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Every hangover brings a couple of things – there’s the horrible headache, the stomach ache, and the nausea, and of course the general feeling of tiredness. The main reason you feel stomach ache and nausea after you’ve been drinking too much, is the elevated level of stomach acid in your stomach. As it is known as the universal remedy for almost every illness, chicken soup is also very good in curing hangover stomach ache. Alcohol doesn’t only take the water from your body; it takes the vitamins and minerals as well.
As aforementioned – it is of a great importance to compensate for the vitamins you’ve lost by drinking.
Even though a child may beg every day to ride the big yellow school bus, actually looking up at it can be a daunting prospect. Help parents identify with the chip on their child’s shoulder in a clever way with Butterflies in My Stomach and Other School Hazards by Serge Bloch. The idiom starts with the one we’ve all heard a million times: the little star of our story got up on the wrong side of his bed. He may have started the day a doubting Thomas, but the little guy is happy as a puppy with two tails when he returns home. While the illustrations are essentially crude line drawings, in some ways it makes the story more relatable. Stock Butterflies in My Stomach and Other School Hazards along with back-to-school supplies for parents who may be turning a blind eye to their child’s fears. If teachers frequent your store, consider offering this as a tool for them to ease the fears of elementary school attendees.
You can find the general tips on how to cure a hangover in this post, while here, I would like tell you about the 10 best cures for hangover stomach woes.
You get hung-over because you’re dehydrated and the main issue is to rehydrate yourself as soon as possible.
Alcohol does this to you and the best cure is to eat something really dry that will soak up all the extra acid. Yogurt is generally speaking, good for your stomach, because it contains the lactic acid bacteria that provide good digestion.

A plate of hot chicken soup will calm your stomach, rehydrate you and restore the electrolytes you lost by drinking too much. Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B and they are generally a good remedy for an upset stomach. Pickles have been known as a remedy for hangover since forever, and that’s because they actually work.
And what better way to do it, than eating fresh fruit or drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice. Control your drinking and give yourself less chances to embarrass yourself in the evening, and to feel really bad in the morning.
Anything can trigger a pain in the stomach, starting from indigestion and food poisoning to ulcers and constipation. There’s picking out their favorite outfit, taking lots of pictures, and waving as they set off on new experiences.
Even more nerve-wracking is going to a big building with new people, teachers, and authority figures. Told in a series of idioms, this book is the best thing since sliced bread, and addresses the fact that sometimes, no matter how much children think they want to go to school, the first day puts kids between a rock and a hard place. His mom kindly suggests he not bottle up his feelings and, because a picture is worth a thousand words, we are treated to a picture of a very little boy in an even smaller bottle.
Along the way, plenty of people try to offer him some sage advice, in idiomatic fashion of course. Apparently his own puppy, Roger, is also excited as he, too, sprouts two tails for wagging.
The simplicity will likely make parents think twice about the message they send their children every day.
Little kids won’t look a gift horse in this mouth when they get this book on their special day. For those teaching older kids, consider advertising this with other educational materials as the perfect way to learn about idioms and turns of phrase.
While it’s designed for older children, it may be destined to be a classic like Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr.

It’s not really an easy task, to make a chicken soup in the morning when you are hung-over, but hey – that’s what order-ins are for. Lack of it produces stomach ache and nausea, which is why it is very important to compensate for it. However, I would not suggest you to drink the most popular orange juice, since it might increase the levels of your stomach acid and make you feel even worse. However, if you’ve already had too much – these remedies will help you with the stomach ache and nausea.
Dealing with the problem as soon as possible is crucial, because if left untreated, it can lead to more severe health problems.Allopathic medicines provide relief at the cost of giving rise to other side effects. Often, pain or discomfort anywhere in the abdomen is described as a stomach ache, although the stomach may not actually be the source of the pain. Learn how to avoid and calm upset stomach bouts through smart food choices and home remedy treatments.
Few parents know what’s going on in their child’s head as they face the rather intimidating first day. Another picture features the Big Cheese principal (dressed entirely in Swiss cheese) scolding a classmate who has ants in his pants. The nurse says she will keep an eye out for him, complete with her holding an enormous eyeball over the young lad’s head. The more you drink, the better you’ll feel in the morning – in your head and in your stomach alike.
The bus driver admits that school can sometimes be a tough nut to crack, but assures the lad that every cloud has its silver lining. Here are 10 of the most common stomach problems, and advice from the pros on how to fix 'em.

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