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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Ebola Virus is the causative agent of a severe form of viral hemorrhagic fever in humans with a 50-90% fatality rate.
Credits for this work: Ivan Konstantinov, Yury Stefanov, Alexander Kovalevsky and Anastasya Bakulina from Visual Science.

Ivan Konstantinov and his colleagues drew on existing scientific information to depict the 3-dimensional structure of the Ebola virus, responsible for numerous fatal outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever throughout many parts of Africa. It contains both virus-encoding proteins (macron shades) and structures taken from the host cell (gray shades). The virus which is only 1400 nanometers in length, is not a simple pathogen, says the artist Ivan Konstantinov, instead it contains about 3 million lipids and protein molecules.

The 3D model is based on X-ray analysis, NMR spectroscopy data, and general virology publications from the last two decades.

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