even when diagnosed at a late stage. Since stem cells have the capability to rejuvenate organs and tissues in the body, the application of stem cells therapy is not only beneficial in helping control diabetes, it also offers an even greater benefit which is to potentially reverse some of the damages that diabetes may have already caused to a patient’s organs and tissues. Our treatment of both Type I and Type II diabetes patient to date have proven to be very effective in many ways including curing some Type I diabetes patients as well as being very effective in reducing or eliminating the complications that Type II patients may be suffering from including for heart disease, eye complications, peripheral neuropathy and diabetes wounds, to name a few.
Our most effective autologous adult stem cell therapy Programs we have developed for diabetic patients so far is either our Health Regen D Plus Program (Type II diabetes) or our Treat Regen Diabetes Program (Type I Diabetes).  Both programs make use of the Peripheral Blood Stem Cells method (PBSC) also known as the Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC) method to treat patients. The PBSC method makes use of a patient’s own adult stem cells (autologous adult stem cells) generated from the patient’s bone marrow.   In this method, hormone-like substances called stem cells mobilization growth factors are given to the patient a few days before the extraction (harvest) in order to stimulate a greater production of stem cells in the bone marrow which then migrate into the circulating blood. This method has proven the most effective and is also our preferred procedure as generating stem cells this way is simple, safe and does not involve the risk associated with localized anesthesia and multiple invasive marrow aspirations. Depending on the patient’s case, quite often injections of cytokines and other biological factor are also needed to regenerate pancreatic tissues.  Nutritional therapy together with functional medicine is also often provided to assist handle the problem of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance that are commonly associated with type II diabetes.
For patients that want to prevent Type II diabetes, our rejuvenation (anti aging) stem cell therapy program has also proven very popular with patients that do not yet have Type II diabetes but come from families with a strong history of diabetes cases.  This rejuvenation stem cell therapy program lends itself very well in possibly assisting in the prevention or slowing down of Type II diabetes and the rejuvenation of organs and tissues in the body.
Treatment results have been very encouraging for both Type I and Type II diabetes patients.  For Type I diabetes, treatment with stem cells combined with injections of other biological factors as proven very efficient in regenerating pancreatic tissues, and in some cases, eliminating the need by patients to inject themselves with insulin in order to control their blood sugar levels. For Type II diabetes, our stem cell therapy treatment has shown that it can assist in better controlling sugar levels as well as being very effective in reducing or eliminating complications that may arise in patients suffering from Type II diabetes including for heart disease, eye complications, peripheral neuropathy and diabetes wounds, to name a few. Although we cannot promise a complete cure from diabetes for patients that will undergo one of our stem cells therapies, we can certainly pledge that after our treatment, our patients will see a marked improvement in their condition and overall will feel healthier. If you would like to take part in one of our Thailand based diabetes therapy programs, Please fill out our Health Regen Form for Type II diabetes or our Treat Regen Form for Type I diabetes so that we can provide you with more details.  You can also go to our Stem Cells Testimonials page to find out how some of our patients have greatly benefited from one of our diabetes stem cell therapy programs.
Our main objective at Thai Regen is not only for our patients to live longer but also to live free of age-related problems and diseases. Doctors in Glasgow have injected stem cells into the brain of a stroke patient in an effort to find a new treatment for the condition.
The popular name of horny goat weeds came in use in China (if we go with the saying) after a shepherd observed that his goats become excessively ‘sexual’ after eating Epimedium leaves. Epimedium sagittatum was the first Epimedium mentioned in the classical Shen Pen Ts’ao Ching pharmacopeia (Han dynasty) and in many other Chinese herbals, including the famous Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu of Li Shih-Chen (Ming dynasty) under the name ‘yin yang huo’.
In time, this traditional use has been replaced though by uprooting and selling of dry rhizomes from the wild.
It is good to know that icariin (considered a sort of natural Viagra), the substance responsible for its fame, was also proved to stimulate osteoblast activity in bone tissue, and thus products based on Epimedium extract could be potentially used for the treatment of osteoporosis as well. Like with many other ‘newly discovered’ medicinal plants, especially coming from China, advertised as all-cures remedies, Epimedium extracts are sold today as dietary supplements mainly for enhancing the erectile function.
Approximately 1 in 10 men worldwide have ED, the prevalence ranging from 10-71% for men older than 70 years old [2]. These systems must all work together to fill the erectile tissue with blood and cause an erection.
Nitric oxide relaxes the corpus cavernosal tissue, allowing blood to flow into the area, which leads to an erection.
However, studies show that it is only efficient in men that have both a kidney disease and experience ED secondary to a zinc deficiency.
A study has shown that 92.5% of men were able to achieve erection after taking 120 mg of pycnogenol in divided doses in combination with L-arginine for a period of 3 months [9].

It increases the production and promotes the release of nitric oxide in penile tissue through catalyzing the conversion of arginine to citrulline by the enzyme NOS which in turn releases NO [11]. It is an ?2-adrenergic receptor blocker that acts on the central nervous system to increase norepinephrine and it also has a direct action on penile tissue and arteries [13]. According to the evidence available, weight loss and exercise should be the main focus for men with ED, as it can significantly improve erectile function [16]. Because ED can be a sign of an underlying health problem, it is important that men discuss this with their primary healthcare practitioner for further assessment. For instance, ginseng is traditionally used as an adaptogen to enhance well-being and increase energy, L-arginine can reduce blood pressure through its vasodilation action, and lifestyle counseling, often used as first line therapy, is health promoting and reduces many of the risk factors associated with ED. Erectile dysfunction and constructs of masculinity and quality of life in the multinational men’s attitudes to lieve events and sexuality study. Impact of erectile dysfunction on sexual life of female partners : assessment with the Index of Sexual Life (ISL) questionnaire. Impact of erectile dysfunction and its subsequent treatment with sildenafil: qualitative study.
Effects of Korean ginseng berry extract (GB0710) on penile erection: evidence from in vitro and in vivo studies.
Effect of oral administration of high-dose nitric oxide donor L-arginine in men with organic erectile dysfunction: results of a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study.
Clinical assessment of a supplement of Pycnogenol and L-arginine in Japanese patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. A double-blind crossover study evaluating the efficacy of Korean red ginseng in patients with erectile dysfunction: a preliminary report. Double-blind, placebo-controlled safety and efficacy trial with yohimbine hydrochloride in the treatment of nonorganic erectile dysfunction. Acupuncture in the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction: first results of a prospective randomized placebo-controlled study. In my London Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinic I offer men's health acupuncture in London, premature ejaculation acupuncture in Kentish Town, impotence acupuncture in Belsize Park, erectile dysfunction acupuncture Camden, acupuncture for impotence in Tufnell Park, acupuncture for erectile dysfunction in central London. Men have issues from work stress and trauma, anger and depression, to anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, addictions, sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility. Pent up and repressed emotions are sometimes eased by using alcohol and drugs to distract men from their problems which otherwise may become low level depression and disassociation. The rise in prostrate and testicular cancer is perhaps indicative of a reluctance to seek help at an early stage. Stemming from the stereotypical male archetype embedded in our cultures with its crude expression of male virility. Men tend to be more yang than woman in their nature – men tend to have a higher body heat, and women can feel the cold. The passion for thinness has reached China where most of the women are thin and might even be considered very thin by American standards. Needles are placed along the stomach, spleen and kidney channel to strengthen and stimulate the digestive system and along the midline to work on the basic constitution of the patient. After the ten treatments the doctor said he changes the points around until sufficient weight has been lost. In addition, since there are few places in Houston where we can actually walk, exercise becomes an important part of the lifestyle modifications that we need to consider when embarking on weight loss goals.
Clearly what, how, where and why we eat plays a role in how food serves a purpose for us and whether it is working toward our benefit or detriment healthwise.
When you are calmer in your world, you can then begin to look at the emotional reasons for eating. Herba Epimedii was used in the form of cut and dried leaves, mainly against impotence, but also anti-rheumatism, usually in combination with other herbs. The famous plant hunter Dan Hinkley and others travellers to China described how large quantities of dry rhizomes are sold on the margin of roads and markets.
In recent years, besides icariin, other new flavonoids isolated from different Epimedium species are proven to have phytoestrogenic and antioxidant properties. In fact the exact dosage of icariin (as active substance in dry powdered rhizomes or leaves) necessary to achieve ‘high performances’ has not been proven yet, not to mention that probably many of the companies selling such products (especially on-line) may not even know how an Epimedium looks like! This range is so wide and there are no reliable figures available for the incidence and prevalence of ED because most men do not seek treatment. For instance, drug therapy comes with side effects, which include flushing, headaches, dyspepsia, transient visual changes, priapism, and risk of death if taken with nitric oxide [4]. The organic causes include vascular, neurogenic, hormonal, anatomic, traumatic, and drug-induced [1]. Penile erectile tissue, known as the cavernous tissue (which consists of sinusoids, and trabeculae), as well as the arteries, all play a key role in erections. It is unclear whether or not men with normal renal function and a zinc deficiency would benefit from zinc supplementation [8]. A second study has also demonstrated promising results of increased hardness of erection and satisfaction of intercourse [10].
These mechanisms of actions all lead to the relaxation of the corpus cavernosum and vasodilation of penile arteries causing increased blood flow to the penis. A study has shown that 30mg per day for 8 weeks of yohimbe extract was significantly more effective than placebo at improving sexual desire, satisfaction, and penile rigidity [13]. A prospective study of acupuncture in men with psychogenic ED demonstrated that acupuncture lead to sexual satisfaction in 68.4% and erections improved in 21% of men [15].
A 2 year long RCT of regular exercise and diet change (Mediterranean diet) significantly improved erectile function [16].
Men with ED have been shown to have an increased incidence of depression, anxiety (both general and performance), and low self-confidence. Overall, there are a number of different naturopathic therapies that can be considered and have shown to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction but as always, it is best to speak with your naturopathic doctor or healthcare provider about the options and proper dosing. Effect of lifestyle changes on erectile dysfunction in obese men: a randomized controlled trial. Clinical trials have shown that problems such as low sperm count and motility can be improved with acupuncture treatment.
These are improved energy levels, improved bodily functions, feeling calmer, more in control, more focused and with a more positive outlook.

Nonetheless, the doctors were quite amenable to helping these women try to acheive weight loss through acupuncture.
Acupoints are also included on the leg and arms to support the overall treatment and keep the patient in balance. Of interest is a problem we see here in the US but that appearred to be a non-issue in China. One might also suggest that using food for emotional reasons, might at some level work toward our benefit if it is a protective mechanism.
Considering that some species are known only from certain limited geographical areas, these over-harvesting practices forecast a pessimistic future on their survival and conservation.
Social stigma is all too familiar and continues to be a reality for men suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED), this being the biggest barrier to them seeking treatment.
The side effects of self-injection therapy include pain, fibrosis at injection site, hypotension, and priapism. Sexual stimulation releases neurotransmitters that lead to the dilation of the arteries, trapping of the blood inside the sinusoids, compresses and reduces venous outflow, all leading to an erect penis.
Some adverse events may include digestive complaints such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, as well as headaches, flushing, hypotension [7]. Long-term supplementation of zinc can deplete copper stores; therefore copper should be supplemented as well.
In addition, ginsenosides also have an effect on the nervous system through inhibiting the reuptake of GABA, glutamate, dopamine, noradrenalin, and serotonin [12]. However, a second study concluded that yohimbine alone is not effective at treating ED, but in combination with L-arginine, it can be a great treatment option [14].
Though it might take more time to see results from lifestyle changes, it is the most beneficial treatment especially in men diagnosed with ED secondary to a chronic condition, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity.
In my London Moxibustion & Acupuncture Practice in London, Kentish Town, Belsize Park, Camden, Tufnell Park and central London.
Therefore men are less likely to see connections between their emotional state and their bodily symptoms. That basically means that the protein portion of the meal is smaller than the amount of rice and vegetables (and certainly less than the average American intake of protein).
Although the diet seems to be high in fat from a cultural perspective, perhaps there is little thought given to modifying cooking techniques to reduce fat and sodium.
Even more worrisome, due to the fact that ED can be linked to early signs of cardiovascular disease, is that 25% of all men diagnosed with ED are young (under 40 years of age) [3]. Penile prosthesis implantation is used for men who do not respond to the other therapies and this type of treatment is expensive and is complicated by mechanical failure, infection, and granuloma formation in the penis [5]. Most organic cases of ED are due to a reduction in nitric oxide which causes an insufficient relaxation of the corpus cavernosum, leading to decreased blood flow to that area [6].
Understandably, there is a lot more at play when it comes to achieving an erection, however, only the information mentioned is required to understand how some of the following natural approaches are effective. Although it is not well understood, this suggests that it may act on the central nervous system in the process of erection [12]. Seeing as yohimbe works on the CNS, it has a smaller therapeutic index and comes with side effects.
Partners of men with ED have a reduction in libido and report feelings of rejection and guilt. I offer help, treatment & therapy for men's health, impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.
Acupuncture can also help men who also go through a gradual hormonal adjustment from their 30s called the Andropause, The gradual decline in testosterone in men may affect energy, libido and potency and can cause anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating and poor memory, insomnia, hot flushes and sweating. My guess is that since McDonalds and fast food eateries are not the usual source of meals and that walking or riding a bicycle are common modes of transportation, that patients and doctors alike focus on the acupuncture. It was not common place to see people snacking in cars, walking and eating or stopping by fast food to pick up sugary foods or drink. For these reasons, many choose to resort to alternative medicines or decide to remain untreated to avoid negative side effects and dependency of pharmacotherapy. Studies found that at a dosage of 600-1000mg taken 3 times per day for 4-12 weeks, ginseng not only improved erection, but also sexual desire and satisfaction. In the above study, 30.2% of participants reported adverse effects but the details were not released [13].
It is suggested that ED has a tremendous impact on a man’s life and marriage, and accounts for 1 in 5 failed marriages [17]. On a physical level men can feel overburdened and faced with difficult decisions which can cause neck and shoulder problems, back pain, migraine and headaches digestive and bowel issues, sleep problems. It appeared overall that most of the Chinese population ate three meals a day with green tea after meals. Providing counseling for both the man and his partner could provide the couple with tools to deal with the emotional aspect of ED and find ways to be sexual without an erection. I am trained, experienced and accredited as impotence acupuncturist in London, men's health acupuncturist in Kentish Town, premature ejaculation acupuncturist in Belsize Park, erectile dysfunction acupuncturist in Camden, men's problems acupuncturist in Tufnell Park, men's issues acupuncturist in central London.
Food was either deep fried or very oily stir fried and the most common protein used is pork.
Stearn, in an article published in Kew Bulletin, suggested that the introduction into cultivation of the faster growing species such as E. Acupuncture & moxibustion is widely recognised as tcm London, traditional chinese medicine London, complementary medicine in London, complementary therapy London, complementary therapies in London, alternative medicine London, alternative therapy in London, alternative therapies in London, chinese acupuncture London, traditional acupuncture in London, acupuncture therapy London, acupuncture treatment in London, moxibustion in London, moxibustion therapy London, moxibustion treatment London or moxa therapy London or moxa treatment in London. One of the doctors commented that pork is a very fatty meat and contributes to excess dampness (heaviness, slows movement) in the body and therefore hinders weight loss. In addition, the diet is extremely high in sodium due to the use of soy sauce, salt and MSG and may also cause fluid retention.

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