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The war against ISIS has spread to the Internet — where the hacktivist group Anonymous has led an online onslaught against fanatical Muslim supporters, now including a dating website for members of the Islamic state.
Paul Horner, a White House spokesman, told CNN he approves of the actions taken by Anonymous.
The new YouTube video features a computer-generated voice speaking over the digitized image of a Guy Fawkes mask and a Matrix-like stream of numbers in the background. After listing the usernames, login information and Twitter accounts for members of the dating site, the Pastebin post also identifies a dozen or more Facebook accounts the hacktivists say have been used to stay in contact with ISIS members in Iraq and Syria. The Youtube video ends by saying, “ISIS, you will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure. Enter your email address to subscribe to News Examiner and receive notifications of new posts from the most reliable source for News on the internet.
ZLounge is an emerging leader in online dating communities, a website combining features previously found on multiple sites into one package, providing subscribers with more bang for their buck. ZLounge is a perfect example of a website harmoniously combining the looks and brains - not only did it needed to be secure, keeping subscriber's personal information safe, processing all database transactions, from instant messages and email notes to credit card billing quickly and efficiently, but also had to be visually appealing for a widest possible audience range without discrimination based on age, gender or sexual preferences.

Our award-winning design team creates content managed websites, corporate identity, print design, original flash banner ads, 3D and video production and much more. Cougar Life TwitterCougar Life, a dating website that promises to fulfill Demi-Ashton fantasies, got attention for erecting this billboard on Sunset Boulevard. Cindy Rocker, head of (we kid you not) "cougar relations" explained to LA Weekly that the Sunset Strip is the epicenter of, well, cougar relations. The sample thumbs here are from the thousands of asia singles in our Vietnamese dating website.
Clickbank marketplace has been researched for the best products, Weve done the hard parts for you. Makes you look professional so people will trust you and feel better about buying from you. Keith Sweat and his daughter Kesha are showing everybody how to make it last forever on his latest Venture “True Love Meets.” To kick off the fun Keith had Kesha Sweat and Stu Little invite all their friends out for an evening of “complimentary drinks” , THE LAST SHOT, energy drink and some appetizers. The group also listed hundreds of usernames, login information and Twitter accounts for members of the dating site on the public sharing website Pastebin.

There's also Seeking Arrangements, which matches sugar babies and daddies, and Ashley Madison, an adultery dating site that usually pulls billboard stunts. Powerful attention grabbing headlines and catchy copy will hook your prospects and force them to buy. It doesnt matter which product the prospect buys, you, the affiliate still get paid the commission. When he is not being a wonderful husband to his beautiful wife of 12 years, he is teaching their adopted 8-year-old daughter from Pakistan how to read and write.

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