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Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) use a variety of different diagnostic tools. TCM believes the tongue is a microcosm of the entire body and will reflect its excesses and deficiencies. Everyone loves to ask, so: A normal healthy tongue is pink in color, has a light white tongue coating on it and is proportionate in size to the mouth that it lives in. If your tongue is puffy with teeth marks along the side, we know that your body isn’t making use of all of its nourishment.
On the contrary, if someone comes in with a small, very thin tongue we start to immediately ask if they are dehydrated, or are suffering from a chronic condition that has left them depleted severely. The color of the tongue can tell you if there is heat in your body or a lack of blood and nourishment.
A red tongue will tell you that there is heat in your body such as a fever or a hormonal imbalance that is leading to hot flashes or temperature changes.
A purple tongue will tell you your circulatory system is backed up, perhaps from a major injury or pain condition.
A thick coating tells you your condition is more serious and may have a component of phlegm to it.
A thin coating as was stated above, is actually normal, but a very thin or absent tongue coating lets us know that our system is being taxed greatly, or we have a lack of body fluids. In combination with the size of the tongue coating, the color of the coating is important as well. A grey or black coating is a sign that it’s time to stop smoking and drinking coffee before your acupuncturist visits.
A thick white coating tells us again there is cold in your body and may be responsible for poor circulation in your extremities, abdominal pain and cramping, and premenstrual pain. If any of the coats are overly wet then we know the body isn’t using fluids efficiently and similarly a dry or burnt coat indicates a fever or heat issue.
All of the diagnostic tools listed above can be used in conjunction with the organ map pictured here as well. Take a look at your tongue for a few weeks and begin to notice the differences in it depending on how you’re feeling that day is it swollen when you are run down, is it red when you feel feverish or stressed out? After a number of years working in real estate and the private protection industry with Gavin de Becker and Associates, as well as a short professional Mixed Martial Arts career, the decision for Traver to dedicate his time to educating people on the benefits of healthy living became unavoidable.
Traver co-founded CrossFit Pacific Coast in 2009 and is a partner at Revolution Wellness, both in Santa Barbara CA. As the weather gets colder and expected snow could hit us at any time here in Michigan, the season of colds, sniffles, the flu, and other illnesses is upon us. Stay rested: Staying well-rested when you first start experiencing signs of having a cold or flu helps bolster your immune system and have energy levels needed for fighting off viruses. Gargle: Adding a spoonful of salt to a glass of warm water and gargling can temporarily ease the pain of a sore throat.
Drink hot liquids: warm liquids help to prevent dehydration and can relieve nasal congestion. Take a steamy shower: the steam from the shower will sooth the inflamed membranes of your nose and throat, not to mention its relaxing qualities.
Sleep with an extra pillow: elevation of the head can help relieve the pressure on your nasal passage and help with drainage. Don’t fly unless necessary: the change in pressure from flying can hurt your eardrums and make you feel worse then you did before. As a student at Michigan State there are a variety of ways for you to prevent and heal from seasonal illnesses. The eye infections are caused by various reasons such as viral or bacterial attack and the effects can range from simple discomfort to severe pain and swelling that may have serious consequences unless treated urgently by qualified eye specialists. Another important aspect of the eye infections is that they are highly contagious and spread rapidly whenever the affected person interacts with others from close quarters. Among the wide range of infections that can affect the yes, the most common are the Pink eyes (Conjunctivitis), Stye, Blepharitis, Cellulitis, Keratitis, Corneal ulcers and Trachoma.
This is by far the most common of the eye infections to be affecting millions of people around the world being caused by the infection of the conjuctiva of the eyes.
Conjunctive is the thin membrane covering the entire white portion of the eyes and is clear in its appearance. The best treatment for Pink Eyes infection is by antibiotics to reduce the infection and anti allergic drops to prevent aggravation of the inflammation caused by the allergy agents.

This particular condition results from the infection of the eyelids which is more serious in nature and has the potential to cause permanent damage to the eyes unless treated for immediately.
Blepharitis eye infections are of two basic types – Anterior Blapharitis and Posterior Blapharitis depending on which portion of the eye the infection actually affects. The foremost criteria in the treatment of this infection are to keep the eyelashes free of crust which can be achieved through warm compresses. Common symptoms of associated with a Stye include swelling on the eyelids which can be seen as a distinct bump. Warm compresses are the most common treatment that reduces the swelling by opening up the glands which are prescribed by doctors in the initial stages. Washing of the hands thoroughly before and after touching the eyes when administering medicines. Avoiding the use of eyelid makeup till such time that any such infection is completely cured. Avoid sharing your contact lenses and their solution with anyone else in order to ensure that you do not pick up infections. Towels, linen, pillows, handkerchief and other items that come in contact with the eyes are often the prime culprits in spreading eye infections.
Do follow the above eye care tips because Eyes are the most important among all sense organs of the body providing us with the essential visual inputs for living our daily lives. I don’t see a lot of pediatric patients for acupuncture, but when I do, I always look forward to asking the question that throws most new patients for a loop - especially those who are still at the age where following through usually will land you square in the dog house.
Being directly related to the stomach by proximity and availability, the tongue acts as a very good reflection of our digestive systems. This is a common situation with an over-trained athlete who has pushed their body past its own point of functioning optimally, but has yet to do any real damage. This is common in women immediately following their menstrual cycle or in both sexes following a rigorous training cycle or long distance race.
If phlegm shows up in your nose and the corners of your eyes, why not something similar on your tongue? A thick yellow coat in the back of your tongue might be an early sign of a urinary tract infection, while the same coat on the front section of your tongue is more likely an upper respiratory issue. With your tongue sending you signals about your entire system on an hour by hour basis, the more familiar you are with its language, the better health decisions you’ll be able to make for yourself.
Though colds are often treated nonchalantly, they can have a serious negative effect on our health, tend to affect us for longer than expected, and may leave us feeling tired and achy.
This shot is annual because the strain of flu viruses mutates and changes each year, therefore affecting humans differently.
The Olin Health Center, located on East Circle Drive, provides students with 3 free visits a year.  Olin offer the flu shot at the main office (call 517-353-4660 to schedule an appointment) or they offer the flu shot in the Neighborhood Clinics across campus as well.
Our programs, events, and workshops revolve around the six dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, occupational, emotional, social, and spiritual. These eye infections can affect people of all ages and with equal severity when the causing conditions are met. In order to deal with such a condition effectively one needs to understand the various causative factor, the tell tale indications and available remedial measures. Three of the most easily attained infections have been discussed in the following paragraphs.
Viral, bacterial and allergic infection of this membrane leads to the inflammation and subsequent reddening of the eyes. However despite the medical treatment, this condition usually runs its course before subsiding.
Swelling of the eyelids is the primary symptom which may also be accompanied by other indications such as crustiness, redness, itching, burning sensation, excessive tearing, blurring of vision, depletion of eyelashes and dry eyes.
The primary cause for this kind of eye infections is bacterial action and presence of dandruff on the eyebrows. Seen as small bumps on the lids of the eyes, the Stye is primarily a blockage of the oil producing glands due to bacterial infections. Redness, pain, tenderness, discomfort and tenderness of the eyes are some of the other indicators of a Stye. Some antibiotics may be taken as a measure against the spread of the infection which is quite unlikely in such cases. Therefore eye infections must be treated with seriousness in order to prevent any drastic consequences.

Sharing of eyelid makeup is one of the most common reasons for the spread of eye infections.
This also applies to conditions which are known to chemical agents, dust and pollen in the air. Any kind of eye infections are likely to affect our visions and our ability to function normally. A red tongue tip (heart and lung area) may be present in an asthmatic or even someone recently suffering from a break up. This is also common with anemia or after a long standing disease where the body had to tap into its reserves to fight itself back to health. Over 50% of MSU students reported having colds or flu last year and as a busy student, catching any kind of illness amidst a hectic semester is the last thing you have time for.
The best way to blow your nose: Press a finger over one nostril while you blow gently to clear the other.
When people receive a flu shot antibodies develop in the body and protect against the viruses that were part of the vaccination. Since the eye is constantly exposed to various kinds of pathogens present in the environment where the people stay in, these infections take place when the system’s defensive mechanism is degraded in its efficiency. Though not a serious condition, this infection does merit a medical treatment at the earliest to reduce the symptoms and avoid its spread. Viruses from the other physical ailments like the sore throat, cold and respiratory tract infections may spread to the eyes causing Conjunctivitis.
Warm compresses are an effective means of removing the crusty and sticky secretions from the eye lashes. Eyelid massages help in flushing out the oil deposited in the eyelid glands and thereby clear their passages. This is a rather harmless condition that may cure on its won due to the body’s immunity system mechanism of self cures. In case of the swelling turning hard and persistent, the clot may be removed by a minor incision which drains off the oil and reduces the bump.
There are a few common methods by which most of such eye infections can be avoided and their spread arrested.
Thus there is a urgent requirement to understand and imbibe the basic principle of maintaining good hygiene for the eyes.
However there are a number of ways you can prevent and treat these illnesses so that they don’t have lasting effects. The seasonal influenza has similar symptoms yet it affects people faster and tends to be more severe.
Bacteria such as staphylococci and streptococci are responsible for bacterial infections whereas allergy agents such .fumes, dust, chemicals and cosmetic may trigger off the allergic variant of this condition. Artificial tears, lubricating ointments and even application of anti dandruff agents to the eyebrows can be resorted to in severe conditions of such eye infections. In some more complicated cases a surgical procedure may be required to drain of the accumulated oils in the blocked glands. Regular washing with clean water and avoiding exposure to allerg6y causing agents are the two simple means of taking care of the eyes which will ward of most kinds of eye infections. These symptoms include sore throat, fever, headache, muscle aches, soreness, congestion, and cough.
Pre-existing medical conditions (asthma and diabetes), pregnant women, and people younger than 5 and people over 65 are at high levels of risk. Sometimes a yellowish secretion also takes place which tends to stick together both the eyelashes making it difficult to open the eyes. Care to avoid coming in close contact with infected people and their belongings is another important means of staying away from the infections. In both cases the cold and flu are caused by viruses passed from person to person by germs.
The flu vaccination takes two weeks to take effect as the antibodies need time to build up and take effect. Last vital aspect of dealing with eye infections is to immediately consult a trained eye specialist rather than attempting any kind of cure based on heresay.

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