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As with all disorders of the mouth, an accurate diagnosis by a trained healthcare professional is required before treatment is started.
Some conditions that can mimic canker sores include traumatic injury, autoimmune conditions, viral infections (such as herpes simplex and herpes zoster [shingles]), and most importantly, oral cancer. The discomfort and severity of canker sores can roughly be categorized as mild, moderate, or severe.
In general the goals of treatment are threefold: to decrease pain, speed healing, and prevent recurrence.
A large number of therapeutic agents are available, including both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) preparations. Below is a brief discussion of the many choices available for the treatment of canker sores. Other Approaches include the use of mild cautery or caustics to deaden nerve endings and decrease symptoms.
Final Cautionary Note: Because canker sores can be caused by systemic abnormalities and also be confused with other pathologic conditions that present as ulcers, it is important to seek professional attention if lesions do not resolve within two weeks.
A canker sore is a non-contagious small ulcer that appears in the mouth, under your tongue or around the inside of an individual's cheeks or lips. Although the causes of canker sores are unknown, many specialist believe that stress, certain types of food that contains a lot of citrus, or a sharp tooth may be a contributing factor to canker sores.
Canker sores are lesions (ulcers) that appear on the inside of the mouth, which may result in severe discomfort; it is for this reason why many people are always searching for information on how to cure canker sores. When the question “how to cure a canker sore?” is asked on the internet, more often than not, people are seeking simple home remedies.
Finally, if all these home remedies fail to elicit a favorable response, the use of prescription strength drugs may give you answers to curing canker sores. Although these ulcers can be very painful and uncomfortable, today there are a variety of ways how a person can treat the canker sores, and decrease re-occurrence of such nuisances. If you have any tips, feel free to comment and share your experience with canker sores at the bottom of this page. Canker sores are small red bumps with yellow and white centers that can form inside the mouth, lips, cheeks, throat, and on the tongue.Some common symptoms of canker sores are a tingling or burning sensation near the affected area, swollen lymph glands, fever, and sluggishness. Also, you can combine it with turmeric as it has antiseptic properties.Mix together one teaspoon of honey and one-quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder. In addition, oral ulcers can be associated with a number of systemic conditions in which the oral ulcers represent only a small part of the underlying problem.
Mild disease is characterized by its infrequent occurrence, short duration, and lack of severe symptoms. Currently, no available therapy meets all these goals, although most therapies do provide some benefit to those affected. Individuals with advanced training in Oral Medicine have additional expertise in managing more severe cases. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Canker sores usually start as a lesion that occur on the soft portion of your gum and mouth.
The most severe forms may cause an individual to have a fever, be fatigured or have swollen lymph nodes. They occur commonly on the tongue, cheeks or on the lips and may last anywhere from four days to fourteen days. Due to the presence of large amounts of the streptococcus bacteria, and the ability of hydrogen peroxide to act as a bacteriostatic (stop growth and development of bacteria), there is merit in this use.

Yoghurt contains naturally beneficial bacteria, called probiotics, which in laboratory and real world studies show the ability to reduce susceptibility to certain bacterial infections. Quite commonly however, a salt water solution may be formed by dissolving one teaspoon of salt in some warm water and gargling around the mouth for a few seconds, and used as a sole agent. Separately, these are all considered somewhat effective means how to cure a canker sore, but collectively they are significantly more potent. Milk of magnesia is most commonly known for its antacid and laxative properties, but research has demonstrated a positive role in alleviating canker sore pain and duration.
Vitamin C is actually an alkaline substance, not acidic, so as with the other mechanisms associated with high alkalinity, it becomes hostile to bacteria.
Commonly used prescription drugs include anti-histamines, anti-septic mouth rinses, and many others.
If you are worried about canker sores, or they do not seem to completely heal within 1-2 weeks, you must see the doctor. They can be caused by mouth trauma, excessive stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, a compromised immune system, a food allergy or vitamin deficiencies.Canker sores are not contagious and typically disappear within two weeks without treatment.
A general rule of thumb recommended by health care professionals is that any ulcer that lasts for more than 10 to 14 days should be evaluated by a dentist and biopsied if necessary. Fortunately, most patients who experience canker sores experience mild disease (see right). The method selected depends upon the site of the lesion(s), accessibility for treatment, severity, duration, and success with previous treatment regimens. They generally provide relief as long as they are in place, but it can be difficult to keep them adherent for sustained periods. However, benzocaine is a known allergen and should not be used by patients with hypersensitivity.
The foaming of the oxygen exerts a mechanical action that loosens debris and cleanses the wound.
In many instances, topical therapy with a potent corticosterioid may be prescribed to reduce the immune response in the area. If you have or suspect you may have a health concern, consult your professional health care provider.
Most canker sores have the appearance of being round or oval with a center that may appear white or yellow, but red on the outside.
Although, the cause of these sores is relatively undetermined, there are certain factors which tend to increase your risk; including hereditary factors, over-reaction to the streptococcus bacteria (commonly found in these sores), allergies, and quite often trauma via use of a stiff toothbrush.
The mechanism behind this action is thought to be due to the release of carbon dioxide upon application, resulting in a “ evacuation” of the bacteria. The addition of baking soda helps on the formation of a paste, which is then applied directly to the canker sores. Although this method may be the least enjoyable thing you taste, it delivers results in the end. For quick pain relief, hold a small ice cube directly over the sore and allow it to melt slowly.
Strain the solution and then use it to rinse your mouth, three or four times a day.You can also drink the juice from fresh coriander leaves. While there is no formal classification to distinguish between moderate and severe disease, the presence of four or more canker sores per year with annoying but non-debilitating symptoms can be classified as moderate disease. If needed, an expert in Oral Medicine may be consulted concerning the need and feasibility of more advanced treatment protocols.
When protective coatings are combined with a therapeutic agent, a two-fold benefit is obtained.

A professionally applied or prescribed product Debacterol® is also available for nerve deadening. Finally, in some cases the use of systemic corticosteroids or other immunosuppressive drugs may be warranted. Since 1972, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all new OTC agents must be safe and effective. The assessment of your particular situation may be extensive and necessitate consultation with other health care professionals. Other not verified causes may include deficiency of the B vitamin cyanocobalamin (B12), stressful conditions or being a woman close to her menstrual cycle. Severe canker sores are often more widespread, more painful, and interfere with the patient’s ability to eat and speak. The occlusive prevents external stimulation of the wound site and also holds the therapeutic agent in place. Hydrogen peroxide when obtained as a 3% solution should be diluted with equal amounts of water before application either directly to the ulcer or as a mouthrinse. For example, your dentist may order dietary surveys and blood tests to help rule out the presence of food sensitivities or other systemic causes. Strategies for identifying potential allergens include observing any relationship between the intake of a particular food or beverages and development of canker sores. They usually go away on their own after a week or two, however, it can make eating extremely painful. Also, preventing canker sores is not realistic because most people are not aware of what is causing the canker sore. With this understood, it is time to give you some simple tips on how you can cure the canker sores. Baking soda and salt water effectively increase alkalinity of the mouth, resulting in death of bacteria. Unfortunately, individuals with severe disease often suffer frequent to constant recurrence. Sodium bicarbonate, either as a solution (½ to 1 teaspoon in 4 ounces of water) or as a paste, can also be used to for wound cleansing. Many individuals are intolerant of wheat products (gluten), nuts, tomatoes, and various fruits.
Two frequent food additives that are associated with canker sores are the spice cinnamon and benzoic acid (a common preservative found in foods and soft drinks). A trial elimination of a suspected food substance or additive is a sound approach to identifying potential allergens.
Do this several times a day.You can also rinse your mouth with fresh aloe vera juice three or four times a day. They also develop on the outside of the mouth as opposed to canker sores which develop on the inside. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments.

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