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In Clash of Clans the Healer is the only support unit that does no damage, but instead heals your other troops. The tables below outline the stats for each research level and the general stats applicable to Healers.
Note that Healers will not heal flying units (other Healers, Dragons, Balloons, Minions or itself) unlike a Healing Spell which heals everything, healers included. A Healer does not last long if she is in the range of an Air Defense, so make sure you destroy or otherwise occupy the Air Defense before sending in your Healer(s).
Healers can allow Giants and other defensive troops to withstand massive amounts of damage, even doubling that of their normal health. If the Healer is donated as a clan reinforcement, she will heal buildings damaged by attackers. If you are considering using a Healer in your Clan Castle for defensive purposes, it is strongly discouraged to do so. You can have a maximum of 11 Healers at one time in a full complement of fully upgraded Army Camps. Having this many Healers is highly discouraged as your army will have no offensive capabilities.
A healer is very vulnerable to air defenses, the best way to do this is to deploy a Giant, then 2 wall breakers to break the wall and then sent in a group of Giants to destroy the air defenses. Healers combined with high damage level troops like the giants are very effective and can withstand massive damage.
It is not recommended to defend with a healer, although it can heal buildings the damage provided by the attacking troops is much higher. Note that Healers will not heal flying units (other Healers, Dragons, Balloons, Minions, Lava Hounds or itself) unlike a Healing Spell which heals every kind of troop. Note that Healers will heal Heroes at a reduced rate of only 50% of her normal healing rate; keep this in mind if you want to use Healers with your Heroes. This is why the all healer and Archer Queen strategy known as a queen walk is less commonly used. A Healer does not last long if she is in the range of an Air Defense, so make sure you destroy the Air Defenses first or otherwise occupy them before sending in your Healer(s).
Healers can allow Giants and other defensive troops to withstand massive amounts of damage, even doubling that of their normal health.
As of the December 2015 update, the effect of stacking multiple Healers to heal the same target is reduced. Healers do not last long if she is in range of a Single-Target defenses or an Air Defense, so make sure you upgrade and protect your Air Defense as much as possible. Put your Air Defense in the middle of the base to prevent ground troops like Giants from destroying it quickly. As of the 24 February 2015 update, the strategies to defend against Healers involving Traps placement no longer work, as Healers do not trigger Traps anymore.
At level 3, the color of her aura and the color of her dress both turn from light yellow to a bright purple - pink color (Similar to elixir- pink or level six walls).
In the Chinese language setting of the game, the Healer is called "Angel", which the unit resembles. You can have a maximum of 17 Healers at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps. Note: Having this many Healers is highly discouraged as your Troops will have no offensive capabilities unless you bring Clan Castle troops or Heroes. Although Healers have no favorite target, as of the September 16, 2014 update, Healers now prioritize healing larger groups of troops. The Healer requires the least amount of Elixir of any troop to upgrade to maximum level (a total of 5,250,000 from level 1 to 4). Prior to the September 2014 update, a Healer in a defensive Clan Castle would heal damaged buildings. As of the February 24th, 2015 update, Healers no longer trigger air traps or Traps set to air mode.
Whoever doesn’t know Clash of Clans, is probably living in a rock, or doesn’t own a mobile device. Clash of Clans (COC) is a game developed and produced by Super Cell as one of their online games.
Builders – They tinker and build everything around the base which needs to be built, repair and upgrade. Experience (EXP) – Game experience counter that can be earned by playing the game to level up. Clan – A group of players, who plans, defends and attacks together with a common interest bearing a specific name and identity. COC also made a single player mode if the chief doesn’t feel like playing with others or if the chief still doesn’t belong to a clan yet.

Builder’s Hut – Without this, player cannot have a builder which basically fixes the whole village.
Tree, log, mushroom, bush, rock, and stone – Can be harvested to earn EXP and find green gems. Elixir collector – This is a pitcher and pipe-like sort of utility that pumps a pink elixir. Dark Elixir drill – It extracts a pure dark elixir which contains a rare kind of magical substance.
Gem – A green jewel which can be used to replace the value of gold and elixir, upgrade faster “in an instant” and payment to buy decorations. Dark Barracks – Like the ordinary barracks, this building is used as a place for giving birth to troops. Spell Factory – This building is shaped as a large cooking pan with a stirrer, as if it’s literally cooking something. Archer tower – Platform that archers use to have a longer range of attacks to defend its area from the enemies, whether from the ground or air. Wizard tower – Wizard territory which helps them cast a destructive splash of magic around their area of responsibility. Inferno tower – It’s like a tesla with a greater power that uses fire to destroy a single target or totally dissolve multiple targets at once with its fueled flames. Player Level – Whenever the player accomplishes anything, it gives them exp that feeds the player level to grow as a reward. Some players also want to join the lower league to have an advantage of easily destroying the bases of those who have weaker defense and troops than them. This is why players use another gaming strategy to make upgrading a little faster without them spending some real cash. Players use the advantage of controlling the league level to lower down their trophies and mess up with those who are a bit fragile than them. Weak defenses – Players open their base for an opportunity for their enemy’s attack to be successful. Because Clash of Clans is a strategic game, players have a reasonable logic for purposely downgrading and it’s not just a way of messing up the game. Longer Shield – If the base has been destroyed, it will automatically be protected by shield. Farming for resources and upgrades cannot be interrupted by enemies as long as the shield is acquired.
Upgrading Resources – With upgraded resources, a player can farm and store a greater amount of treasures that they can use to pay the builders in order for them to upgrade other resources, buildings and defenses.
Upgrading Defenses – Dealing a massive attack to enemies are equally important as having a great defense. There are lots of MMOG that keeps on copying Clash of Clan’s blue print, but whatever they do, the strategic game plan and design of COC can be classified as number one, unique and classic! Editor-in-Chief of Games Saga.  Also known as "Pol Aviles" - a gamer, clayist, online content writer and OPM enthusiast. I simply become aware of your weblog thru Google, and located that it is truly informative. Giants can withstand a large amount of damage and with your Healers restoring their hit points will withstand huge amounts of damage. She has no attack abilities, but can rapidly heal any ground units, except when in defense (in which case she heals damaged Buildings).
One strategy is to send a few Wall Breakers in to break the wall that is protecting the Air Defense.
While Healers can and do heal buildings, in practice the amount the Healer can restore is far less than the buildings are taking, even from just a few troops. Archers or other offensive troops are much better in this situation, as Healers really don't end up affecting anything given the time it takes them to heal and the fact that their large housing requirement (20) takes up most or all of the available Clan Castle space.
This number increases to 12 if you include the 1 that can fit into a fully upgraded Clan Castle.
They are also slow troops so most of the time they come in late when defending clan castle troops. If all units have full health, she will start healing the closest troops (although it will have no effect on the healed troops). They are completely unable to defend themselves, and will totally ignore any enemy buildings or troops attacking them. Since Balloons target defenses, there is a good chance that the Balloons will be closer to the Air Defense than the Healer.
The stacking effectiveness begins to decrease after 4 Healers and decreases drastically after 6 Healers. The training time was shortened from 20 minutes to 15 minutes and the required housing space was lowered from 20 to 14. This number increases to 19 if you include the 2 that can fit into a level 5 or higher Clan Castle.

This is no longer true and she will now only heal Heroes and other Clan Castle Troops when defending; if Heroes and Clan Castle Troops are taken out, she will do nothing for the rest of the defense. This game can be accessed through any mobile devices and app players (for desktop computers). These were made to add a little touch of personal beautification and attitude for the village’s appearance.
It’s a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) with the main principle of defending your base (village) from enemy’s attacks and accomplishes a great game plan to wreck your opponent’s village while stealing its resources.
With its magical mass, it is stored in a special container, a square-type shape of glass  (dark elixir storage).
It can also be used as a payment to builders to upgrade elixir resources, defenses, town hall and clan castle. Thus, the troops produced by this elixir are much stronger than the troops produced by the basic elixir. Clanmates use this as a space for donated troops to rest until they’re needed to give a hand for battle. The only sure thing about it… is they use this as a researching facility to make any troops and spells stronger than before.
First is the player level which can be seen in the upper left area of the screen with the level number inside a blue ribbon. In the battlefield, whether the player wins or been defeated, exp will be added on the player level. If the chief wants to join the higher league, he just needed to have a sure win attack or put up a great defense. Leveling down can be achieved by controlling your attacks and defense in a weaker game plan. Because it is a strategy game, one also needs to lower its league level to accomplish its personal interest. This will cause the attacker to lose some trophies and have a big tendency of losing its qualification from its current league. I hope you all also enjoyed other posts from this site as much as you did with this specific post. You should aim to take out air defenses before deploying your healers, or at least any air defenses in the deployment area. You should also note that as healers cannot do any damage, the attack will be over if you only have healers left.
If they have no target to heal, they will simply remain stationary even if they are taking damage.
For this reason, it is not advised to use too many Healers on the same target as the healing efficiency will decrease if they are massed on one target, like the Archer Queen. Each member can help their clanmates to attack enemies and defend their base by donating troops that could rest inside the clan castle until they’re needed. So clans don’t have any idea on which clan they’ll be dealing with until the search has been fully applied.
The best part of this?… Player earn trophies and be part of a certain league from being a bad-a** chief. Like for example, a simple log can transform itself to a branch, then into a pine tree, and then into a Christmas tree.
It’s the most fragile building of all, because it automatically gives a sure winning point to enemies when destroyed.
Second is the league level which is determined by how many trophies players currently have.
Thus, without using “real money” to buy gems via paypal or credit cards, upgrading can be as slow as a turtle. The remaining Air Defense can be a problem so be able to use a few more troops to take it out.
A person can not imagine purely how a whole lot moment I’d invested due to this info! As long as the Healer does not get distracted by other troops taking damage, the Giants will live for a significant amount of time (due to the constant healing) and will distract the defenses while the other troops destroy everything.
As long as the Healer does not get distracted by other Troops taking damage, or is not killed by an Archer Tower or Wizard Tower, the Giants will live for a significant amount of time (due to the constant healing) and will distract the defenses while the other troops destroy everything.

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