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Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3 is MoonlightRainbow's first All Stars movie on this wiki. Pretty Cure were separated in five groups, but except leader group they aren't the same as they were in All Stars DX 3. First group had to fight against Shadows and monsters from series and had to defeat them all to get out. Cures from second group were send to quiz room and had to answer all questions right to get out.
Leader Pretty Cure Quiz Show - Leader Pretty Cure do Quiz show and ask children about cures and mascots of Pretty Cure groups and things that Pretty Cure did.

Mascots vs monster - All mascots are having tea party when they suddenly hear strange noise.
Shiny Rose - Shiny Luminous and Milky Rose both fight with Pretty Cure as warrior with Cure like powers. Youngest Girls - Youngest cures, Ako, Aguri and Ringo were talking to each other and became good friends and also notice that Ringo is only one of them who appear at beginning of their seasons.
This is second All Stars movie to have mix of pretty cure openings for ending, first being pretty cure all stars dx 2.
This is fourth time leader cures from newest and previous series have eye contact when they first time met, after DX, DX3 and New Stage.

In movie appear all cures from Max Heart to Doki Doki and Also MoonlightRainbow's fan series 5 Lights Pretty Cure! It takes place after eight episode of 5 Lights Pretty Cure! They were just talking about sports they are playing when monster that is mix of Hoshina, Akanbe and Shadow attack them. When they though that it went away they checked what's going on and found out that noise was actually doing of Ai and Chiffon who were moving things when they were sleeping.

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